A Brief Kink Update

A couple of notes upfront: I’m seriously considering responding to Trueself’s tag, mostly because there are some other folks around here in need of a good meme’ing. Or even a meme’ing that is less than good.

Also thanks to those responding to the last post despite the rather depressing content. I can take some small comfort in the knowledge that there are others who have suffered worse for a lot longer.

But I do feel the need to at least give some slight treatment to my kinkier subplot, mainly chastity play. Suffice it to say, I have not been doing any cage play and have not felt like denying myself. I still richly enjoy reading Altarboy’s site and the contributions by those who are practicing, but motivation for me is about nil. I could probably enjoy some subspace but in the sort of relationship that I am presently in, the rebound on the backside is hardly worth it.

But the other morning it did sort of come up.

I usually buy all the groceries because I do most of the cooking. Plus during our leanest financial days I kept my hand tightly on the pocketbook like a seaman on a tiller during a storm. But now that storm has mostly past and I’m perfectly okay with Arwyn taking a check and going and buying whatever food she wants. She was a bit surprised at this, but I told her that as long as she was open and honest and not hiding stuff in the trunk of her car, things would be okay.

Arwyn then insisted that I must be snooping in her car. No, I just know how she operates. But she continued to protest that she knew I had been in her trunk. If I had remembered, I might have pressed her harder for how she knew, but I was not going to argue. I don’t go snooping in her car, ever. I figure I’ll find whatever she hides soon enough.

But later on, it finally dawned on me the source of her conviction. A couple of weeks ago, she came in the holding a small black box she found in her trunk. It was magnetically stuck to the first aid kit in her trunk. Can you guess what it was? She asked if I knew and I told her I had put it in there a long time ago. Maybe over a year ago. I told her to open it, and she slid the cover back and there were a pair of very small keys.

It was the discovery of that box that led her to believe that I was forever snooping. The fact is, I had all but forgotten about them. I have one key in the Shurlok, and that’s all I needed. But keeping a spare set in her trunk meant she could still get me out in an emergency and made her an unwitting keyholder. I’m not sure what she did with that box now that I think about it. It had fallen from the trunk lid to the first aid kit otherwise she may never have seen it.

She also found, while doing a bunch of cleaning, a key to the very first lock I had; the one that came with the original Curve that was on a necklace. She gave it to my youngest son to wear around his neck, which I thought was just not right. Never mind the key was now worthless, but it did still hold some symbolism. So I traded him a sticker or something for it and stowed it away.

Chastity play just is not attractive to me right now. I like to have some support during the process in the form of holding, cuddling and hugs. It helps me get into subspace instead of just getting pissed but she hasn’t the time or inclination, and neither do I.





3 Responses to A Brief Kink Update

  1. Cat says:

    I have to admit if there was one thing I was always curious about it was how you were able to enjoy chastity play without the support. I always thought that the lack of intimacy (hand holding, hugs, kisses, etc) with your wife would only be magnified when you were in the cage.

  2. Tom Allen says:

    BTW, your font is all funky. Some kind of clunky serify thing, and the line spacing is weird. I’m using Seamonkey. Your last posts are fine.

    The cage thing is weird; you have to feel as if you have no control over yourself to make it “work.” Keys in the car, leaving them at the office, burying them in a jar in the back yard, freezing them in a block of ice, and leaving them with somebody who knows (or doesn’t) are all ways to remove the sense of control.

    Unfortunately, none of them are as good as a willing partner.

    Kinda like wanking in that respect.

  3. diggerjones says:

    Oddly enough, Cat, if she knew I was locked up she seemed to become slightly more receptive to physical displays of affection. She can respond to physical affection (in a limited sense) but rarely initiates it. In the early days, it did actually work because she was more willing to be affectionate when sex was off the table at least to a point. But that does not seem to be the case nowadays.

    Yeah, I fixed it, Tom. I had written it on my PDA and then wanted to run spellcheck (forgetting that WordPress has it built in). Office07 has that crucial function hidden somewhere, so I used Open Office. And that is how the funky font showed up.

    Yeah, the control aspect seems to be the major part of this kink, and the fantasy is having a willing and eager partner. So I suppose wanking is highly analogous to chastity-caging oneself. But at least half of those who do it, seem to be doing it solo.


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