Happy Blogiversary!

Yeah, I thought I would at least make mention of it and noodle out my various thoughts on this blog and blogging in general. I’ve done it before, but it’s good to revisit the topic from time to time, just for introspection and reflection.

Thanks for indulging my narcissism.

It was 2004 when I first heard the word “blog.” Unbeknownst to me, I had actually done some blogging for a year or so after my oldest son was born, but it was before the term was invented. I had a website designed to inform relatives of the progress of my new baby boy in 1999. And there were updates, pictures, narratives and drama galore. It wasn’t until I had been doing it over a year that I discovered that my website was being visited by half the town we were living in. Back then, 12 hits per day was pretty awesome. While I had the little mailbox for comments, no one really left much for comments and I gave up the website after about a year.

In 2004, I began thinking about starting my own place. I had been active on usenet for years, so this was a natural next step. In addition, while I was active on iVillage I was on the brink of being TOSs’ed. It was then that I decided to open my own place in June of that year, just months before “Rathergate” put blogging on the map. My first blog was called Sensual Dementia, and as you can see I was able to recently reclaim that address from the former crackhouse owner. More on that in a second.

When I first started, I basically continued my story from what it is that I had posting in iVillage. Only this time, it was MY space, without draconian iVillage rules. I could say “fuck” whenever I wanted, as often as I wanted. Of course, I rarely wanted to, but it’s always liberating to have that sort of option. My first readers were people from iVillage, very few of whom exist in the blogiverse anymore. Tajalude is probably the last of the readers left on my blogroll from the Sensual Dementia days.

After only a year, I felt the need to yank the blog down and go dark. It was probably a gross over reaction on my part, but I was under a legal investigation and didn’t want to have anything at all to be discovered in case things got out of control. That was scary, and I’m still not getting into specifics, except to say that I was totally cleared. I then decided to re-enter blogging with my current title and motiff. Reality and Redemption was borne out of a lot of fear and pain. I needed a place to work things out. It also offered up a sort of support system that I learned to lean on for moral support, advice and guidance. there were times when I might have careened off the deep end without timely perspective by my often vocal readers who helped shape this blog.

Let’s talk about some them/you in alphabetical order:

