Happy Thanksgiving!

Up, down, up,
When I up, down, touch the ground
It puts me in the mood
Up, down, touch the ground
In the mood for food
I am stout round, and I have found
Speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite
When I exercise

I am short, fat and proud of that
And so with all my might
I up, down, and up and down
To my appetite’s delight!

Lyrics and music by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Or Happy Thursday to those outside the U.S.!  The above is a tribute to a fictional character who I once thought had the right attitude towards weight loss and food.  It’s still cute, but not very healthy.

I’m thankful that I had to actually locate something that I hadn’t used in so long I had completely lost track of where it was.  After sitting in my thinking spot for a bit, I finally remembered where it was, and was able to find….my umbrella!  We actually got a nice rain today, here in Georgia.  We need about another week os showers just like that since we’re still at least 15 inches below on the year.

Forgive me if I don’t personally respond to the avalanche of comments below.  It really was useful to see the various comments and compare different reasons for staying one and not going dark.  I think I fall in the category of blogging as sort of therapeutic.  I would (and do) write anyway.  In fact, there are many time a post never even get published because I don’t have the time to properly edit or finish it out.  But I like the feedback, and even the snarky comments serve their purpose.

I think I have many themes that are fair enough game for blogging material that Arwyn could care less about.  But my relationship with her is the overarching one that has always been the pervasive and constant.  I would be interested to read her side of the story if she ever cared to write it, but she is not a writer.  She’s not much of a talker, either.

We have had a Talk about some issues, but I’m not sure it will result in anything.  That’s one of those unfinished posts that may not see the light of day.  And that is the frustrating thing because we do have these skirmishes but nothing decisive.  Even if it looks decisive, it really isn’t.

So anyone reading this for the past couple years has to be feeling a lot of frustration over that lack of movement.  There’s no plot development here!  As the principal character, I’m certainly feeling a lot of that, even though I have other parts of my life that never do get published.

So I’m going to continue to blog when the mood hits, but I’m really and truly looking to move things along somehow. That’s really what I want: some sort of resolution to this story!

So that’s what I’m going to be working on.  I am going to work on resolving this relationship story line to a point where it isn’t the biggest issue, anymore.  I suppose a disaster could come along and completely turn things upside down– That’s NOT what I’m looking for!  I just tire of the Talking and then Nothing.  That just isn’t working for me.   So I’m taking some small (but significant) steps to see if I can move things along.  I may end up dumping those unpublished posts here once I have some movement on that score, but until then they are just frustrated ventings.

Thanks to all of you for reading and contributing!  I’m thankful for  the dedicated folks who still stick around.


5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Square1 says:

    I hope you don’t misunderstand me, Digger. I don’t want to see you stop blogging. I guess my biggest thing is that if you want intimacy with your wife, you can’t do it sharing things with us that need to be shared with her.

    As far as your other topics that you can blog about, by all means… sock it to me! You’re writing is interesting and reflective, and that will keep your readers’ interest above anything else.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    I’ll still blog at my current pace (which isn’t very much, really) and keep updating on the weight loss bit. But it just seems daft to continue whining about this relationship that is stuck, stuck, stuck. So I needs to unstick it before I whine again. Or at least publish my whinings.


  3. Dave says:

    Or, whine or not, as you choose, and where you choose. I am making an assumption, here, but from what you’ve said perhaps it’s valid: That what you do blog about here, is nothing that Arwyn would be surprised by; in other words, she knows how you feel about it all, so you’re not blogging *instead* of talking, it’s in addition to. (If I’m wrong, the following will make no sense!)

    If that’s the case, then we’re merely an extended circle of friends, that you can share the thoughts/feelings and frustration with, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sharing intimate things about your marriage and relationship with others, rather than with your partner, is when you need to look out.

    So, blog away, for there are many who would miss you if you stopped- and if you feel the need to “whine”,as you put it- well, if that feels like what you need, then do that too.


  4. Digger Jones says:

    Basically, this latest exercise involves developing my story a bit more so it’s worth reading, Dave. I’ve gotten about as much advice and input as a body can get on this forum, so I’m just waiting to publish until there’s more development. Stay tuned, and you’ll see what I mean. The quagmire that I’m in was underscored by a recent discussion Arwyn and I had which looked significant until I got to the end and realized that no significant changes were offered or in development. That’s when I realized that some serious moves were called for.


  5. Cat says:

    I completely understand the need to get something going with your marriage. I honestly don’t know how you have stood the status quo if you want to know the truth. To remain stagnate is to say you want a lifetime of no intimacy…less say sex. I actually would love to read Digger having regular sex with his wife. Or the decision to introduce chastity play into your relationship or not, or more about your sons…I guess what I am saying is I would read regardless…

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