That’s what the scale read this morning, which wasn’t terribly surprising but after being so swift out of the starting blocks, I’m not liking the slowing trend.  But a loss is a loss, right?  Still, I can’t help but wonder how Finished Last was able to lose his weight so quickly.  I’m not sure he was even exercising at all!

Speaking of exercise, I finally cleared a song on Stepmania at the “Heavy” level today.  People who do the dance games a lot usually are at standard/heavy while lightweights like me tend to remain on “light” mode for awhile.  But in order to really get a decent workout, a body has to move a little more and a little quicker and the higher levels definitely provide that sort of action.  However my dance mat is the cheap variety and slides all over creation when I’m at the higher levels.  So I’m bidding on a pair of Red Octane Ignition mats on Ebay.  I’m hoping I can get two for less than the price of one, if that makes any sense.

I alsoordered some more CDs in order to add to my dancing music collection.  I do better at beat rates that are way up there so that’s where I went.  I once again went back to my old techno roots.  Thanks to Amazon, I was able to order a CD from a group that I have not heard in about 25 years.  Anyone else heard of DAF?  Didn’t think so.  When I was in Germany, my host brothers were seriously into the Neue Deutsche Welle (New Wave German) sound and DAF was way out in front back in 1982-83.  Here’s a little Youtube I managed to endure via dial-up.  I totally get it if it’s not your cup of tea.  It brings back some awesome memories for me, though.  Dancing crazily at the discos just like Gabi, back when I was skinny.  Now I can do it again!–the dancing crazily not so much the skinny.  I also ordered a couple of other CD’s I might review once I get them.

As you can see, this hobby/program, once very inexpensive and cheap is rapidly costing more.  But it’s FUN!

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about with all this Stepmania stuff, here’s another Youtube of me in action.

Aren’t I cute?

Ha!  I wish I had his talent!  He never missed even once.  Seriously the little guy had 301 combos and I’m still thrilled at 100.  And he didn’t even bother waiting for his score before going to play with some other toy!

I usually go for 45 minutes to an hour but have gone longer if I have the time and if I’m really feeling it.  3500 calories = 1 pound of blubber and I can burn 5-600 per hour working out, at least if the DDR sites are half-way accurate.  So given that I work out 4-5x a week, my weight loss would be right on if I wasn’t also adjusting my diet.

I guess I’ll be at this for awhile, at this rate, so it’s a good thing I actually like this little program I’m on, at least the exercise/dance part of it.  Being able to do my own music and steps has made a huge difference in sustaining the effort.  Otherwise it would be easy to get bored.


5 Responses to 208.0

  1. Cat says:

    You know after I stopped laughing at the vid I must admit I was left a bit intrigued. One can’t do yoga all the time, maybe I will add this to my exercise just to mix it up a bit.

    Congrats on the weight loss btw I think everyone hits a wall from time to time. I have to agree about FL he seemed lose consistently without much effort. I am sure he would disagree with that though.

  2. xi summit says:

    Keep working it, soon you’ll be a shadow of your former self!

  3. Dave says:

    Good for you, keep it up! It’s important to continue to enjoy it, so if that means mixing up music, etc- go for it!

  4. Square1 says:

    Woohoo! Fun exercise! My most recent exercise has been going up and down 9 flights of stairs carrying 20 lbs. of text books on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Oh… and Ramadan too. One tends to lose weight when they aren’t eating from sun-up to sun-down, and then immediately pass out after eating dinner! I’m envious of the step-mania though. That looks like it’s a blast.

  5. diggerjones says:

    I think you might like it, Cat, and your boys might too! Mine sometimes will do it, but they will almost always watch for awhile. Anything with music, they seem to like.

    I’m working, Xi. I do have to wear a belt or some such fastening device at all times, nowadays to keep from mooning everyone. I don’t think I’d have your luck at garnishing special attention for showing my backside!

    You’re right Dave, keeping at it is the real key. Introducing novelty and new challenges keep it from getting too boring.

    Welcome back, Square! I used to always take the stairs to the 8th floor to get to class a few years ago, too. Mainly because I was too impatient to wait for a crowded elevator! FYI, Stepmania is FREE. The step pads cost, but I got 2 cheap ones for $30 or something. Like I said to Cat, the kids might go for it, too. Check your local Freecycle site and you might be able to find some free pads. Stepfiles are free for downloading.

    Costs can escalate as I’ll share in a minute, but getting started is inexpensive and easy. That way if you don’t like it, you’re not out a lot of money compared to a commercial DDR game.


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