July 31, 2008

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Yep, that’s what the scale read last weekend when I stepped on it. I knew that my weight had crept up over the summer and could feel tightness in the waist and my knees were starting to protest. It is high time to get back on the program.

There are several reasons for the weight gain. One is the gain associated with travel and eating junk on the road and then relatives being alarmed at my new skinniness and determined to fatten me up. After we got back, the bad habits sort of continued on as the quality of my foods declined while the quanity increased. Arwyn’s home made carrot cake actually has a decent amount of fiber in it but the cup of sugar and cup of fat kind of negate most of that. And the ice cream we put on top of it definitely didn’t help my cause.

Ah, Arwyn’s birthday! I’ll take a pit stop on the weight treadmill and get into that for a minute. I did not give her my 20 list, and opted for a sentimental card and handwrote some sentimental thoughts in my own screechy-scrawly handwriting. I also got her a $25 gift card for iTunes so she could get songs for her mp3 player. Unfortunately I had no idea Apple’s DRM would make getting the songs from her computer to her non-over-priced iPod player more difficult. I found a way to do it after much frustration. APPLE, YOU SUCK! I used to be a Mac person and didn’t have a lot against Apple until this crap. If I hadn’t found a way around it, it would have rendered the iTunes card worthless! Next time we get online music, it will be through Amazon, ThankYouVeryMuch!

We also went out to her favorite restaurant for lunch where she could get her favorite streak.

After all this (Cake, cards, gift card, defeating the evil DRM) and making it as restful of a day as possiblr for Arwyn, she was angling for some more stuff. There were a couple of CD’s she wanted, but I was trying to make sure we had enough money to get through payday. I was a bit put off by her angling for more. Yeah, I know what she really wanted was a new digital camera, but I couldn’t afford to buy one without going into more debt. We just finished a 3,000 mile 3 week vacation! That plus the car insurance was due…we did real good staying totally afloat this month. So I was not keen to buy more stuff. While she sort of seemed to understand she also seemed a bit pouty. Sorry.

Back to the weight treadmill…

A year ago, I was determined to lose a bunch of weight and I did it. But there was a bit of cheating going on in that I was smoking regularly the whole entire time. So while I was eating healthy and exercising and shedding pounds, I was also feeding my addiction. Part of my big weight was from trying to quit the year before. I was successful for quite a while (about 10 months or so) but gained on top of being already overweight until I was obese! So this time, I went down to my pre-nonsmoking weight of 220, and then kept on going. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to make another run at getting rid of the addiction. I was sick and tired of behaving like an addict, hiding my habit from my wife and kids. Arwyn knew and made it known that she didn’t like it one bit. But she didn’t nag me terribly about it, she might just make coughing noises from across the house when she heard me come in from the garage or make a production of turning on all the fans when I came in from outside after a smoke.

So, the vacation was prime time to quit smoking. I made great strides until we got to my parents’ house and then was at it for a few days, but lighter. But once we got back, I’ve been smoke free. I have this $50 gum that I chew after meals when I’m really jonesing, but otherwise it has been cold turkey. It has not been easy at all. I miss those bloody things, believe it or not. Going back would be easier than gravity. But I’m making a real go of it. And I’m going to try to keep my weight from blowing up while I’m at it. So I’m back to the step mat, and some controlled eating (although not quite as radical as before) and this time without the smokes. And without substantial support from Arwyn. It was that way with the weight loss, too, even though she has expressed some appreciation of being able to wrap her legs all the way around me when we’re in the missionary position. I quite like that, too! But it has not happened since the night we got back from vacation. It’s not all on her, as I’ve been busy and not made it easy to initiate with me. And our joint therapy appointment was cancelled this week because we couldn’t get the childcare thing arranged.

But I wouldn’t say we’re doing badly as much as we are in a holding pattern while life starts to take over. We really could use a date night away from the house and kids.

Would my 20 things list be better suited to an anniversary card? That’s coming up pretty soon.



Chelseagirl and her Pretty Dumb Things

July 27, 2008

I’ll get into the birthday goings on in a bit, but I wanted to take just a minute to mourn the demise of one of my all time guilty pleasures. Chelsea G, Summers (Who I will always know as Chelseagirl) the writer of Pretty Dumb Things has announced the end. She’s hanging up the blogging life to move into hopefully more profitable pursuits.

