Blown Away

Just a short update on stuff around here.  For those of you that were hoping for something more profound in my podcast on my other blog, stay tuned.  I’m putting something a bit more significant together that better extends my own thoughts and feelings, but it might not be posted for a bit because life is busy.

Speaking of RL, we did have one of those tornadoes decide  to touch down in our backyard.  Maybe 60 seconds of terror and it was all over.  I felt it before I heard it, as the walls started shaking.  The power blinked but it was otherwise okay and by the time I tuned in to the TV, it was over for us.  We had some minor roof damage, but that will be fixed today thanks to a neighbor who has some roofing experience.  Our neighborhood seems to be the only one that was hit around the county, as most folks were grousing more about the hail.  We got that, too, but not quite as scary as a twister.  Everyone was shook up but okay.  The kids slept through the whole thing, lucky for them.  There were a few trees down and a carport and a porch was lost, but the houses all held up pretty well.  Georgia gets as many tornadoes as anyone else, but we tend to get them spread around the year as opposed the northern folks who get them in April and May.  Having lived in Ames, which is part of Tornado Alley, I’m no stranger to these things but it has been awhile since I’ve been that close to one.  It’s a lot scarier at night when you can not see when it’s coming.

Other news…

Last week, after Arwyn’s counseling session she was keen to talk, so we did for a bit.   I don’t feel like we really got anywhere, tho.  Her stance mirrors what a lot of you have said in that all this is going to take time and that the sex will just have to follow along behind trust, and closeness and other intimacy.  My stance is that one of the problems is that sex follows behind everything and therefore gets left behind every time.  It could help build trust, intimacy and closeness but she’s not on board with that.  This week is my week with the therapist and I’ve got a head of steam built up about it that maybe we can work on.  She did say that he did bring up the “sex stuff” so at least he’s not ignoring it altogether.  If his specialty was in any other area, avoiding would be a major issue.

Okay, time to get to work on the video!


7 Responses to Blown Away

  1. Rosie says:

    No Digger, honestly you are always rather profound and so there is no need to do too much. As always I read your post very carefully, but I think the cold in my nose is affecting my eyes. I thought I saw the word video typed above. You are turning into such a risk-taker. Welcome to my world.

  2. Emily says:

    I can totally understand your frustration, Digger. For some of us, sex always seems to be the last thing on the list, even though it is important to us, so it feels like WE are last on the list.

    But realistically, sex wouldn’t build trust, intimacy or closeness if it’s not at least partly an expression of that. You and Arwyn had sex some time ago, after a long period without, but it seemed to go nowhere and certainly didn’t seem to help build progress.

    The sorry fact is that you both have a lot of work to do and you are both going to have to be very patient with each other.

  3. Emily says:

    ps Personally, I see the fact that Arwyn was actually keen to talk as a big sign of progress.

  4. Dave says:

    I agree with Emily, it’s a good sign that Arwyn is willing to talk; and I can see how having sex be last would get very very old, don’t mean to minimize that, but I do think it’s progress.

  5. rmpltskn says:

    I’m so glad that the only thing damaged was your roof. And your children slept through it. Wonderful.

    Glad you’re all safe. Lived through a hurricane scare once–and promptly moved back to where I came from where the only weather fear really is an accident in your car during the winter weather.


  6. xi summit says:

    Argh, had a good novel written here and wordpress got mad, threw it all out, and complained that I’m posting ‘too fast’.

    Glad to hear all are well after that bit of excitement.

    This time the comment ain’t flowing so I’ll just say, perhaps you should hold the steam for now and concentrate on what Arwyn sees as top priority. That may surprise her enough to get things kick-started on moving forward, you know?

  7. Square1 says:

    I agree with Emily. I’m completely not being condescending by saying this, but you’re thinking like a man. Yes sex can build trust and all that… for you. For her (and me as a woman) sex follows respect and trust. I know that can be frustrating, but there it is.

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