Photo Shot

This morning I was awakened by the early morning wood trying to bust out of the cage at around 5 a.m. Normally, I would try to to sleep through it or use the bathroom and try to go back to sleep.

However this was not such a morning. No, I got up and used the bathroom but I did not go to bed. I went to the computer, instead. And sure enough, there was the combination to the key. Always Aroused Girl is nothing if not dependable. I only regret that she couldn’t be here to personally deliver it and unlock me. I unlocked the lock, and re-deposited the key into the Shurlock. In a few days or weeks I’l forget the combination, anyway.

While Arwyn was taking her shower, I grabbed the camera and hopped back into bed and watched the morning news. And to stretch out. I removed the cage, leaving the ring on with the locking post. After Arwyn emerged from the bathroom, fully dress, she darted out without so much as a look. All to the good.

First, I did some cleaning of the cb3K and its assorted parts. Then it was time for me and my cock to get re-aquainted. And just to up the ante a bit, I decided to see if the aneros could assist.

Let’s talk a bit about male masturbatory habits for just a second. It would be fair to say that most guys can do it just about any time, any where if there’s enough stimulation and urgency. However, we do have certain times, places and methods we prefer. And there are methods we do not prefer. For me, I’ve never been into stroking off in the shower or in the standing position.

I’ve had an orgasm in the standing position exactly once, about 5 years ago while Arwyn stroked me off while we were together in the shower. It’s hard for me to think of an encounter with her hotter than that one. Afterwards I commented that I had never come standing up before and her reply was, “I imagine you could probably get off just about any where or in any position.” I never was sure how to take that remark.

So in order to meet the agreed upon conditions, I had to be laying down. Plus I had to take a picture. It is then that I experienced another first, aside from taking this sort of picture. This was to be a photo shoot in the most literal sense.

My most favorite hand might be Arwyn’s. But when I’m solo-ing, I am a definite righty. And I quickly discovered that cameras favor the right with a view finder on the left and the button on the right. Taking this shot one handed was going to be a challenge, to say the least. So I decided to stretch myself even more and go left handed. It was almost like having a new partner!LOL!

So with aneros and my hand working away and some extra lube and with over 2 weeks of confinement, you would think it would be as easy as gravity, right? Right? It took some extra time and concentration and while holding the camera and worrying about the big shot. The money shot. This was a lot of pressure! In more ways then one.

But I persevered and finally the moment of truth came. I came. And my sore cock and balls felt some relief and relaxation for the first time in a long time. But Mount Vesuvius, it wasn’t. I was totally nonplussed. I waited over 2 weeks for THIS?

I got what would be hardly described as a money shot. More like a loose change shot. The-quarter-under-the-couch-cushion shot. I definitely need more practice. I definitely need to find my mojo, as this is unacceptable.


No, I am NOT posting the photos.  So consider yourself spared …for now.

6 Responses to Photo Shot

  1. Cat says:

    “I got what would be hardly described as a money shot. More like a loose change shot.” Wow, you are a really tough critic…I am sure after more than 2 weeks in the cage the pic wasn’t “that” bad. I hope you were able to get what you needed from this.

  2. anon for this comment says:

    Volume and trajectory for a money shot depends on more than just the amount of time since last ejaculation. It also depends on arousal level and normal fluid consumption habits.

    Next time, try taking your time toward the climax. Tease yourself by holding off from the brink a few times.

    Also, if you’re trying to get a picture of fluids in flight, a still camera isn’t going to get you there, unless you’re lucky, and the response lag of most digital cameras will guarantee you many foiled attempts.

    The duration of a single spurt is maybe on the order of a few hundredths of a second. With a good camcorder, you may get two or three frames max where you’ll see a stream in all its glory. So get yourself a tripod and a spare camcorder tape that you keep separate from all the family videos.

  3. FTN says:

    Re: last comment… Wow. I had no idea that some people had put that much thought into the whole enterprise.

    Um, did you actually have to send this picture to AAG?

  4. still anon for another comment says:

    FTN writes:

    Wow. I had no idea that some people had put that much thought into the whole enterprise.

    There was actually some academic research done in this area. Here is a link to the article’s abstract.

    The title of the article, for those who are curious, was “Duration of sexual arousal predicts semen parameters for masturbatory ejaculates”.

  5. FTN says:

    I understand that the duration of arousal often makes for better orgasms. I was actually referring to the whole process of snapping photos of it. It just struck me as slightly amusing to think of setting up tripods and camcorders to capture the… um… final output.

    But then, I’m sure there is probably a thriving Internet business based on that alone.

  6. Richard says:

    So did you feel like the Aneros made you shoot further? Got you harder? Do you use the Aneros when you are locked up? Is Aneros supposed to make it harder for you to cum, thus the resistence makes for a more intense spurt?

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