I’ve been on just a bit of a blogging blitz recently, and I’m reminded of all the work that is required to be a good blogger. First, there is generating the post itself. That’s actually the easiest part of all, once a body gets in a frame of mind that they want to write. But then there is the work that goes into finding relevant links to include in order to support or enhance the post. This is what makes blogs such a richer medium than just a regular newspaper or magazine. Then including any other media involves a lot of extra work. And then there are comments. I find in community blogs, it is nice to respond to comments. The other side of being a good blogger is to read the blogs of others and comment on them. So there is a fairly substantial investment that goes into blogging that can get bothersome and burdensome. I totally get why many people give it up after a period of time. A blog can often be like a demanding child with various people and projects clamoring for attention. The more famour you are, as a blogger, I imagine the more demanding it gets. Chelsea was pretty far up the blogging food chain, plus she seemed to always have many other projects going on. She really and truly seemed to enjoy and thrive on all the attention. She was complimented endlessly on her writing, as it was like reading smutty literature. She was a sex blogger who was skilled beyond anyone else I ever read.

Her content was her own life. Her blog was her own story on her own terms interspersed with advice and other random thoughts. I did not read her blog every day. I didn’t even read it every week. Instead, I subscribed and would download her posts in big bundles sufficient to be several hours of reading. Just like any good story, I found it much more satisfying to consume My Pretty Dumb Things in huge, hearty helpings. In the early days, it didn’t take long to accumulate a lot of material. However, I’ve noticed that it might take a month or even several months lately. Since I have less time for reading and blogging than my own early days, this has suited me well.

So I was surprised to see her very short, direct message today as I was configuring the RSS feeds on a new OS. I still subscribed in the hopes this was another angsty emo moment for Chelsea. She was very much prone to these episodes, many times threatening to pull the plug in the past. She often wondered why she kept blogging and posting. It was a part of the attraction. I like angsty bloggers, even though it can be a taxing and frustrating experience. The more I like angsty bloggers the more I get frustrated by their circumstances, by their emotional responses and by the crazy way they seem to invite drama and conflict, often through no direct fault of their own.

Chelsea rolled out the red carpet for high drama when she became consumed by the thought of getting married. She wanted it so bad, she could taste it and she really went after the man she was madly in love with. To her credit, she didn’t get the marriage bug until after she had found the a man she wanted to marry. But once the worm got into her brain, it really consumed her.

I knew at that point that Chelsea had not been reading me, because if there is an antidote to this desire to become legally entwined, it should be me and my little blogging community. I have always been a collector of relationship train wrecks as well as other various sorts of sex and relationship blogs. For the majority of her tenure on my blogroll, she earned her place as an excellent sex blogger who often forayed into relationships. But this past year, hers was among those relational train wrecks.

Her intense desire to get married bugged me beyond words, which is why I never blogged it before or even commented. She seemingly had such a good thing going, but it was not good enough. She wanted to press further and harder and the more she pressed, the more things spun out of control. The unhinging of her relationship to Donnie is in direct proportion to the amount of pushing she exerted on him to commit. That pushing was a direct result of her dissatisfaction with their relationship status and much of that might have been driven by some of her past experiences and turmoil with relationships.

Not that I have her figured out. I don’t. But her writing had the power to provoke emotions and thoughts and not all of them were welcome. But mostly, I richly enjoyed the experience of luxuriating in the warmth of her words and wit. Even as I was often frustrated by some of her choices, I was also strangely comforted by her choice to share it with all of us. She liked us and we adored her for her generosity and an honesty that could be very raw at times.

I feel pretty lucky to have been a faithful reader for most of the years she’s been around. Sometimes our content overlapped, but most of the time our lives were total polar opposites, which is another reason I liked reading her. We have radically different views on pretty much everything: lifestyle, religion, politics, music…pretty much everything except our age and I think our birthdays are pretty close. But I still liked her, despite the differences. Perhaps it was because of those differences. Her life looks so exotic and exciting compared to mine, but at he same time filled with its share of tragedy. I don’t think I’d trade but have enjoyed living bits of it vicariously through her blog. Good luck, Chelsea. I’ll miss you!


Re-Tooling the 20 List

July 24, 2008

You guys are pretty awesome. Seriously, there have been times when I was contemplating something and floated it up here and you guys were able to steer me in a better direction with your feedback. And if it only happens a once per year, it still makes this whole blogging lark worth it.