  1. 2amsomewhere – My overall motif has been to collect other blogs about relationships that are/were trainwrecks. I discovered 2am (or he discovered me) while his was in the midst of totally running off the track. The addition of him to the blogroll was as natural as gravity, as I have a bias toward a guy’s perspective. Generally speaking, it’s always been harder finding guys in the “relationship” genre of blog writing. Plus, we’re both nerds so there was instant connection.
  2. Always Aroused Girl – For the longest time, we have totally been kindred spirits. For a long time, we were both two of the most popular sex bloggers who were not actually having sex. We wrote all about sex and about what we needed and weren’t getting and people loved reading about it. My 3rd most popular post of all time was when she became my keyholder for my chastity cage. It was my most popular month of blogging ever, as many of her fans flocked over to see what the deal was. My most popular post of all time? Again, lots of kinship with AAG there, it’s the one where I wrote about sticking something up my butt. It doubles on my 2nd most popular post ever, where she was the first to comment. Her popularity has continued to soar, and she deserves the recognition as she works harder at it than anyone else I know. Plus she’s more interesting to read now that she’s actually having sex regularly.
  3. Aphron was a another natural blogger I would read in our little community. He appeared on my radar when he linked to me in one of his earliest posts after I reappeared. Taja probably had him blogrolled before I did, and we borrowed heavily from each other in those days. Back then, I only had two blogs and it felt like plenty. FWIW, I would not trade wives with him, and I’m still amazed that he has stuck with it like he has.
  4. I’m skipping a bunch of people, because they are either inactive or I’m not too active in reading them (and they might not be too actively reading me). I’m treatiung people who I’ve shared a fair amount of virtual love with, on whatever level. But I should make a mention of Christian Husband, who did help drive a lot of the religious discussions around our part of the neighborhood. We disagree sharply on so many things, but when it came to sex and relationship and how faith intersects those themes, we found a lot more agreement.
  5. Emily started out as a non-blogger who left large and insightful comments on my blog. Her comments were so large and so insightful, I highly encouraged her to get her own blog. It’s not that i resented the realestate she occupied in my comments as much as I knew she had a story that was apart from what i was writing at the time. She finally took my advice, and I was right. Our space/community is a lot richer for her contributions.
  6. FADKOG is not a relationship blogger, per se, She’s not exactly a mommy blogger, either. I probably would never have read her at all if it weren’t for our time together in the Real Blogger House. I would link there, but since FTN went underground, it’s sort of pointless. But I did have fun getting her in a chastity belt, even if was for only a few minutes. she’s the only reader, as far as I know who is an avid DRR fan and her comments on my dance videos always make me smile.
  7. FTN. As I said, he’s gone underground and I’m tempted to not mention him at all. But since I have spent a lot of space in the past linking to him and his posts, I feel comfortable in saying that he is responsible for fucking up my blog by making all those links dead. So there’s that. But the guy did manage to inspire a lot of posts from my end and ended up being a sort of “community organizer” for a lot of other blogs mentioned here. The sexual conflict, tension, discussion as well as his willingness to dive into how it related to Chriostian belief help drive traffic both ways.
  8. Katie Fleck is an odd one to have in my blogroll which is precisely why she’s there. I wanted a SAHM on my blogroll and she is the penultimate SAHM. She is insufferably perfect, smart and cute. That’s why it was a hoot leaving comments in her blog knowing that her family members might follow back here to my sex posts leading to interesting discussions at the holiday dinner table. “Who is that guy and how do you know him?”
  9. Cat regularly comments here while I somehow rarely seem to be able to return the favor. But her blog appeals to me on a variety of levels. Aside from the regular relationship drama, there’s the autism connection and the kinkster connection.
  10. Xavier/Xi Summit or whoever he is at the moment is a relative newcomer to my blogroll. I think he might have migrated from iVillage, but I’m not sure. What I do know is that he’s the only one on my blogroll who still has a fair amount of “country boy” in him, and it comes through in his writing. He hits on a variety of levels including the religious and nerdy as well as the gardening and relationship themes.
  11. Therese – I’ll never forget those earliest exchanges where Therese came ’round in comments, addressing me as “Mr. Jones.” At that time, her marriage had been through the proverbial train crash, and she was doubtlessly looking for kindred spirits with which to commiserate. I followed her back to her own brand new blog, and pretty quickly grew fond of her and her writing. And so did most of you. She somehow keeps things relatively modest while also injecting a healthy helping of hotness.
  12. Taja already got a mention above, but I’ll mention her again as the longest-running member of my blogroll across blogging time periods. When she started blogging, her marriage really did look like an Amtrak derailment waiting to happen, but the sexual conflict seems to have taken a backseat to trying-for-baby issues. Some her posts were the absolute hottest, and the HNT’s she posted were also stunning.
  13. Tom at The Edge of Vanilla – The initial commonality here would be the chastity theme that dominated a lot of my thinking early in the blog’s life. I still think about it alot and when I’m hankering for some kink, Tom’s place always has something interesting. However there have also been common interests with fitness anfd technology and relationship issues that go deeper than just the plastic cages and padlock. A lot of the material I had read until I discovered his site was so outlandish that it was really refreshing to see someone bring in some realism along with the hot stories.
  14. Trueself joined me fairly early on as one of many RSS reads. I had her blog as well as another blog by someone who was some sort of avid Illini fan and took me about 3 months to figure out that this was the same person with two different blogs! Trueself certainly fit my genre of a marriage that was skidding toward disaster, but she also had a very dark and raw flavor that has suited my own mood at various times. There is no sugar coating or spin in the way she tells her story. It is very primal but very well told. And very, very prolific. I absolutely can not keep up as she uses her writing to decompress and purge her deepest darkest thoughts. And she has a lot of them!
  15. Desmond – Another commenter-turned-blogger-turnedcommenter-turned-blogger-turned… well , you can get up to speed in his own words. At some point I quit trying to keep my blogroll current and simply put him in my RSS reader. I’m still unsure why he gravitated toward our corner of blogspace. Okay, he was looking for sex talk (I had lots of that) but he also like the fact that a few of us were bringing our Christian beliefs into our struggles and writings. Not many sex bloggers were doing that in 2005, but there were apparently a lot of people who were looking for some Christian sex talk. Even as a commenter, Desmond was more of a provider of content than a consumer; he definitely added a lot of depth to the discussions, no matter which direction they took. He’s simply got a lot more life experiences to share.

Okay, I know that I’ve missed some people and overlooked others. I’m going through a sort of sex/relationship blogging contraction at the moment. One thing that I learned about being a relationship blogger is the it is sometimes easy to eastablish relationships of a sort but it is much, much harder maintaining them. The first few years I had gobs to say and devoted tons of time saying it. Now I don’t have as much to say, I have less time to say it and too many blogs to say it on!

But thanks for those who have stuck with me over the years and the bumps and grinds. Of course the second I say I’m going on hiatus, is the second I decide I have more to say! But I’ll just keep at it at whatever speed I can for the moment.


12 Responses to Happy Blogiversary!

  1. Tom Allen says:

    Hi, Dr. Digger

    First off, I have to say that this is one of the only relationship train wreck blogs that I still follow, mainly because the others just aggravate the hell out of me. And while I can’t fathom why you have this religious thing about not leaving your wife, let alone putting her in the woodchipper (as we do heah up Nawth), a do appreciate that you are trying to live by those convictions.

