My Own Home Grown Meme

 This is a meme designed to be fun as well exchange a link or two…or three…or more.  So let’s see how it flies:


Answer the following, and be sure to link to their blogs.  This is an efficient and cheap and shameless way to increase traffic.


1. Blogger who is most like me:


2. Blogger I read who is LEAST like me.


3. Name 3 bloggers of the same sex you’d like to have drinks with.


4. Name 3 bloggers of the opposite sex you’d like to share a hot tub with.


5. Which blogger would you vote for in a political campaign?


6. You are thrown into a dimension where you can read one, and only one, blog.  Which one is it?


7. Which blogger is living a life you think YOU might like to be living.



Tag three people and you’re on your way! 


So with this in mind, I’ll do my own meme.



1. Blogger who is most like me:

I am a collector of bloggers like me, and yet none match me too exactly and properly.  Christian Husband has actually had some parallels to me that have given me chills, at least in the earliest of his writings and the earliest days of my readings.  We seem to share many very similar traits from computer OS’s to vehicles and other eerie things.  Yet anyone reading us knows there are differences that jaggedly clash on occasion.  He’s like that other Spock with a goatee.  


2. Blogger I read who is LEAST like me.


This was actually the hardest question of the lot for me since I generally blogroll and read people that I can readily relate to and connect with.  On Unsolicited Advice, I write about my most recent blog discovery. 


Compartments, who has only recently stopped updating is probably the farthest afield from anything in my reality.  Her blog was about getting paid to have sex.  Now she’s getting paid to be a domme, which involves a lot less mess and risk. 


FYI, I like to include a hooker in my reading because that is certainly an option many guys in my position have chosen.  I never have, but I remain curious and they have some good and interesting stories to tell.  I guess I’ll have to find a replacement.


Honorable mention goes to Chelsea Summers who used to get paid to strip but now is getting paid to write.  Plus she is having lots of sex.  But her and I do share some a certain pedantic streak within our writing.  She’s just better at it.


3. Name 3 bloggers of the same sex you’d like to have drinks with.

FTN, Xi Summit, and 2AmSomewhere.  This wouldn’t be a lamp-shade-on-your-head Rolling Stones booze fest, but would be a more subtle and cerebral all night  get together.  More like a Pink Floyd soundtrack.  I’d also invite my goatee-wearing alter ego, but the fabric of the universe would be torn asunder if we ever actually met.


4. Name 3 bloggers of the opposite sex you’d like to share a hot tub with.


Emily, Katie and Tajalude.  This might be a bit wilder than the above get together.  I would hope.


I’d love to invite Zanaliegh as well but there’s that whole business of her being from the other dimension and the matter-anti matter collision resulting in the destruction of the known universe to contend with.  But it would almost be worth it.



5. Which blogger would you vote for in a political campaign?

Desmond Jones – the guy already has experience co-governing a family the size of a small country.  After raising that many teenagers, congress should be a piece of cake.  (Hardly fair since he doesn’t even have a blog right now.  Maybe he can come out of retirement.)


6. You are thrown into a dimension where you can read one, and only one, blog.  Which one is it?


This one is amazingly difficult (which is why I included it).  Always Aroused Girl is the one blog I would choose if I could choose only one.  She’s insightful and she has all this new material now that she is actually having sex.  But she also has this angsty quality that I find most endearing in everyone I read.  It’s not something everyone wants to have but we all like to read about it in others.  Or at least I do.  Not that she needs extra publicity or anything.


7. Which blogger is living a life you think you might like to be living.


Another tough one since I mostly collect marital train wrecks.


My alternative dimension goatee-wearing evil twin, with the wife who swallows is in the running, again,  as is the presently regularly sexed AAG.  But the object here is linky love, so….


Satan seems to be living the good life, with all the sex she can handle plus having her very own sugar daddy.  She’s so busy having sex and living the good life she no longer has time to blog.  But I, for one, always enjoyed (with envy) her “Yes, yes and yes again this morning!” posts.


Okay, tagging 3 other folks:

Trueself (heh, payback!), Confused Husband and Cat who were all in the running for several of these categories.



15 Responses to My Own Home Grown Meme

  1. aag says:

    Well now. I’ve been searching for a new tag line and I think I’ve found it. Come see. 🙂

    Thank you Digger. This means a lot.

  2. CH says:

    well thank you very much sir. I have been sort of lacking in the post department lately so this gives me something to write about.

