A Bit of an Unexpected Twist



AAG may have an unwitting ally.


Or maybe she knows what she’s doing but not knowing she has an ally. 


Last night, as I predicted, was rougher than the one before.  I woke up a couple of times and had to get up one of those times to relieve the early morning wood.  But otherwise, I was able to let things subside so I could get back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I overslept.  However, there was an odd turn of events that basically put me on the fast track to the on-ramp.


I woke up at 5:30 but somehow managed to wait and was able to get back to sleep.  I woke up over an hour later; I’m going to be late!  Actually I had a shot at making it, but there was a bit of a problem.  Arwyn was in the shower.  Now to anyone else at any other time, this would be more of an opportunity than a problem.  Arwyn is usually in the shower by 6:00 a.m. but not this morning.  I usually let her be because she has complained about that being her only time to have for herself and she really hates being ogled over.  But not this morning.  I came in and brushed my teeth and shaved, thinking about what I was going to do next.  I was pressed for time.  However, true to form, Arwyn put herself into some royally high gear to get out of there and get safely wrapped up in her towel in order to get out and leave the bathroom to myself.  I met her, embraced her and we had some extensive hugging/kissing time.




I found myself in subspace or something very close to it as the cage tightened and squeezed.  I gazed into her eyes one more time before one last kiss and me dashing into the bathroom and her dashing out.  I had to steady myself a bit as this was totally unexpected and threw me as much off balance physically as it did emotionally.


I’ve noticed the past few days that Arwyn has sort of softened up around me.  Does she know I’m wearing?  I don’t know.  I have not spoken to her of it as she has made it known that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.  My perception could be off as it is under the influence of ever-increasing subspace.  My feelings could simply be changing more than her actions.  It’s hard just accepting without being wary.  I can’t assume she’s acting a certain way just because I wish it were so or that I would act a certain way if I were her.  We are so fundamentally different when it comes to sexual response.


One more thing is worth discussing, here.  I was actually relieved when she vacated the bathroom.  Normally I might have been offended but not this time.  Wearing the cage turns me into an even more shy of a recluse as far as being naked around her.  So I’m not going to be prancing around naked and flashing the cage off to her.  This doesn’t mean that Arwyn isn’t curious, but she is not exactly turned on, either.  While I would rather be looked at like a T-bone steak, I’m more often looked at like the bearded lady.


However, while I am secured, she seems to be more secure with showing physical affection.  At least she seems to respond to my overtures, and I’ve felt like making more of them lately.


If Arwyn decided that she wanted sex tonight, she knows she can ask any time.  I have been locked up before when she initiated, when the Timelock was running, and have resorted to using the bolt cutters.  AAG is aware of that particular stipulation, namely that Arwyn still rules in that respect.   So given that particular rule and AAG’s talking about the symmetry around the season of Lent, I actually have a bit more of an incentive to be a bit more aggressive in pursuing Arwyn than I have over the past year.



4 Responses to A Bit of an Unexpected Twist

  1. So Gone says:

    I think I just don’t “get” the whole cage thing. I really do try, though. I think my understanding of it is lost when if Arwyn wants to have sex, you take it off. Why? So she can have even further control of your orgasms? Is that the point? To give her more control of them or less control of them?

    I’m confused.

  2. Emily says:

    Well, I can understand the cage thing. Sexually speaking, its not really my flavour, but I can certainly understand the desire to turn something that is involuntary and oppressive into something voluntary and even playful.

    I do think, though, Digger, that you would be at some risk of arresting Arwyn’s softening up if you start lobbying directly for sex or grabbing her when she really doesn’t want you to.

    Perhaps the whole sub-space thing can help you to focus on having some good, caring interractions with her as a person, establishing more connection, before broaching that subject again?

    If you go back to just wanting sex without the connection with her, I think you will quickly go back to where you started.

  3. Digger Jones says:

    I’ll do what I can to see if I can explain it, So Gone, in terms that might be understandable.

    And I do agree with you Emily that things can just go bad again just as quickly. So cultivating some good feeling and good memories can be a positive thing. Just seeing something positive is a good thing!LOL!


  4. […] brought up a valid concern about pursuing Arwyn and it just being about sex.  That would just create more […]

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