High Speed Binge

I spent a couple days out of town on an overnight trip, which involved staying in a motel.  I know some people hate staying in motels but for limited doses, I actually love it.


Motels with Arwyn are NOT the stuff of dreams.  Since we always have kids, there’s no sex involved.  I remember when my oldest was about a year old; we stayed a quite fancy place for a friend’s wedding for 2 nights or so.  It was pretty expensive for us as we didn’t have a lot of money to blow.  But the boy was in a playpen we packed along so there we were together in a ginormous bed.  And Arwyn refused to do a thing.  I was very put off.  God forbid the boy might actually witness his parents loving each other.  It was a bitterly frustrating time early in our relationship and it has been frustrating ever since, but the bitterness comes and goes.


No, I like to go out of town and stay in a motel alone.  I have a hell of a lot more sex that way, for sure.  But there’s something about having that space and freedom.  I always buy fast food, take it back to the room and watch whatever I want on cable TV.  Or read blogs I’ve downloaded.  Or read the paper.  And I can do it all naked.  If something racy comes on the cable I can indulge myself as much as I want. 


This last trip, I had intended on catching up with some of you’all’s blogs.  Even though the RSS thing isn’t what it used to be, I can still cut and paste the old fashioned way.  It’s how I did it before I discovered RSS.  Thing is, I have a lot more blogs now than I did then.


In addition, I brought my work laptop as this motel advertised having high speed wireless.  At home, I am on dial-up and at work I have high speed but the content is heavily censored and restricted.  I had my portable apps on my thumb drive so I could surf without leaving a footprint on the machine.


I’m probably one of the last known dial-up users in my particular calling zone.  This is one reason why reading stuff offline is  such an issue.  But thanks to tabbed browsing, it is a lot less painful as I can read one while the others are loading.  anyway, back to the motel…


So I got there and took care of what business I could and checked in.  I got on the high speed wireless and OMG!  I discovered a world I had heard about and seen only some snippets of.  The world of online video.


I spent about an hour or two on Porntube, which has something for everyone.  Don’t go there if you think you have even the slightest chance of having a porn addiction.  It can really suck you in and blow your mind.  It more than served its purpose for me and my various tastes and then I went on to Youtube.  I spent about 9 hours exploring that place!  Throughout my motel stay, I never once even turned on the TV.  I got all the entertainment I wanted and more.  You haven’t lived until you’ve watched the Chad Vader series!  I actually did check a few blogs but probably didn’t leave many comments.  I really liked having high speed for some of the graphically intense blogs.


I came to a bit of a realization while on my high speed internet binge: I’m absolutely amazed anyone with high speed would even bother reading my posts.  Okay, there’s some angst and drama and kink, but there certainly isn’t much for visual interest here.  Perhaps this is why blog readers tend to be smarter? 


Anyway, I’m even more honored and impressed that you all spend the time that you do reading my stuff.  I feel even more of an obligation to do right here, considering the caliber of other content.  You all have so much to choose from and so many of you are choosing to come here!  Wow.  I’m awed and humbled. 



2 Responses to High Speed Binge

  1. So Gone says:

    I’m just not good at spelling, and Digger is pretty easy, so I can always find you – that’s the only reason I read.

    Just kidding.


  2. FTN says:

    Hmm, I tried to comment on this last week, and it must not have stuck.

    I just wanted to say that I identify with this post… And business trips with the boredom-inducing hotel room stay are a major struggle for me. Laptop + Free high speed wifi + Hours with nothing to do = Big trouble.

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