Always Aroused Girl

Just the name becomes the stuff of fantasies. Who wouldn’t feel delighted to have their girl be always aroused? Who wouldn’t be turned on just by the thought of having a girl around who was always aroused? Well, apparently there’s at least one guy out there.

Now to be perfectly honest, I can see where it might be slightly bothersome sometimes. Like a cat who always decides to trip you up at the worst time by rubbing on your leg, or the dog who always wants to hump your leg and everyone else’s who walks in the door. Okay, yes. That could get old in certain circumstances. But come on! I like to think of it as a constant opportunity, sort of like having a stove that has its pilot light always lit and simply needs just the right turn of the knobs and >poof!< the flame is on!

If someone didn’t like having their girl always aroused, why would they take her home in the first place? Why take home an always aroused girl when you have no use for her arousal? What an incredible waste! It’s like a person taking home a fine thoroughbred horse who has no intention of ever riding her. What sense does that make?

I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember exactly when I came into the presence of AAG. It might have been a comment she left, as I had a post or two that was getting a lot of airplay in the sex blog world when she made her debut. And we did sort of run in similar circles, blogwise. And hers was almost a mirror image of many of the same issues marriage-wise. We were natural kindred spirits. We both were sex bloggers who were writing all about sex but not actually having very much sex. We wrote about the sex we would like to have, and wondered if we ever would.

Always Aroused Girl became a major player in the sex blog universe by virtue of the rich textures she used in her writing, conjuring up sadness, and anger as well as lustful desire and even laughter from her readership. She almost always provokes her readership to chime in and participate. She makes each person feel like part of her own inner circle. As a writer, her touch is inviting, welcoming and accessible. Some bloggers come off as being larger than life and are inaccessible. That’s never been the case with AAG, who is nothing if not fairly humble in her writing. She’s very real. Definitely the girl next door…don’t we all wish?

Over the last couple of years, I have followed along on her adventures. I’ve even been inspired to imitate some of them such as taking advantage of myself on the couch or sticking toys up my butt. But of course, no one can do these things with the flair that Always Aroused Girl brings to the experience.

I considered a few of my fellow bloggers for the job of key holder, but there really was no doubt as to who was going to get asked first. After all, what better compliment is there to an Always Arroused Girl than an Always Aroused Boy? And truly the best and only way to make sure that your boy is always aroused is to lock him up and hold the key!

She has opined as of late that I have not been begging sufficiently. She is, naturally, correct. However, I think what she might really mean is that have not sufficiently projected my horniness. I really need to work on that, because what good is an Always Aroused Boy if you have no idea that he’s aroused?

I have my virtual eye fixed on AAG, make no mistake. When I dial up, I am checking my email and I am visiting her blog several times to bask in her aura. Oh yes. I am drawn there.

Having said that, I’m also mindful that I am married and my real eyes are fixed on my wife. There might be improvements afoot but these are slow coming and will take some time.

I’ll give up more on that a bit later. But in the mean time I’m just thinking how fun it is being the Always Aroused Boy for our favorite Always Aroused Girl.


5 Responses to Always Aroused Girl

  1. aag says:

    I’m blushing. Stop that, Digger! Really!

    People take home “fine thoroughbred horses” all the time without the intention of riding them. Anna Nicole Smith’s elderly husband did. How about the middle-aged man who drives a sports car? How about the urban-dweller who “needs” a Hummer?

    It’s about status, and looks, and thinking perhaps that the object (or person) will make you something that you aren’t.

    So was this entry an effort to shorten your stay in the cage?


  2. diggerjones says:

    I know people do such things all the time, but it still isn’t right. Unless the horse is going to a stud farm…then it’s all good! I’m sure Anna’s elderly husband got some good times out of the deal. The poor guy didn’t get a lot of saddle time, but there are worse ways to go!

    This entry was too long over due.

    But now that you mention it, it would be rather nice to just stretch out a bit, you know? I am feeling quite randy and my couch is feeling neglected. What do you say?


  3. FTN says:

    I’m also mindful that I am married and my real eyes are fixed on my wife. There might be improvements afoot but these are slow coming and will take some time.

    I, for one, am glad you threw in that part at the end. You’ve stated before that you really do want improvement in your marriage, so I’m hoping that you don’t lose focus on that part.

  4. Holy Visile says:

    How goes self-imposed chastity and being caged?

  5. Susan says:

    DEAR AA!

    At long last someone of the same inclinations as myself. I feel like a bubbling vortex of volcanic lava , in heat and in an extremely, totally high state of arousal. It does get discerning, because it inevitably leads to frusturations which i vent out through writing and conjuring fantasies , most of which are as wild and crazy like me. I need to talk to another like minded individual to share my somewhat eccentric thoughts on the subject.

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