    As to the chastity thing, well, I write about that because it’s really a mild kink, and it’s where Mrs. Edge and I can meet, she being of the more vanilla persuasion. The thing is, it can be a very fun, light, vanilla play, and so I hate to see it co-opted by the more extreme kinksters, at least, those who are active online. I have all too often seen women researching this in various groups (introduced by their husbands or SOs) who get a bit freaked out by the idjits who write such extreme “advice” as “Throw away the key and cuckold him with some younger stud” or “Don’t let him our for at least a year, and dress him in your panties.”

    Even when they aren’t giving advice (what I call “badvice”), they’re writing wishes for such extreme fantasies that I’m convinced that most of them don’t even have a partner. And don’t even get me started on this whole “My Mistress locks my sissy clitty” thing. Yeesh.

    In some ways, I’m like one of the characters in Left4Dead, shooting at an endless horde of zombies, knowing that it may ultimately make no difference, but hoping that it will be of some small help to somebody, somewhere.

    But no drama, hey?

    Anyway, kudos on continuing this, old timer. Sine I’m coming up on my 3 year mark, I feel like a kid again.

  2. aphron says:

    Thanks for the plug.

    I’m starting to believe that ALL marriages are train wrecks in waiting. People thrive on drama. Instead of concentrating on loving and cherishing, we end up focusing only on the negativity. We act surprised when the negativity comes back to us.


  3. Congratulations on another year of blogging from me, who thinks her blog is just a bunch of random words strung together in the hopes that, in the end, something about it will make sense! For you, I will break out the DDR game sometime this week and either scare my kids, break my neck, or have some fun. Fingers crossed for the last one!

  4. FTN says:

    Aw, Digger, you had me at “he is responsible for fucking up my blog. Or, maybe you had me at “sticking something up my butt.” Whatever.

    Happy blogiversary, anyway. Five years, eh? How time flies. Especially for all of us avoiders and/or train wrecks. 🙂

    So is this a bad time to whore up my blog and mention that if anyone wants access to mine, they can just email me?

  5. Cat says:

    Wow you have been blogging a long time, you really are an old timer aren’t you? All kidding aside thanks for the mention and congrats on five years. My friend T says she doesn’t comment because she doesn’t have anything constructive to add. Personally I think the reason people don’t comment is because it’s hard to do anything other than gape when you witness a train wreck 😉

  6. C-Marie says:

    Congratulations! (BTW: I still read here…)

  7. Aw, thanks, Digger! The “healthy helping of hotness” really made my day. 🙂

    And congratulations on your blogiversary. You don’t write as much as you used to, but I’m still always glad to see a new post in my reader.

  8. Xavier says:

    Wow, I made a list!! 🙂

    Well, you are corrcet that I wandered in from iVillage. While I’m not certain, it’s possible that this was the first blog I started visiting every so often back in the day.

    A ‘country boy’, religious, nerdy, gardening and relationship blogger? Guess that just about covers it ……

  9. Desmond Jones says:

    Gosh, Digger, I’m honored! I mean, you’re like the Godfather of the little corner of blogspace that I hang in. Or something like that. . . And I’m just Li’l Ol’ Me. I mean, showing up in the same list as some of these folks is just. . . wow. . . y’know?

    And, uh. . . “He’s simply got a lot more life experiences to share. . .” Are you saying I’m old?

    And of course, there is something wryly amusing about your only free use of the word ‘fuck’ in this post being in reference to FTN. But what does it mean that I fucked up his blog for him, and he fucked up your blog? Is there any kind of ‘Six Degress of Fucking Up Digger’ thing?

    OK, I’m just getting out-of-control here. . .

    Anyway, thanks. I really am glad I found you those nigh-unto-four years ago. And I do admire your commitment, both to Arwyn, and your Christian faith. Keep ‘fighting the good fight’. . .

  10. Deb says:

    Hey T-man,

    It’s been a long time. Deb here (from iVillage all those years ago). I suddenly had a yearning to look up iVillage after 5 or 6 years and, in doing so, some regular posters (your good self included) came to mind. Hope you don’t mind me googling you. I hope you have peace in your life. Great to see you’re still writing. You always had a way with words.

    Deb (debthree) 🙂

  11. Rosie says:

    Digger, the phrase “train wreck” was surely used with affection. However, given how diligently you have worked on yourself and your marriage AND this/these blogs for 5 years you deserve admiration for such fortitude. Though I sometimes support the chipper idea. Good wishes for the next 5 years.

  12. Trueself says:

    I’m honored to be included in the list. I like the way you’ve described me and my blog. It is a reflection of the way I wish I could talk about things in the real world — raw and real and primal. Unfortunately, the real world ain’t ready for that so I continue my prolific writings.

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