    I was recently thinking that I haven’t seen any tags going around lately. Guess I was wrong.

  3. uhavegot2bkidn says:

    Wanting a new blog to read about prostitution (since Compartments went kaput)? Read Mandy’s blog. Go back thru her archives, I promise you will not be disappointed!

  4. Desmond Jones says:

    Well, just for the record – “if nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve”. (A little quote from William Tecumseh Sherman there, just to get your Georgia blood flowing).

    Molly and I have jokingly said that we should look into the population requirements to apply for statehood. . .

    As to coming out of retirement – get thee behind me, Digger (I’ve got no beef with Satan on this account, altho I do miss her being around more). It’s actually a tempting proposition, but I’ve already done the whole stop/restart thing once, with less success than I’d hoped for. At some point, I have to resist the urge to ‘be like Mike’, and leave well enough alone. Besides, I have almost as much fun going around commenting, anyway. . .

  5. FTN says:

    I was surprised to see you put XH as “most like you.” I was curious in what ways you were talking about. It seems you are quite the opposite in so many ways, but hey, you obviously must know yourself pretty well…

    If we get together to listen to Pink Floyd and talk philosophy, I’m totally wearing a lamp shade on my head. Deal with it.

    And as for the last question, would you *really* want to be having sex with Satan’s husband every day?

  6. xi summit says:

    Hey, thanks for the invite. Just let me know when and where. But why is it we don’t rate a hot-tub or lampshades? I mean both make for good discussion environments, minus the wild-side going on in #4 of course.


  7. diggerjones says:

    AAG, glad I could help out with the tagline! You are entirely too kind. And sweet. And luscious. there, there’s more tagline material for you!

    CH, I’m glad I could help out. It’s not as sexy as the stuff you normally write about, but hopefully there will some fun involved.

    2bkidn, I’ll plan on making a visit and audition Mandy for the opening. Any one else want to apply for the position of my personal prostitute? On the blog, I mean. Although there are days I could certainly be lured if the price was right and things came together in a certain way.

    I’m in Georgia, but my blood is still pretty Iowan, Desmond. Although when I took the civil war general test, I turned out to be more like Nathan Bedford Forrest which was scary. I never did figure out why you went totally dark in shutting it down. People (like Satan) keep the light on at least.

    FTN, XH and I certainly do have some very contrasting views, but remember that he’s from the evil dimension. I’m from the good side. I’m also a few years older, so I’ve had a chance to evolve. 10 years ago, I would have been right there with him on the legalistic front lines enforcing the Almighty’s Will upon the lazy sheep. We both have similar tendencies to super-analyze, we both are nerdy (in a good way) and there are several other seemingly trivial things where the Twilight Zone music begins playing. You and I are not too far away, except you have that extroversion thing going on loud and proud, Mr. Lampshade! If I was Satan, I would be a woman and I’m sure I’d be all over that whole sugar daddy scene!

    No offense, Xi, but if the sole subject of our discussion is FTN’s lampshade we have some real problems. Plus he’s over there making bubbles in the hot tub. You get in if you want.


  8. trueself says:

    Hey thanks Digger. This was actually a pretty fun meme to do. I enjoyed thinking about the answers to those questions.

  9. xi summit says:

    Psst, Digger, the lampshade is his thinking cap. He wears it whenever he posts or comments as well. It’s the secret of his success and our discussion will be quite bland without it I think.

    Oh and the bubbles? That’s me, sorry. Too many burritos.

  10. Tom Allen says:

    Just curious – is there some reason that you limited 3 and 4 to the respective drinks/hot tub?

    Otherwise, what an excellent meme! I think I’m going to steal borrow it.

  11. Xian Husband says:

    He’s like that other Spock with a goatee.

    ROTFLMAO!! I actually do have a goatee now, and when I grew it back (after a year or so without it) one of my friends who had never known me with it before started calling me Evil [insert real name here] instead of just my name. Still does that now, even after a year.

    Yes, we are quite a bit alike in a lot of ways. Different in a lot of ways, but alike in a lot of ways. But I think our wives are a whole lot more alike each other than the two of us are alike.

  12. Cat says:

    Thank you for the tag Digger, I am always looking for something else aside from the big 3 to write about 🙂

  13. Katie says:

    *looks around for a bikini*

    Thanks for the mention although it is always a bit shocking since I’m not a “sex blogger”. But flattering. 🙂

  14. EC says:

    your site is very good!


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