I had to do a double-take on where I was last week, and sure enough I have lost 4 pounds, even after a weekend of not holding back much on the eating and only moderate exercise.

Just to get this out of the way, I did put my ring back on.  Xi’s post on retaining the dented finger look after 7 months was the deciding factor, since this was never meant to be a long term thing.  Whether or not it was passive aggressive bullshit remains to be seen.  I never threatened anything or put conditions out there, I was mostly curious in a bullshit sort of way.  And lately I got more curious as to the fit, since I’ve lost a good 30 pounds since taking the thing off.  And sure enough, it doesn’t seem to really dig in as much.  It’s not slipping off or anything, but it’s loose enough.

While in the local Wal-Mart, I decided to try on some jeans, which I haven’t done in ages.   I’ve been buying Khkis with the “comfort fit” meaning some elastic stretch was included and kept me in the 40″ range even though I was probably closer to a 42.  The 38″ jeans still felt pretty loose and the 36″ jeans felt pretty good but one can’t be too sure with the way jeans shrink.  I put them back on the shelf, as I’m not sure where I’m going to end up with this.  I’m thinking I might like to get down around 185, and maybe 34″ in the waist or so and then beef it up a bit with more muscle.  But I’m not sure how I might go about that with my current exercise routine, which I like…most of the time.

It’s a lot like sex for women who might not necessarily be HL.  I feel reluctance towards doing it, but once I get on the mat, I generally have a pretty good time and enjoy myself and feel a lot better afterwards.  I can always think of other things I should be doing or could be doing sometimes while stepping, but generally end up going for the full hour as I find new songs that I’m keen to master.

On the food side of it,  I’m into fish at the moment.  High protein, low fat and it’s different than poultry.  The talapia comes in these individual serving-sized packets that I can nuke in 6 minutes or so with a small sliced potato and lemon pepper, while Arwyn and the boys eat corn dogs, pizza or whatever other sort of junk they fancy.

Arwyn has not said a lot about my weight loss, but she has noticed.  The people at work have really noticed, although I haven’t had any co-workers try and come on to me.  They are all pretty impressed but at a safe distance.

And I do like my slimmer self.  I kind of turn myself on looking at a much flatter stomach.  In fact, I can barely keep my hands off myself!  Hey, I put a considerable amount of work into this makeover, and know where I’ve come from.  I would definitely do me.  And I do.  Maybe it’s better than I don’t have folks coming on to me, else I would become totally insufferable!


8 Responses to 199.8

  1. Dave says:

    Whoo hooo! Congratulations, that’s excellent. I especially love hearing that I’m not the only one that feels reluctance toward starting to exercise, but can enjoy it once I’m going.

  2. traderdad says:

    Wow! You’ve come a long way! I’m especially glad to hear you’ve discovered the wonders of fish. They really break it up from eating too much chicken breast. As for the new wardrobe; what worked for me was buying one pair of skinny pants at a time, that way I never committed too much clothing money to any one size. You never know where you will end up, but if I gain or lose one size I have something to wear that day.

  3. Desmond Jones says:

    Congrats, Digger! Sure is nice to see that ‘2’ turn into a ‘1’, isn’t it?

  4. xi summit says:

    Way to go Digger! Keep it up.

  5. Square1 says:

    Nice! Meanwhile I’ll keep climbing my stairs. *sigh* I feel like I do more exercising my brain than my body on any given day, though I have noticed my energy levels are higher. I have no way to measure loss or gain in the weight dpt. at the moment, other than by high loose or tight my clothes may be. Unfortunately that’s not exactly an accurate calculator.

  6. Rosie says:

    Woo great weight loss. It was a good idea about buying one new pair of pants that fit. I bought several and then lost more weight and had to buy more. It hurts to ‘waist’ the money. Sigh, women can’t completely lose the tummy – yours is looking good. But we get the good looking thighs at least.

  7. Rosie says:

    P.S. to build muscle – working with weights is the way. And remember once you’ve lost the fat and replaced with muscle — know that muscle weighs more so the scale will go up a bit again. AND when enough fat is gone – you will even be building muscle when sleeping. A goal to reach for sure.

  8. diggerjones says:

    Well, Dave, I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who actually liked exercising on a daily basis without eventually tiring of it. As exercise programs go, this is definitely a record for me.

    I actually have a pair of skinnier pants, traderdad, that I wear pretty frequently. But the rest are looking pretty baggy, lately. This evening I had my talapia wrapped in a big collard leaf. Pretty tasty!

    Yeah, Desmond, that is really a huge deal, getting in under the 1/10 of a ton mark. I think I’ll finally feel accomplished when the “9” turns into and “8”!

    Xi, you better get moving to catch up!

    Ah, yes, the brain-body tension. I had actually decided years ago that I would rather be fat and smart than skinny and stupid. But now I think I’m too much of a smart ass, so I think I can afford to let a few brains slide in favor of being lighter. Keep climbing the stairs and get that education, Square!

    Rosie, I still have a mini spare tire to lose that stubbernly hangs on. It does go away when I lay down, tho! The weight thing (like the exercise thing)will require something I’m going to like doing. I haven’t figured that out, yet. Never heard of building muscle while just sleeping, but I have heard of burning fat while sleeping once there is sufficient muscle mass.


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