The Arrangement

I have a podcast in the can and ready to be uploaded to my blogger site.  But here’s a little background and a bit of a teaser to bring you up to speed…

After my last post, we did have a joint counseling session.  While I can’t say what we did talk about, I can tell you what we didn’t talk about, which was the fact that we had finally had sex two weeks before.  I do remember Arwyn asking whether she felt like she was getting anything out of the sessions and she thought she was.  So that’s good enough for me; I’m in.  The next night we had sex again!  WooHoo!  Only this time she did complain that there was some pain involved which she didn’t readily specify and wasn’t sure what it was butdid say that things did improve with a little change of position where she could get her legs wrapped all the way around me.  That was a new and novel position for us, as I was always too big for that to occur before.

Somehow the suggestion was made that maybe part of the problem is that we are so out of practice and need to do this on a more regular basis.  So I suggest that we just set it up on a weekly basis.  She agreed (afterall, she did say that she wanted it at least once per week) and said Wednesday nights would work best for her, because she didn’t have to work on Thursdays.  She asked if it would be okay if I got up with the boys and put them on the bus on Thursday mornings so she could sleep in.  That sounded good to me, so we made it a date.

How did the date go?

You’ll have to watch for and listen to the podcast to find out.


5 Responses to The Arrangement

  1. FTN says:

    Sex twice in one year? You are now a certifiable mac daddy, big-pimpin’ playa. 🙂

    I’m not sure how the “date” went, but regardless, all of this other stuff sounds like some monumental progress. One year ago, would you have thought you’d be at this point? In counseling where some progress is possibly being made, communicating with Arwyn, and even having sex on occasion?

    I feel like I’m in the blogger twilight zone.

  2. Rosie says:

    You a so ornery. I’ll just wait to hear more. (But YEAH!!)

  3. Desmond Jones says:

    Holy shit, Digger!

    Whatever you’re doin’, just keep doin’ it. . . Sounds like y’all are making some serious progress. Keep it goin’. . .

  4. therese says:

    Congratulations on all the progress you two are making!

  5. xi summit says:

    Wow. Just wow. Keep up the hard work!

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