Have some other posts in the pipe, but need to get this one out.  As a tribute to the late Finished Last I’ll try to continue in the grand tradition of posting about my weight loss statistics on Mondays.  FL groupies can find some measure of comfort and inspiration in that, hopefully.


Just to recap for those not familiar with what he was doing, he was undergoing what he called the SELAP diet, which stands for Stop Eating Like A Pig.  Heaven knows I am able to pack in the groceries like a real porker, so this was revolutionary for me.  Basically all it was, was ingesting 1000 calories from meals and 500 additional calories for snacks.  No drinks other than water outside of meals and no snacks that also don’t have some other sort of nutritional value.  I admit I cheat on the drinks because I do drink some unsweetened tea during the day, but since there are no calories there and a few flavenoids and antioxidants there, I think it’s not a bad deal.


Last week when I weighed in, I was an obese 228 lbs. This was way above where I hoped to be, which was 219 lbs.  Remember, I’m just starting and I had been working out all summer.  I must have been a fat moose in May to weigh that much.


So today I bought a digital scale capable of storing info for two people and Arwyn is also looking at her weight and health,  So perhaps this is something we can do together, even though we don’t exercise together.  She is really trying to eat better instead of the normal junk we consume.  She really is a carb queen.  But if I can reform, she can too.


Time for the official results.  When I weighed myself on this thing for the first time I weighed….


Drum roll please………………………..






218.x pounds!


Wow!  Now granted, when I weighed myself last week (on a different scale) I had some heavy boots on and this time I was in socks.  But still, I am impressed.  10 pounds or 8 pounds or even 6 pounds; that is not bad for one week out of the blocks.


So looking at my BMI ideal (19-25) my ideal weight- the link will help you find out what it is – is somewhere in the 175-195 range.  Actually, the medical info seems to think 144-189 is the right range.  I’m unsure what to shoot for, actually as I never anticipated this being something seriously attainable.  I suppose 185 would be a worthy goal, although being too skinny involves its own issues.  I will be looking forward to losing the gut, in anycase.



8 Responses to Wow.

  1. vitalstreak says:

    Sounds like you’re making good progress. I most important thing is that you stay on track and resist temptation. Don’t starve yourself too much otherwise you might cave in and bing. I have been there before.

  2. Desmond Jones says:

    Nicely done, Digger. I’ve found it somewhat amusing to read FL’s ‘weight loss’ posts, and now yours. . . I’ve been holding pretty steady at 230, +/- 5 lb, for about the last year, which is *cough*85*cough* down from where I started, in Jan06. And I feel great – better than I have in years. But my BMI still has me just above the lower limit of ‘obese’, which really ought to give me plenty of motivation to go ahead and get the last 10-15 lb. it will take for me to be merely ‘overweight’. It just hasn’t been that easy, tho (sigh). I’d really love to get under 200 (haven’t seen that since high school). So, it’s probably time to just tighten up my belt and get serious. . .

    Congratulations, tho – that really is something worth celebrating.

    (144? Really? That just sounds seriously, uh, ectomorphic. . .)

  3. xi summit says:

    Hey, sometimes it’s good to be a loser! Keep it up, here’s hoping you’re soon a fraction of your former self ….

  4. diggerjones says:

    Good point, Vital, about doing it in moderation. Still, there *is* some money on the line to the tune of over $500 which is a nice chunk of change. And then we’re starting over in January, so I can load up over the holidays and…

    No binging. Right.

    Now is a fine time Desmond, at least as a run-up to the holidays, to lose a few pounds. Overwieght is bad enough, but obese…eeesh! I wouldn’t mind getting under 200 myself and I’m definitely within striking range with some work. It has been a awhile for me as well. I did weigh about 144 in high school and yes, I was a nerdy ectomorph. 185-190 seems like lofty enough targets for me.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Xi. With any luck I can trim it down and maybe see if I can get a bit of the physical therapy babe action you get!

  5. xi summit says:

    Hey Digger, don’t get your hopes up. I’m packing 255 lbs of chunk still so there’s no explaining it. I’m on the same road as you I hope just a dozen or so mile markers behind. Losing the first 45 was the ‘easy’ part.

    Unlike you, though, I was a ‘substantial’ 155lbs when I graduated High School. I’ll be happy to get single digits over 200 some day.

  6. FTN says:

    Hey Digger, it looks like we are the same weight. I bet we could be twins! Do you have a melon-sized goiter and a third nipple, by any chance?

    That’s an impressive weight loss for one week. Actually, that’s almost a scary weight loss for one week. Be careful… I think most physicians say about one pound per week is a good range. How you lost that much in one week is beyond me.

    Don’t go all anorexic on us!

  7. Desmond Jones says:

    Aww, FTN, the early weight always comes off fast, especially if you’re carrying a little, uh, surplus. I lost 18 lb. in the first 2 weeks, 30 the first month, and 45 in two months. After that, it settled down to around 10 lb/mo, until I plateau’ed. Of course, my doc knew what I was up to, and he did have me come see him once or twice, just to keep tabs. If you’re feeling good, and your energy is normal (or improving), don’t worry about it (at least, that’s what my doc told me. . .)

  8. Mu Ling says:

    As someone who struggles with her weight constantly, I too say, “Wow.”

    Well done!

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