I thought deeply about about this list-making exercising and about what the counselor was driving at the other day. The first half of the session we talked about our vacation. The fact that we visited with our families provided him some rich fodder for getting into all the family dynamic things he’s so into. I really dislike this particular therapeutic orientation. I can spend hours and days discussing my relationship with my dad and his relationship to my mother, but in the end I need to live my own life and he has to live his. Dad can not fix me any more than I can fix him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, insight and all that. I get it, but it is a backwards approach. Instead of front loading my relationship with my parents and interpreting my relationship with my wife through that filter, I’d rather look at my relationship with my wife and then see what issues from my past that uncovers or resolves. Working on the past in the present instead of working on the present from the past.

Back to the list, the idea is to consider things that she either does or has done in the past that I really liked. As an alternative, the article that came with it said a guy could look at what he got from an affair in order to list things that were done that had value. That’s where the second (and more complete at the time) list came from. The problem with all of those lists was that they were very dry as lists are prone to be. There needed to be more meaning attached to this exercise.

The therapist did spend some time drilling me about what it was that I appreciated about Arwyn. He basically seemed to be driving at what Cat was commenting on. Why the heck am I so hung up on getting physical with her? I needed to re-frame my list in a more positive way that would infuse it with a lot more meaning. I’ve also been thinking about making her birthday card more meaningful by being more positive.

So here is the new list:

20 things that she does for me and how it makes me feel when she does (or did) them.

1. I liked when she used to make love to me when she couldn’t sleep…I would wake up as she was pulling my underwear off.- It made me feel like I was irresistible, desired, wanted and craved like pistachio mint ice cream on a hot summer day.

2. I came home and she greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a T-shirt and and a smile – it made me feel welcomed and desired

3. Every time she wore silky, lacy sexy lingerie – it made me feel like I was worthy of being won over and seduced.

4. Every time she ever let me perform oral sex on her – it made me feel like she trusted me and welcomed me into her most precious and intimate area.

5. Every time she ever performed oral sex on me – it made me feel like she accepted me physically for exactly who I am and was eager to have me in the most intimate of ways.

6. Every time she ever let me touch, stroke, knead and kiss her breasts – it made me feel like she was allowing me to fulfill the command in Proverbs 5:18-19 and I was able to delight in the wife of my youth

7. Every time she ever made me my favorite food – it made me feel like like she enjoyed and delighted in my happiness

8. Every time she smiles and laighs at my jokes – she makes me feel like I can make her happy

9. Every time she ever opens her mouth for a long, slow, deep kiss – it makes me feel like I am someone worthy of her passion and hunger. It also affirms my efforts to quit smoking in the most powerful way possible while sometimes making me feel somewhat guilty and convicted when I do smoke.

10. Everytime she has reached down between my legs and stroked me it makes me feel like she values my manhood, enjoyment and passion intimately. My desire is accepted and appreciated.

11. Whenever we make love I feel like I am accepted and desired and welcomed inside of her as the man in her life as husband and wife.

12. When we embrace in bed and I hear her breathing in my ear it comforts and relaxes me while turning me on.

13. Whenever we have taken a shower together and we wash each other’s most intimate areas, it makes me feel like she wants to play with me in an adult and intimate way.

14. Whenever she has let me touch her in a way that turns her on sexually it makes me feel like she is comfortable with letting me share in her own intimate enjoyment and arousal.

15. Whenever she lets me see her naked, even if she’s just changing clothes it reassures me that she is comfortable with me and unashamed of me.

16.Whenever she engaged with me in chastity cage play I felt like she valued my manhood in a way that she wanted to cherish and keep me all to herself. That my manhood was valued and precious to her and that she also valued my arousal and appreciated having my full and complete attention fixed on her whether I am with her or away.

17. Whenever she thanks me with a kiss, it makes me feel proud and appreciated

18. Whenever she reads a sexually-themed book that I’ve read, or am reading, it affirms to me her interest in investing in that aspect of our lives and that she’s interested in learning more about me and herself in that way

19. Whenever we’ve ever engaged in mutual oral pleasure at the sametime (69) I’ve felt the deepest and most intimate of spiritual, physical and emotional connections ever. It is an affirmation of the ultimate comfort that we can have with each other’s most intimate body parts.

