An Update on Lots of Things

With school starting, the family is once again getting into a routine. For good or ill. So let’s do a little round-up:

– Arwyn has been making and succeeding in becoming a better roommate. She is picking up after herself better and doesn’t let the kids trash the place. She seems to have a decent handle on the money situation. No sex or affection, but this at least makes the situation somewhat tolerable. Sex isn’t everything. I’d rather be getting laid on a weekly basis than live in a spotless house (if that’s the cost) but if we’re going to be roommates, we should at least do so properly for the kids sake if no other reason.

– I am really liking Stepmania and it does work for me. I don’t need to drive to a gym, and the boys like it when I do it at home on occasion. They don’t like it all the time, though, or as much as me. So, I do it mostly after work at work after everyone else has gone home. I usually stay late anyway but this way I’m not making an extra drive. Plus late afternoon has traditionally been a time when I junk it up with snack foods. Good exercise has proven to be an effective substitute.

What’s more, I’ve figured out how to add my own music and edit my own steps. So now I’m into finding some good step dance music. FTN recently brought back some good memories with Funky Town. I think there’s a story there. In any case, I’ve purchase some used CD’s from the Funky Town genre and era and style. Okay, my links sort of deviate a bit from Lipps Inc, but we’re talking music to move by here.

When I started Stepmania just a few months ago, I was working on the lowest possible beginner level and struggled to make a grade of “C” or better at level one. Then a few “AA”s started appearing. Right now, I am getting “C”s again but this time at level 4, which is moving past beginner and light mode and into standard mode. The coolest thing about this game is that are so many ways to show improvement. Plus it is oodles of fun if you like music that runs 120-300 beats per minute.

– Financially, we are doing good. That $10,000 Visa bill Arwyn incurred 3 years ago has fallen, freeing up another $300 a month. One more $330/month bill left to attack. And then a student loan. And finally, the big one; the house. We can do it.

– Spiritually, I am far less settled. I’ll be teaching a series next month and have been accumulating material. I have some books on order that I’ll go over after I’ve been over them but I continue to examine and re-examine how church life is conducted compared to what we see in the New Testament. I’m sure if I elect to present my findings on tithing, that’ll be my Sunday school teaching swan song! That day is coming soon enough. I enjoy it and have forged some decent friendships.

I’ll reserve the preaching and teaching for another time.

– Getting back to my weight loss (Stepmania was a part of that but has since taken on its own life) I finally stepped on a scale the other day. 228 lbs. When I looked at my BMI, (follow that link to calculate yours) I was still 30.1, which still puts me in the lard ass category. I have to work much, much harder to shed the blubber. I was 240 back in February, and really didn’t start seriously working it until June so I only averaged about 4 lbs per month or about 1 lb. a week. When I think of 1 pound a week, that doesn’t sound so bad. But I’m still 5 pounds more than I was a year ago. I also joined a “Biggest Loser” program at my place of work where the winner is the one who loses the most by percentage by Thanksgiving. So there’s a dual motivation going on there as we have a pot of about $1000 that someone could win by Thanksgiving. Why not me?

– I haven’t smoked in over a month and am fine with it. I might go on the occasional weekend jag but am happy to return to being smoke-free. I used to go on smoke-free jags and return to smoking so I’m happy with this turn of circumstance. I treat it like drinking, namely it’s something I do less and less as I get older. The cost of cigarettes continues to climb, so this is also helping with the financial issues.


So there you go, your regular update on the world of Digger as it stand today. Sometimes I think things get a bit heavy on the relationship end, but I don’t live in that depressing of a world. I’m doing some positive things, and some things are going positively which is good to know when you think things are too depressing and burdensome.




9 Responses to An Update on Lots of Things

  1. CH says:

    Thanks for putting the link to the BMI page in here. I was just talking to my mom about that the other night. The results aren’t pretty I must say. According to Kaiser I am “morbidly obese”. According to the page I’m just “obese”. With a BMI of cough44cough. Yup. Defintely time to talk to my Dr. about getting the operation done.

    Congrats on getting the Visa paid down! I hope you do better at keeping it down that Summer and I do. I remember a time not to long ago that we were debt free almost. not now. Too much trying to keep up with Jones’.

    BTW I have not forgotten your tag. I’ll be gettinglly this weekend.

  2. Dave says:

    Good for you, sounds like progress in a lot of ways, on a lot of fronts!

    Getting the visa down is big, I know the feeling of releasing that is such a great thing!

  3. DH says:

    Hey Digger…congrats on the 12 pounds…always an impressive accomplishment.

    And kudos on the Visa too.

    Now…if we can just get that sex thing taken care of, you’ll really be flying!!!

    Good luck!

  4. Cat says:

    “Personal Jesus”…a fave of mine I must tell you. Congrats on the weight loss and the visa bill, that is huge. I think we all find our writing tends to the ills instead of the joys. But I am glad to know you have some positive stuff going on to balance the relationship stuff.

  5. Mu Ling says:

    I’m impressed. These are indeed positive changes. Sometimes I wonder how you can bear your life, but a post like this puts it all into perspective.

  6. Mu Ling says:

    Hmmm — did my comment get eaten?

  7. xi summit says:

    Hey Digger, keep up the solid work. Good to hear about some positive progress regardless of the subject. Keep thoe sitive thoughts going!

  8. xi summit says:

    … or maybe ‘those positive’, I always get mixed up. Whenever I have to type.

  9. diggerjones says:

    CH, an operation sounds kind of radical to me. I dunno, Starr Jones just looks kind of creepy to me, now. Your kids won’t recognize you!

    Yeah, Dave, the Visa thing was a huge lift, and now I’m on the next big debt which looks like it is beginning to teeter about a bit. I’m looking for it to fall before next fall.

    DH, that 12 pounds was barely a start. Stay massively tuned and you won’t believe your eyes. I know I barely did. As for getting laid, I’m working on being more lay-able. Getting things in line is a big confidence booster.

    Glad to clarify things, Mu Ling. I sensed my readership was getting frustrated and I seriously needed to show progress somewhere to give everyone some relief. Y’all sort of deserve it for enduring so much for so long with me! And I would never eat your post…is it fat free?

    And Xi, I intend to keep things on the positive side as much as possible while being realistic about what needs attention. And I’m only a week away from doing my fall garden. Since it couldn’t fair worse than my summer fare, I remain optimistic.


    Cat, I think it’s easy to bog down on the downer side of things and blogs tend to collect rather dark thoughts. That’s okay, since I see it as a sort of therapy, but seeing some brighter things can be just as therapeutic for the community.

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