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I’m in the mood to write but since I’m not sure what to write, this is what you’re stuck with!  Thanks y’all who commented and inspired me and poked my muse awake for a minute.

2am, I’m sure that things would look different if we were both single and it was time to see about attracting a new mate.  For both of us. I could see her perhaps giving racier things a chance and getting her buttons pushed a bit.  It’s not happening with me at the moment and I am at a point where if she got  hot and bothered for someone else…I wouldn’t like it but neither would it be such a personal affront to me like it would have in ’07.

HEY!  Things HAVE gotten better in one respect…I just today saved a BUNDLE on my car insurance!  HAHAHAHA!  I’m a commercial and a cliche!  Seriously, it is embarassing how much I saved, meaning at how the other company was gouging us so totally and completely.  Yikes.  But a year’s insurance was costing us almost a months salary.  And both our vehicles are over 10 years old.  When we got married my wife convinced me to switch to her insurance and there was a couple of times I actually did make out on it.  Like the time I totalled the old clunker 5 days before my new one came in from the factory.  No injuries at all.   The dealer was only going to give me $500 to haul it off and instead I got $5,000 from my insurance.  That was kinda sweet.  But we’re going back to the car insurance company I had before I got married.  It’s a little company that in 2am fashion I will cleverly nickname Little Lizard Insurance.

So Gone, I remember my mother once saying “The second wife is the one that gets the new house and the trip around the world.”  As men age, we do get smarter and more sensitive.  And nothing can teach a body about marriage more than actually being married.  So you are benefiting from his introspection, when he began to lie awake at night and think about what he really wanted, what was important to him and why things went wrong.   DO keep in touch and let us know how things keep going well.  Or when they don’t go well.  You know I followed you when I did because I love a good train wreck!  Especially if she looks hawt.

No Dave, I haven’t actually read the books and have heard mixed reviews from people who did.  My general feeling is that people who are not used to reading this stuff and are seeing it for the first time are hit so hard by the subject and the graphic aspects of something new to them, that they overlook things like whether or not it is actually well-written.”50 Shades” could well do for BDSM what Twilight did for vampires.  And I’ll leave that for what it is.

Vaxier!  Erm….Xavier!  I see you are still gardening!  I got stuff that I freeze (peaches, blackberries, blueberries) but all of those are suffering cause of our drought.  And we are just now kicking into the 100 degree temps.  I have one good patch of tomatoes because I tun a hose from my AC condensor which gives them all the water they need.  So other than that, everything is about dried out and done.  Kinda like my sex life!  HAHA!

tAJA!  Hehe…too much sex?   Has motherhod taken the spark from your fires?  I suppose in your situation, that might not be a bad thing.  Oddly enough, the book was written from a series of blog posts and it got me thinking about turning my own blog into a book.  But then there would be that awkward moment when it became totally famous and the publisher would say “Who do we make the check out to?”  And then when I got on Ellen (who seems to have replaced Oprah) and all my wife’s friends, who read the book, would suddenly be texting her.  Unlike Adele’s exboyfriend, she would have a harder time staying anonymous.  BUT since she would be entitled to a lot of the royalties…I think that would be a worthwhile trade off.  If royalties would keep her comfortable enough or would she have the need to dig into all future earnings?

Hiya FTN!  I’m kind of amazed that I even remember my old password to this place.  And if you emailed me, I probably did get them but I am notoriously poor about answering fan email.  Or any email for that matter.  Therese emailed me back in February and I never did get back with her.   And I have another blog that is nominated for some “Most Interesting” award which sort of looks like one of those Who’s Who type things where they get 20,000 entries and guarantee 20,000 book sales.  In this case it is a link from every nominated blog.  I think I’ll pass at the moment simply because I know that blog has not been very interesting for a couple of years.  Perhaps it will be again but I have a feeling this one will be the first to perk back to life simply because it IS my first love.  And it pulls, beckons and calls me, trying to seduce me.

Slutty blog!

APHRON!  Nice to see you still around, even though things are not in the best of spots for either of us.  If you take a minute and think about if I turned your question back on you: What if you told Sybil SHE was sinning?  And then quoted a bit of scripture to back it up?  The fact that you are absolutely right really has no bearing on the actual circumstance because as you know all too well, reason has scarce purchase in a place where emotions reign supreme.  While Arwyn is not as cantakerous as your Sybil, she is every bit as ruled by her emotions.  Reason, fact, rationality … what do THEY have to do with anything?

I have to admit, following your advice and visiting the follow your recommended link DID sort of stir me to writing a bit more, as well as the old blogging nostalgia. Is Athol even his real name?

MMSL’s demographic is a lot like what mine was when I first started blogging: young kids, and a partner who was not interested in having sex. I wonder if I ran across him in some Usenet blogs?  A lot of what he talks about as far as sexual value smacks of the speed daters talk of SMV or Sexual Market Value.  There is just enough there to make a bit of sense, but the exceptions are legion, which he may be discovering right this moment.  He suddenly realized he had more female readers than male readers, and soon he’ll realize that the fastest growing demographic is actually sexually deprived women.  I’m not saying there are more of them, I’m just saying they are more voracious readers.  I loved my female readers, but took a lot of pains to talk to, link to and stay focused on the story of guys…mostly.  That meant linking to some racy gals, Like Always Aroused Girl and Chelsea Girl.  A girl like Therese, who was apparently pretty smoking hawt, kinda kicks the legs out from under the SMV argument that says the one with the higher SMV rules.

SO…it occurs to me that I might just have a few more things to say about things.  I have no idea what things, but when I get the urge, I’m going to go there.   I get that most of my old bloggy friends are busy with RL…so am I!

I remember writing and the joy of venting and being creative and being a part of such a smart, witty, friendly community.   And the charge we gave each other with comments and links and trackbacks.  We can’t go back to those days, because the world has moved on to Twitter and Facebook and other better forms of networking, but I still think there is a place for thoughts and discussions that are longer than 140 characters.


4 Responses to Replies to Comments

  1. So Gone says:

    You know I love you, Digger, but don’t try to jinx my marriage! LOL. I must say that my train wreck of a life in my early twenties prepared me for recognizing a great man when he entered my life.

    And I just saw FTN’s comment on the last post and this IS really like getting the old gang back together. I really miss hearing from you guys, lol.

  2. Cat says:

    “I remember writing and the joy of venting and being creative and being a part of such a smart, witty, friendly community.” Me too, it was great. I hope we are all able to pick a little bit of it up again, even with our busy RLs.

  3. Xavier says:

    Well it’s good to hear from ya after all this time. Here the garden is just shifting into high gear, the first planting of corn is should high but we’re kinda in a dry stretch right now. Nothing like 100 degrees thankfully, there’s a reason why I stay Northern! That’s nasty stuff.

  4. I miss the days of comments and trackbacks. Every now and again i think of our old bloggy friends Jay and Kitty and wonder if their relationship made it. I just simply miss the variety of discussion that any number of blog posts (racy or not) could provoke. I cheat on my blog often with Facebook, but so very much miss those old glory days of writing, pondering, discussing, and sharing.

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