Busting Loose




A New Beginning

“This is the most significant conversation we’ve ever had.”

These are all working titles for the post that I’m working on, which details the conversation that Arwyn and I had last night.

In my last entry, I detailed how I thought we had entered a stage of critical mass. But the next few days, I began to wonder a bit. All the signs were there. We were not sniping. The oscillations had stopped. The criticism was barely even there. The entire marriage had quieted to a point where it seemed too quiet. I was wavering and buckling, because I could not see where we were headed. It looked like we were stuck and frozen in a place that seemed to be even beyond gridlock. But I continued to work on this just a bit, especially the “hugging until relaxed” exercise. Subsequent applications of this were more successful than my initial efforts. Eyes open kissing was something I also tried but as that got better, I would always get to a point where I would close my eyes because I wanted to better feel the growing connection. But we weren’t going anywhere.  Not backwards or forwards.  I could feel a tectonic shift taking place.  We were, indeed, at critical mass.

Last night, the gridlock finally busted loose.



10 Responses to Busting Loose

  1. Satan says:

    You are a tease of the highest order. Kudos and all that, but share!

  2. Desmond Jones says:

    Well, hallelujah! But, uh, yeah – c’mon, share!

  3. FTN says:

    To leave this one as a cliffhanger like that is just cruel.

    It sounds like it was a very positive breakthrough conversation (maybe “let’s work on this by doing this” or “let’s try counseling together”) rather than a negative one (“yeah, okay, this isn’t working, let’s talk to some lawyers”). So… Yay for you.

  4. aphron says:

    I hope it brings forth fruit.

  5. xi summit says:

    Well, OK. I guess. And????

  6. John says:

    Well, I’ll make the optimistic assumption also: congrats! Can’t wait to hear more about the talk.

  7. tajalude says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. C’mon.

  8. Cat says:

    I am with Satan a terrible tease indeed…

  9. diggerjones says:

    This might be called “Normal Blogger Sadism” namely to pay most of you back for making me type in so much word verification crap in order to post comments on your Blogger Blogs!


    It’s taking a long time to dress this thing up so it looks presentable.

    Something y’all need to understand: the resolution of this storyline will mark the decline of this blog. I now get why Satan had to do what she did.


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