Second Life: Rise of my Elf Self

Well just because I blogged for a few days doesn’t mean I would keep that pace forever!  But neither am I abandoning the idea of posting slightly more regularly.  Anything more than 2x a year is a winner, in my book!

So, we have some catching up to do.  Great news: I have a job!  We’ll be leaving the world of Food Stamps this month and back into the world of scratching it out on our own.  I like the job so far though the learning curve is pretty steep.  But it IS the wave of the future.  Of this I have no doubt.

Oddly enough, my biggest time waster has a slight resemblance to what I’m doing all the time now.  Whish in its own way helps solve the problem of getting too immersed as I am able to be online and get paid for it.  Just another side benefit among many.

So we DO need to talk about Secondlife or SL.  I actually did reserve space on another blog for that but will cover it here only slightly less explicitly.

There are many other vitual worlds out there and I have visited a couple of them.  World of Warcraft is among the most popular, but WoW is very combat/quest heavy.  I have nothing against that orientation, but I also have other interests.  Like sex.  I have no idea if people are pixel grinding in WoW, but they most definitely are in SL.  It’s not ALL they are doing, but it is an exceedingly popular activity in SL and since it is popular with me, it represents the perfect blend of several interests.

I have several characters in SL, and the first two were my elves.  I am a huge Tolkien fan, and so it is a natural choice.  My first elf was a female, and getting her into the BDSM scene was as easy as gravity.  She had a sugar daddy who bought her stuff from almost the first day.  He even built a dungeon just for her.  SL is free, for the most part, but to get the best stuff, you have to spend some Lindens or L$.  The exchange rate is about 250 L$ for every real life dollar.  Yes, people actually spend money for virtual space and virtual clothes and other virtual stuff.  And people that make good stuff can make real money.  In the earlier days, there were people who actually made a decent living designing and selling virtual clothes.  Or virtual skins and shapes.

My she-elf was a real beauty and she attracted just enough attention to stay in trouble with the boys.  Gender bending is not at all unusual in SL.  There is some speculation that most girls in SL are actually guys, but I’m less sure it is that big of a majority.And I’ve know a few women who had male avatars.  You just never know what is on the other side of the keyboard.  And for the most part, as long as the role is played well, I don’t want to have my fantasy disrupted.

Over the past couple of years, my she-elf has had a few boyfriends, but nothing very steady or serious outside of those first couple of months.  After the first time she had a rather youngish person fall for her and the painful breakup that ensued, I decided to not play so serious with her.  The pixels are virtual but the feelings are exceedingly real.  SL can and does make people cry in real life.  But it also creates real joy and an intimacy that is as real.

I basically play my female characters as ideals of what *I* would want a woman to be.  This might explain why they are so popular with the guys.  They are not hugely breasted, which is a tell for a guy-created avatar.  And they are not stupid or timid.  But they DO tend to be submissive in their own way.  And they DO enjoy sex once they get into it.  I put a lot into the details of their appearance, including the animation overriders that give them the more feminine-type movements.  They have been called “perfect” by more than ne guy in the throes of passion.  To know them is to want to own and possess them.

A few weeks after creating my she-elf, I created my second elf who happened to be male.  Originally, I intended him to just sort of be a second rate character who might support my she-elf once she got into the medieval/fantasy role play.   She found a place to play her proper role as an elf, with a lot less sex but more role play with a bit of combat.  She got into the healers guild and began working her way up.  So my male elf was just supposed to sort of be around and be a sort of spy for her.  When you friend people in SL, they can see when you are logged on, and sometimes if there is drama, it is easier to be anonymous.  Erm…more anonymous.

But my male elf did not remain in the background for very long.  At all.  What was a bit of a revelation, is the fact that there are a lot more women (real or played ones) in SL than men.  Guys tend to gravitate more toward WoW than the role play involved in SL.  While there is combat in SL, it is not as much or as good as that in games like WoW or Skyrim.  So my elf almost immediately attracted the attention of the fairies in the medieval realm.  And one of them set her sights on seducing my poor elf.  And she did.  Thoroughly.

In real life she was about the same age as Xavier’s oldest daughter.  Not even 20.  But in SL, at the time, I had no idea because all avatars look like they are about 23-25.  At first we were just good friends and then we got closer and closer and spent more and more time inworld together.  Then we exchanged emails.  each of my characters has their own email address and two of them even have Facebook accounts.  In fact I spent far more time in my SL FB than my RL one as I have more in common with the gamers expecially for playing FB games.

We flirted a LOT, my little fairy and I.  And we had wonderful times together.  It got to the point where the feelings were pretty real, and all that goes along with that, including some jealousy if either of us spent too much time woth other people in SL.  And it got to the point where we did finally partner, which is sort of like a marriage in SL.  Thing is, over these few months, we never did do any real virtual sex.  I mean, as a fairy she WAS near naked a lot of the time and she DID put a lot into her avatar.  But unlike my she-elf, or my guy elf, she actually resembled her avatar.  So we were technically virgins when we got partnered.  And stayed virgins for about a month until she wanted to try a different sort of role play.  she wanted to play Gor.  I had not idea what it was either, until I read up on it.  And I was actually kinda hesitant about playing, but she was determined to try playing a slave.  And if she was going to be a sex slave, hell if I was going to let anyone else do what I hadn’t been able to do up to that point!

