Curve v CB3K: A Brief Comparison

Last night, I went to bed fairly early and was asleep by 10:30. And lo and behold I slept all the way through the night until 6 a.m.! Perhaps my body is finally adjusting. This in no way diminishes my sensitivity, though, which you can take on many levels.

AAG wanted to see what the cage looked like when it was filled, so I tried playing around and taking a few pictures. Thing is, the CB3000 does not look at all impressive when it is filled simply because the whole thing can’t be more than 4 inches long. An expanded member will fill it up but then half if it ends up inside the body, which puts pressure on the bladder which is why a caged guy has to pee more than usual. Plus a CB3000 is a more enclose tube which makes stimulation more difficult plus makes it harder to see. It is a much more comfortable device but not so photogenic.

The Curve is just the opposite. It is a much longer, more open tube that has a very severe downward curve (hence its name). I honestly can not remember seeing any pictures of one that was filled and I never took any when I was wearing it. I do own the Curve but haven’t worn it much since getting the CB3K. For one thing, it is so long that is really CAN be seen easily by someone zooming in on your crotch. In loose pants, a body just looks like they have a big package but when sitting, the bars of the cage show and that’s a little too creepy for the average Joe or Jane Vanilla. Since it hung and bulged more, it wasn’t as comfortable. It is a more cruel device in many ways. Since it has a more open design, it can probably hold up for longer wear without as many hygienic concerns. Also, the more open design means more flesh is exposed which means more stimulation is possible. And the more stimulation there is, the more sensitive skin is poking out the bars causing more stimulation…

But the length combined with a severe downward bend made full erections challenging and sometimes more painful. The only time I could really easily fill the Curve was in the shower and totally frustrating myself with a liberal amount of soap. It felt so good but I was never able to get off. The CB3K sort of points down but it is a less severe angle and shape which might make orgasm more possible.

The Curve was a second model put out by the Millers, the makers of the CB3K and CB2000 (which was the first). It also introduced the hinged handcuff-style A-ring. This allowed for a tighter fit with a lot less trouble getting it on over he solid cockring that came with the CB2K. However, there were a lot of problems with this, especially the hinge creating a pinching pressure point just at the most sensitive part of the scrotum. There have since been some improvements made to the handcuff style A-ring but I never did upgrade. I simply wrap the hinge with waterproof first aid tape to keep my nut sack from making contact with the hinge.

The Curve appears to be thicker and stouter material than the CB3K, but I have managed to split both devices down the seam more than once. I finally found that Delcon Liquid Weld Epoxy is strong enough to keep both halves secured much better and longer than whatever the Millers were using. However, my repairs have given both cages a dirtier appearance than they had originally. The brownish resin makes the CB3K look like I’ve been wearing for years instead of days or weeks! And that’s one reason I haven’t been big into taking pictures of it.

I wouldn’t mind trying to take pictures of a filled Curve but I first need to get out of the CB3K I’m wearing now. Maybe y’all can put in a good word for me with the ever-luscious mouth wateringly delicious AAG!

One more thing worth talking about:

Arwyn has not mentioned one word about me being caged. However, she has been more and more vocal about her approval of me and my recent behavioral changes like getting up earlier, spending more time with her and the boys and such. I’m thinking she has got to know by now. She really has been more demonstratively affectionate in recent days. Those kisses have lingered just a bit longer as have the hugs and she’s been initiating almost all of it. I always respond in kind, I’m just wary of trying to put too much pressure on her. But it does feel really nice even as it ramps up the frustration factor.


2 Responses to Curve v CB3K: A Brief Comparison

  1. Shay says:

    Oooh I bet AAG is just loving knowing that you’ve got your package caged for her! No wait.. I KNOW that she’s loving it!
    You’re quite a special guy Digs, not just any man would lock himself up in a 4 inch cage!

  2. Holy Visile says:

    I found myself writing questions with negative overtones, so I will simply keep reading to hopefully understand.
    I personally would never be able to practice chastity, or give it to another being, especially a virtual one. I also have no idea how you avoid Arwyn knowing about it…unless your premise is that she does know and is torturing you (which I might applaud) but then again she must wonder why you are caged if she does not have the key, as last time (memory here).

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