Different Dancing


Yesterday, I received my DDR dance mat. My youngest son totally liked watching and egging dear old Dad on. He really likes the music, so for him it’s a definite hit. Arwyn…not so much. It’s going to be a challenge doing this while she’s around because she doesn’t like the music or the whole video game concept.


While she went out to some church activity, I entertained the boys with my fine Stepmania skills. Actually, not really. Songs that I scored AA on the keyboard barely made a C score on the mat. But in 40 minutes, I felt like had accomplished a real work out. Considering my handicap, I was actually doing really well.


My stomach has been doing its own step-dance routine for a few days. Just some general nausea, but nothing too serious. Until about 4 a.m., then I ended up talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone.





I was getting it from both barrels, as I’d have to sit and I had a serious case of the squirts.




FYI, beef stew does NOT taste so swell the second time around.


So far, so good this afternoon, though.


Which led me on a zany search for related artwork. Go ahead and make up your own version of the Pepto dance!



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