Okay so we went up a bit over the holidays, but this is not a big huge concern.  I figure I’m allowed to fluctuate around 5 pounds or so, which I’ve always done.  I just need to remain focused on the diet and exercise.  In fact, as I shift my training a bit, I expect some modest weight gain as I develop some muscle mass.  And that’s really where I’m going next.

While my smallish gut still wants to hang around, I notice that it only protrudes the way it does mostly because I have no chest!  And that’s where I really need to focus some effort.  The problem is the same with every other exercise that I’ve done, which is finding something I like.  So I’m trying out a variation on my Stepmania program, which involves doing it with my hands instead of my feet.  Basically, I’m doing a modified push-up until I get enough endurance up to do it regular push-up style.  I notice that I do get a decent upper body workout over a period of several songs at the lower level by virtue of having to change the position of my hands all over the mat.  The biggest pain is that having a computer monitor that suits me for using my feet on the mat doesn’t suit me as well when I’m on the floor.  I like that I have to hold my head up, but my neck gets a bit extended in that position.  I might end up using a laptop when working the upper body.

Progress on the other storyline remains glacial, at best.  After our talk, Arwyn does make an effort to sleep with her head at the head of the bed (still under her own blanket) but will often switch back during the night.  She’s having some sinus problems which results in her snoring loudly but for some reason this doesn’t bother me nearly as much as my snoring bothers her. 

Other updates are in the works, but I figure I’d at least give you a taste. 




7 Responses to 191.6

  1. So Gone says:

    Why not trying holding weights in your hands while doing the foot portion of the steps? You could either just hold them or do bicep curls or something of the like…?

  2. Satan says:

    I second So Gone’s idea. I even use wrist weights so I don’t have to hold on to anything.
    Well, I mean I *have* wrist weights. And sometimes I pretend I’m exercising and I think about using them.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. C-Marie says:

    Wow! You’ve taken stepmania to a whole new level! You’ve certainly spiked an interest in that thing here on this end!

  4. Square1 says:

    The step-mani thing is awesome. have you tried the breath-right strips for your snoring? Of course, it’s doubtful that is what truly bothers her at night, but still it would eliminate one complaint.

    I’m tagging you for This Meme. It’s a morphing meme, so you have a bit of leeway on how you write it. One blogger composed a string of haikus, another a list, another a small string of poetic verses. I’ll be looking forward to your alphabet confession.

  5. Digger Jones says:

    So Gone and Satan, I thought about holding weights, but I could see my clumsy self dropping them and busting a toe! The wrist weights are something I’ve looked into but I’d need around 10 pounds to do myself much good. Which means *ankle weights* on my smallish wrists! It’s still a possibility if I find some that I fancy.

    C-Mari, think of Stepmania as a sort of cardio Guitar Hero- but not quite as cool. It seems like a lot of folks have migrated from DDR to GH as they are both rhythm games.

    Square, I have tried breathe right strips, and they were just annoying and didn’t work. But that was then. They might work better now. And let me get this straight…you’re tagging me with a meme that you weren’t tagged with in the first place? There oughta be some sort of law… I’ll think about it. I actually have a couple of ideas if I ever get time to commit to it.


  6. Dave says:

    So great that you have modified something you like, to be able to use it even further in your goals- I think that’s admirable. Too many people (myself included, no doubt), would assume that a completely different exercise would be the only way to go.

  7. Square1 says:

    Yes. Yes, I am, because I’m just talented like that. You know that this means I owe you a meme, and I can not refuse to be tagged, should you so choose.

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