20. Whenever she curls up besides me and spoons me or we curl up and she lets me spoon her while just watching TV or talking, it affirms her comfort with me physically and comforts, warms and relaxes me.

21. Everytime she ever initiates any inimate physical contact, it helps me feel more bonded to her physically and emotionally.

22. When we can discuss our sexual issues without arguing and fighting, it makes me feel safe enough to be more emotionally available.

23. When she sacrifices to save money, it makes me feel like she is invested in our future together and our family’s security.

As you can see, the list is complete, and then some. I wanted flexibility to add a couple more to make 25 or take off a couple that don’t work. The idea, in any case is to express more of my feelings behind the things she does, she did or that I want her to do beyond “it just feels good.” Many of these things she has only done once or twice. Some things she does more often. And there might be an item or two she might not ever have done, but I’m trying to convey how meaningful things are to me.

So am I on the right track? How would you feel if you got something like this in a birthday card?


20 Things

July 23, 2008

While we didn’t have sex during our 2 1/2 week vacation, we did have a decent session the night we got home. After the kids were in bed, she started a load of laundry and was lingering around the kitchen. I thought she was coming to bed but she made no such move. So I went in and asked her if she was coming to bed.

“No, I want to get this load of laundry done, so I’m waiting for it to finish washing so I can put it in the dryer.”

“What are you doing while you wait for the clothes to wash?”

“Oh, I thought I’d do my pictures.”

“How about doing your husband?”

She picked up on my subtle hint immediately and we went for it. I was tired, but we both made the best of it.

During our last counseling session before leaving on vacation, the counselor gave us an assignment plus gave us some handouts. I can’t find the handouts and only vaguely remember the assignment. The reading gave some background and asked us to list 20 things. I can’t remember if we were to list 20 things our partner did for us or 20 things they didn’t do for us that we wish they did. So I’ve been working on both, as well as a list of things she does that I wish she didn’t do. The eventual objective of this is to classify those 20 things according to Chapman’s love languages.



More pop psychology.

Still, any sort of introspection isn’t a total loss even if it is a tool for a lame theory. I’ll go along with it it, even if I don’t agree totally with the premise. First off, the list that was easiest was the one of things she didn’t do for me that I wish she did. As you can see, only one list has more than 20 things:

20 things she does for me

1. Watches the boys

2. let’s me sleep in

3. keeps the house clean

4. kisses me sometimes

5. has sex with me sometimes

6. keeps track of health insurance info

7. Helps the boys with their homework

8. Teaches the boys about the Bible

9. Talks about the Bible and Biblical things

10. Participates in counseling

11. Does the laundry

12. Feeds the fish

13. Has good Christian values; reads the Bible and is charitable towards others -preschool

14. Is quiet; doesn’t yell or get too loud

15. Converse on religious/political/social issues and has similar or compatible views

I’m a bit short here.

20 Things she don’t do that I wish she would

1. let me touch and caress her sexually (breasts, vulva)

2. Kiss me deeply open mouthed with tongue play – long, slow, desirous and lingering

3. Oral sex – both ways

4. wear sexy lingerie sometimes

5. Talk about sex without it seeming dirty or shameful or embarrassing

6. initiate sex with me

7. Touch me sexually

8. Invest time in learning about my sexuality

9. Read the Rosenau book and discuss it with me

10. Be more of a home economist: find more ways to save and stretch our money

11. Cook and eat more nutritious food

12. Use the elliptical trainer I bought her for Christmas.

13. Have less stuff and more easily part with stuff she has.

14. Have a sense of fairness that involves sharing pain and pleasure equitably.

15. Snuggle with me when it is cold (apart from sex)

16. Sleep with me in bed “normally”

17. Experiment more sexually…variety, passion and fun

18. More pro actively support my efforts to quit smoking; verbal praise, more affection.

19. Come out and say what you want instead of expecting me to read your mind or pick up little hints.

20. Show genuine attraction to me by flirting, touching or generally being interested in me.

21. Share with me: she’s been in a sexual abuse recovery group for 2 years and has never shared with me her story.

22. Button the top button on my shirts when she hangs them up.

23. Take a bath with me sometimes

24. Shower together 1x a week


20 things she does that I wish she didn’t

1.Throws too much food away

2. Spend thrift

3. criticize me as a father

4. Go ballistic over ants

5. Pokes or kicks me when I snore

6. sleeps with her head at the other end of tbe bed on top of the covers.

