Oh, wait…that’s 198.4!


The progress continues, despite some unruliness in my diet.  As the holidays begin gearing up, it’s going to get harder to travel the straight and narrow.  But I’m thinking that as I build muscle tone and as muscle becomes a larger percentage of my body mass, maybe I have a little more leeway.  I hope so!


Arwyn had a gift card for Applebee’s that she’s had since last Christmas and it was burning a hole in her pocket so we all went out to eat Sat. night.  She pointed out the section of the menu for Weight Watchers, for which I was somewhat grateful.  This was about as much acknowledgment of my weight loss effort as I can expect from her. 


My co-workers who have been going on and on about my improved shape all want to know what Arwyn thinks about it.  I’d like to say she loves it and can’t keep her hands off me but that simply isn’t the case.  I say she knows about it and approves and that’s about it.  I like the compliments from the ladies at work.  It keeps me motivated.  But looking good is not sufficient to light the fires of an unmotivated spouse.  I’ve seen the HNT’s of Oblivion, C-Marie, Tajalude and most guys would give both nuts to be with women that look that good.  So looks don’t do it, even to get guys going who are supposed to be all visual. 


Last week I went ahead and bought a pair of black jeans and they did look good!  Size 36, which this body has not seen in at least a decade and maybe longer.   It was nice to be wearing something that actually fit instead of being sort of loosely draped and cinched up.  It’s also what I wore to the restaurant Sat. night. 


Just to extend the post on my Unsolicited Advice blog (the much-neglect blogspot one) I imagine getting the female members of my imaginary invisible audience all hot and bothered!


Silly me doesn’t have any good before/after HNT type shots as I was entirely too embarrassed by my “before” body.  So with no comparison, I’m just another bloke on the street.  To put it another way, I’m not built as good as Tom Allen but might get comparable if I suck it way in and puff my chest way out!  And I have some serious work to do before I get in a similar league as Figleaf.


But perhaps that might be my next lark. I might take a series of pics and occasionally post them in the name of selfish and indulgent vanity.  And then again it could end up backfiring terribly. 


No other gossipy news for now, but there is some drama coming soon.  I’ll either be venting or celebrating.  Past experience tells me it will be the former but hope springs eternal. 


BTW, you Yankees need to quit hogging all the water and send some down here to Georgia! 




10 Responses to 1984

  1. Dave says:

    I’m sorry you’re not getting the appreciation from Arwyn, but it’s good that you’re still working on it, and progressing!

    It would be fun to see some progress pictures, if you do decide to put them up, but either way, good for you!!

  2. Cat says:

    congrats…198.4 is great progress. btw I am all for vanity especially if you posting pics is the end result. but either way I think the weightloss is great, good for you 🙂

  3. Hello,
    Very interesting site. Congratulations. My suggestions, based on what I read….’don’t let it happen’….don’t lose your self confidence and esteem! You have done so much for yourself….be proud. You deserve it!

  4. FTN says:

    If you are gonna post pictures, you might as well post some Youtube of yourself doing the dancemat thing.

    Come on, you know you wanna.

  5. xi summit says:

    What FTN said.

    And hey, if you need some water just stop by. I’ll fill ya right up! We Yanks are the sharing kind, all ya gotta do is ask

  6. Desmond Jones says:

    I will admit to being distinctly cool to any/all proposals to pipe Great Lakes water all across the country. . .

  7. diggerjones says:

    Well, it would have been fun, Dave, to have a pic from 30 or so pounds ago. Just icture a beached whale…wearing a thong.

    It’s good to have some progress in *something*, Cat. It’s a matter of keeping with it and your encouragement definitely helps.

    and ditto for you, Sharon and thanks for stopping by! I think holding on to the self-esteem is the challenging part of it. It’s nice that other people respond positively, but y’know it would be nice if the person I was trying to impress actually responded with some enthusiasm.

    FTN, I wish I knew how Ryota’s dad did his video with the arrows while he was dancing. But I can’t dance as good as him. Yet. When I can ‘AA’ 300 combos, I will be sorely tempted!

    It’ll take more than a 2 liter bottle to keep my collards growing, Xi. Fortunately we’re getting a little this week but it will take several more weeks of this to keep the tap running.

    Perhaps I should propose this to some of my old Army Corp of engineer buddies, Desmond! Afterall, much of the metro debacle is about releasing water for some sort of mussel in Florida, and draining Lake superior is just the sort of whacky idea they might go for! Perhaps a long, long siphon hose…


  8. Square1 says:

    Is it possible that Arwyn hasn’t said much because she might feel a little threatened. I know that your intention is to be proactive about your health, but does she know that? She might suspect that you are losing weight because you are planning on leaving her. She might even see your decision to improve yourself as a silent condemnation of her choices. Obviously these are not your intentions, but these are things that could possibly be going through her mind. From what you’ve described in the past she sounds like an incredibly insecure individual, and she seems to handle that by completely disengaging.

    I might be completely and utterly wrong here, but that’s what comes to mind this morning, and it’s worth what you paid for it.

  9. Oblivion says:

    1. I’m laughing (but not in a bad way) at the comment of a guy “giving both nuts” to be with someone like me, Taja and CMarie.

    2. That’s my weird way of saying thank you 🙂

    3. Congrats on the weight loss. It’s so hard. I know! It took me FOREVER to get the weight off after having kids.

    Keep up the great work

  10. Desmond Jones says:

    There were semi-serious proposals floated back in the 80s about building a pipeline from the Great Lakes to Colorado. Until someone actually worked out the cost of piping enough water to hydrate Denver and/or Phoenix, not only 1500 linear miles, but one vertical one!

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