Or thinking about thinking…

I need to answer 2Amsomewhere’s thoughtful tag.  Of course he’s thoughtful, because he has joined the elite list of thinking bloggers that have gotten a Thinking Blogger Award.  It’s interesting to see how this little meme has made its way around the blogosphere.  2Am actually nominated Unsolicited Advice: WordPress for the award, which only goes to show that he’s thinking outside the box, as it were, looking at the less popular of my blogs.  I’m only responding here, because UA:WP has been updated and I need content for THIS blog!


And then imagine my shock to discover Cat recently delivering her own nomination of this blog.  Cat’s blog is a thinker’s blog in her own right, as she has a somewhat complex storyline, complex emotions and complex thoughts. 


So now, in order to accept these generous nominations, I must nominate 5 other bloggers who make me think.  Easy Peasy.  Limiting it to 5 is the hard part.  I suppose with 2 nominations I could do 10, but I’ll leave it to these 5 to nominate who they will.  Or won’t.


1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.



1. Christian Husband is definitely a blogger who pushes the envelope as far as making others think about theology, life and sometimes sex.  More than once I’ve learned a thing or two from reading him.  His story about turning his sex life around is a good (and sometimes really hott) read worthy of digging around his archives. 


2. Chelsea Girl – She might already have at least one of these things sitting around.  Of all the writer bloggers I’ve ever read, she is the one who challenges me as a reader the most.  Her blog reads like a classic piece of American literature.  I’m sure if she was on the assigned summer reading list, more high school boys would be interested in reading and the literacy rate of this country would improve beyond reckoning.    Put her on your assigned reading list.  She is probably the most prolific writer on my reading list, so if you don’t read her regularly, it will take you all summer to catch up.  But it is worth it.


3. Aphron – In my circle of relationship bloggers, Aphron succeeds in hitting home repeatedly in his posts and his comments.  He does it succinctly and with economy.  His blog belongs in your reading budget because he has a good story of his own quirky relationship as well as what goes on inside of his own head.  He’ll also make you think if he happens to comment on your blog, as well.


4. Emily is definitely a thinking blogger who makes a body think.  She started out as someone who made people think as a commenter and I kept pestering her to start her own blog, which she eventually did.  And it is a dandy read.  Like Aphron, you are blessed if you read her, and doubly blessed if she reads you as she has not lost her commenting touch.  She will challenge you and make you think, sometimes about things you might rather avoid.


5. Okay, I’ll go ahead and tag FTN with this.  He is an exhibitionist and a comment whore, but he has done it the old fashioned way: by writing about sex and sexual conflict in an entertaining way.  Self-depreciating humor has served him well.  When FTN gets a hold of a topic, you never know what he is going to do with it.  I think that’s one reason his audience tunes in: you never know what is coming next.  He lurves audience participation, and so will not hesitate to poke, prod and provoke his readers in order to shake loose their comments and views.  He does a better job of getting a response from readers than anyone else I know.  Since this involves thought, he thus earns a Thinking Blogger Award.  His comments are likewise engaging and entertaining, at least when he’s not trying to drum up business for the APA or AAMFT.


So there are my top 5 Thinking Bloggers.  That’s not to say everyone else is not, because I very much favor thinking bloggers of many stripes. 


I’ll see if I can push something out in response to the responses to the post below later, but in the meantime, I do appreciate all the warm thoughts, prayers and sentiments expressed.



3 Responses to Metacognition

  1. FTN says:

    Geez, I haven’t been called an exhibitionist AND a whore since… Well, since last week.

  2. chelsea girl says:

    Ironically, I do teach teenage boys, though they’re college age boys, and though I teach them other people’s writing and quite definitely not my own. I am so happy you like what I write. And that you find it stimulating.

    You know, in whatever way that stimulation happens.

    chelsea girl

  3. aphron says:

    Thanks for the sentiment. I never thought of myself as a “thinking blogger.” I, actually, think of myself as a frustrated husband with confrontation issues. Anyway, thanks for the plug, and I look forward to reading your tag.

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