And you might be able to see a slight trend.  My she-elf was able to get a lot more sex than my male elf, despite the odds being tilted the other way.  This did cause issues between my little fairy until she turned into a sex slave.  And so while I was a bit hesitant, I dived into it and began reading the books and discovered I rather liked them.  My sex slave read a couple fo the books and she did get into her role almost completely.  Except she was less into the sex part than I was.  Not a good thing for a sex slave.  This caused a lot of strain and conflict in the relationship which made me realize that I was suffering a repeat of my RL circumstance!

My little 20 year-old and I lasted about a year, but it was fraught with difficulties caused by her being so young and actualy having a RL.  She found a boyfriend and found other things to do (many of them really self-destructive) and she was just not on or available that much.  This is when I began a second male character devoted to Gor who got his own sex slave who was totally and absolutely devoted to her Master and his needs.  Eventually my fairy and I agreed to part ways because it wasn’t working out.  We do remain friends and communicate fairly often though the nature of our relationship is much different.  I am almost more of a father figure for her, trying to be supportive of her and her decisions through her various struggles.  And she has had quite a few in her young life.

The most intense role plays I ever had with her were actually when we were both playing opposite genders.  She had a male elf who hooked up with my she-elf, her playing the male master and me playing the female slave.  It was intense and fun in a way that is difficult to explain if you don’t understand the finer points of immersive role play (RP).  I loved playing something or someone different.  So did she.

By and by, my elf was a rather important figure in his realm.  He was now my main character and I was very much devoted to the RP story more than the pixel grinding.  Oh, I did that quite regularly but it was less and less of what I wanted to do rather than write and be a part of epic stories.  I became good friends with many people in SL.  I even got pretty good at metered combat.

It wasn’t too long after my fairy and I parted ways when I ended up getting together with one of her best friends in SL, who also happened to be a fae.  She was 15 years older in RL, and we were just a better fit, being closer in age and maturity.  And she liked sex a lot more, and so that become a totally none-issue.  And so we have been together for a little over a year, though both of us are spending less and less time in SL because we are more and more busy with real life.  In her case it is a new job and a new RL boyfriend.  I really don’t mind so much, as I do have enough characters of ither gender that I can get in and have some fun if I want.  And more often than not, I am not logging into SL at all which means more FB and more blogging and more real life.

Hehe…I’m thinking about this epic post which is probably boring as hell for none gamers but oh well!  The point is that I learned so much the last 3 years or so about relationships through my time in SL.  I got to do things I could never do in real life.  I got to be a slave, a Master, a wizard, a high preistess, an orc, a goblin and probably a lot of other things I have forgotten.  I’ve fallen in and out of love more than once.  Had my heart broken and broken someone else’s heart.  I could see the good, the bad and the ugly and had a chance to try on each of those hats.  I found it difficult to play the evil characters for any length of time.  It was fun to be a bloodthirsty orc….for a short time.  But it has been the lighter characters I enjoyed the most and who have endured the longest and best.

In playing my she-elf, I actually have used some information gleaned from my Catholic blogging buddies to play her role.  She is a high priestess of Eru Illuvatar, which was the Creator of Elven lore which Tolkien modeled after his own religious beliefs, that being Catholic.  She venerates each of the Valar in a similar fashion as many Catholics would venerate their saints, while reserving her highest devotion to her Creator.  I have it well parsed out in my head, but not easy yo explain without delving deeper into theology.  The Valar are powerful and gifted, but they are not the source of gifts or power by a long shot.  She even got to perform an elvish wedding a year or so ago, which was a real high point in her career as a cleric and a real challenge as a player.

Time spent in SL?  At its peak, when I was unemployed it had to be 8 hours a day or close to that, every day of the week.  You can see why blogging and almost everything else would suffer.  It was and is a terribly addictive place for certain kinds of people.  You can go there and be anything you want, form relationships and really and truly live a second life.  Everyone there looks perfect…if they want to.  Some people deliberately choose to look normally fat or even like something inhuman.  Some of the most successful people I know in SL are actually DJ’s who play music at socials and dances.  Yep…we have dances and parties in SL.  Lots of them.  In fact, I might go to one right now!

7 Responses to Second Life: Rise of my Elf Self

  1. Dave says:

    Interesting… I had played in SL some, a few years back, but stopped after not very long because of RL things; I might have to go see what’s changed!

  2. Xavier says:

    Escapism can be a powerful thing and I have to admit I did a bit of that myself whilst I was unemployed. I’d say I spent 3-5hrs most days on something called Evony just to keep my mind off the bills that were draining our savings. Fortunately Queenie and I were also able to find more RL time together as well.

  3. Val says:

    hmmm, in some ways it’s as if you are speaking a foreign language which is nonetheless intriguing… but I waste enough time in cyberspace as it is; I can’t afford to investigate SL or Gor.
    Makes me wonder what hubby is doing w/all the time he spends upstairs, however??!!??

  4. Well look who’s writing again! I’ll have to come back and catch up on the last several posts, but it’s nice to see that you’re back, even if sporadically. For me, I’ve come a long way since my Square1 days. I’ve been hoping that you were still out there surviving where you must and living where you could.

  5. Xavier says:

    hey, it has been some time. How’s our resident Elf doing?

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