7. Tries to get me into her church

8. “Feel better?”

9. Bat my hands away or cringe when she is caressed

10. Treat sex as a huge mess and bother

11. Better manage space, stuff and clutter

Sexual issues make up a huge part of my lists. There are other things less sexually oriented in the list, but let’s face it: sexual dysfunction (on either or both our parts) was the primary reason I sought counseling in the first place. Other issues mostly deal with intimacy of one sort or another.

It’s a safe bet…no, a foregone conclusion… that my love language rests in the realm of physical affection. It’s not quite to the exclusion of the other 4, but pretty close. One of the things I remember being mentioned in the handout, is concerning someone who had an affair. They were to list the 20 things that they got out of the affair that they didn’t get from the marriage. Based on that, much of what I listed were inspired by things that would possibly lure me into an affair. Certainly a sexy, flirty attitude wins over a repressed, prudish one. Someone who treats me like I’m irresistible and attractive wins over someone who treats me like a walking wallet. One good French kiss would probably do it as it’s been so long since anyone has done that for me.

I’m suddenly thinking of Monica Lewinski’s appeal. Whatever you might think about anything either she or Bill did, it’s not hard to imagine how this type of relationship could happen at least from Bill’s POV. No matter how much affirmation a body gets from his job, there is no substitute for sincere personal interest and attraction.

My intent here is not to fantasize so much as get those issues out in the open in order to better affair-proof my marriage. Knowing where the weak spots are will help deal with them, hopefully.

So any ideas of how to complete the lists? Basically, I used my infamous Top Ten list to complete most of the second list, which made it all too easy. I used all the lists to compliment one another and help brainstorm. Often something she wasn’t doing helped highlight something she was doing that I either liked or disliked. I feel kind of bad that the first list is so much shorter than the second list. I feel like I had to really stretch and reach in order to find things Arwyn does for me. She does tons for the kids, but not a lot for me. Or a least that’s what I’m feeling here.

Arwyn will probably have just as much trouble coming up with a comparable list of 20 things I do for her. To be sure, I think I need to work on doing more for her than I currently do


Vacation Blogs

July 20, 2008

This is just a bit of blogging I did on our vacation to get you all caught up. But first, look at the earlier video/podcast on my other blog. Also check out some Unsolicited Advice for FTN.



Day #13 of our vacation and we are on the last leg of it at my parents house. For the first time since we left the house, we actually have a room of our own. Together, with no kids in it. And a door. That shuts.

Okay, it does happen to be right next to my parents’ room, but they are staying up late with the TV blaring pretty loud. While Arwyn and I have been getting along decently most of the time, other times have been stressful. The lack of physical intimacy has been a pretty big and glaring concern of mine but I’ve tried to roll with it. Last year, at her Dad’s, we had this somewhat humorous slapfest. This year, I’d wake up and go to hug her and be affectionate. She would sometimes sort of acknowledge me, but would mostly move away. And that was that. I did not press the issue if she appeared anything less than receptive. And that has been the case most of the time. Sometimes she’d go for some hugging and kissing for a time.

When getting turned down or rejected, I’ve been trying to find alternative diversions. One such diversion is revealed in a podcast that will hopefully precede this blog post. Since my folks are still on dial-up, I may post that after this or just do them both at once, since I do have two blogs.

Tonight finds me in our room, alone whilst Arwyn is sleeping in the basement with the boys. This is an odd thing and I’m not sure what to make of it. There might be a more logical explanation other than her avoiding me, but I’m not sure what it is. I was hoping we could take some time to connect or touch base or something but it hasn’t turned out that way. So this is a good chance to blog and get in touch with myself and my feelings. Or just touch myself and feel myself up.

Anyway, it’s nice to have some blogging material after being off for so long although I’d rather have more brief posts like Satan used to have…




But it’s still no, no, no, no, no and no again.

There’s been some good times with our families and the kids and we’ve all held up very well under the circumstances of several thousand miles on the road. We have more good times to come as of writing this. But there’s always that one long shadow hanging about.

There’s nothing like a frustrating vacation to make a body start looking forward to getting back to work!



This is day 17 of our vacation and it is rapidly coming to a close. In fact we’ll be starting the drive back to Georgia in a few hours. We’ve had a pretty good time most of the time, and it’s been good seeing family we haven’t seen in a long time as well as Arwyn’s and my parents and siblings.

