Index to my “Schnarch” Posts

This is an index to the posts I’ve written on my treatment of David Schnarch’s book Passionate Marriage. These are scattered between two blogs, so I figured I would bundle them up neatly for those looking for information. While they are in order, I didn’t always expand on every chapter but I tried to keep the commentary fairly close.

There are other posts in the works extending on what I’m experiencing and learning that may or may not be added here but I’ll try to keep them in a “Schnarch” category.


1. Chapter 1

2. chapt. 2 – Differentiation

3. Emotional Gridlock

4. Wanting to Want

5. Hugging until Relaxed

6. Kissing and Foreplay

7. Ch. 9 – Using your mind

8. Ch. 10 – Fucking

9. Ch. 11 – Two Choice Dilemma and the Mercy Fuck

10. Ch. 12 – Tools for getting through it

11. Ch. 13 – Critical Mass

12. Our own breakthrough

13. Ch. 14 – Spirituality and the Ultimate Differentiation

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