In the previous entry, I was all frustrated about Arwyn sleeping downstairs with the kids. It turns out she was trying to escape the blaring of the TV. She did return after the TV was shut off. I mentioned to my parents the next night that their TV was kind of loud and they had no problems turning it down. It was just one of those things.

Arwyn and I did have a brief discussion about us reconnecting physically when we get back home. She said she was looking forward to it. I’m unsure how much I really and truly believe that.

One of the cardinal traits that I would pin on a low libido person, if I were so inclined (and I am right now) is how they handle the tension between inhibitions versus desire. It seems that the inhibitions win every single time. And some of us are married to people with tons of inhibitions. So they may in fact not necessarily have low desire so much as they have such high inhibitions. The result is exactly the same whether low desire or high inhibition. And there might be a combination of the two working together. Maybe they just go together..

I thought back to a time I brought a girl from Alabama to my boyhood home. Bama Girl and I did have sex in the room next to my parents’ room. It was a quickie, but it was still pretty hot. She was pretty straightlaced but the the difference between her and Arwyn was that Bama Girl seemed to have more desire for me than she had inhibitions. And that is saying alot because she seemed like such a shy’ quiet and reserved person most of the time.

As for me, I do have a few morals and a sense of what is “proper” in a conventional sense. I wouldn’t have sex in front of the children or out in plain sight in front of my parents. I’d also not really want them hearing us have sex. So I sort of get some of Arwyn’s inhibitions. They are real and understandable.

But there comes a point where my desire cancels out inhibitions. I know my body isn’t built like a young athlete and I don’t have the looks of Mel Gibson or Mr. McDreamy. I get that. But my desire for sex, and more to the point; my wife, outweighs my inhibitions about how I look when I’m buck naked. This seems to be a huge deal with many (or most women) where their inhibitions hold with their more carnal desires in check.

I want to be desired in such a way that inhibitions will be discarded or at least minimized sometimes. I’d like my wife to say (or at least think) “Fuck it! Let’s get busy right now while the kids are watching Thomas the Tank Engine!” Or maybe we could form the beast with two backs in a room next to where my parents are because it has been a whole month since we last had sex and we don’t want to wait anymore.

I like someone with a healthy set of morals and values that hopefully help inspire me to be a better person. I suppose one reason why I have the whole prim and proper school marm fantasy is because there is something in me that appreciates strong inhibitions, but also yearns for those inhibitions to be overcome with desire for me!

It just now occurs to me that I associate strong moral values with inhibitions. Higher inhibitions = stronger moral values. Is that true? But the fantasy entails those strong inhibitions being overcome with desire and passion. Are strong moral values equal to high inhibitions? Are inhibitions always a contradiction to sexual passion? Can one have high morals and still have unbridled lust for their spouse? How did this dichotomy between sex and moral values come about? If it is incorrect, then why does the relationship between inhibitions and sexual desire seem to be so inversely proportional? And why does this inverse relationship seem to be so common?

One of my favorite bloggers who seems to defy some of this is Therese, who seems to have some pretty strong morale values and yet has a ….erm…healthy appetite for her husband. He, on the otherhand, seems to sometime be more apt to fall victim to the propriety v lustful desire trap, the whole affair notwithstanding..

Hey, I’m just musing here. All I know is, is that the whole relationship between high inhibitions and lack of desire on the part of my spouse is hacking my groove while making me feel like I’m wrong for feeling the desire I do feel for my wife.


Also check out Therese’s treatment and extension of this topic.

I’ll be back in a few weeks! Enjoy this retro video tribute…

July 2, 2008

I’ll be on VACATION for a few weeks, touring MN, WI and IA for a 3,000 mile whirlwind tour!

So in the spirit of vacations:

Remember that one? The Go-gos were the hottest all-girl band around. But the real queen of 1980’s music had an early #1 with this one:

I remember how weird we all thought she was and how odd her clothes were. But at least by this time someone had clued her in about shaving and sleeveless.

But in the 1980’s, I was not a huge fan of the above sounds. They were okay, only because they were hot chicks. But I was not a fan of pop music. No, in the early 1980’s, I was into a different sound. In fact, this tune probably better describes what I’m in for on this marathon road trip to middle earth. Man, I was SO into these guys!