Just Doing It

Wow. I hit something with that last post I wasn’t quite expecting. If any of you do happen to sight the ever-elusive LL male blogger, let me know. He’ll be totally famous and his blog will go totally viral in less than a month. If I thought I had the least bit of LL-ness in me I’d write one myself just to obtain the glory that such fame would bring.

But that isn’t me. In the best of times (which is the worst of times) I might get down to “below normal” which would be only jacking me off a couple times a week. But even in those times, I still enjoy simply playing with my favorite toy. It really is a marvel of hydraulics that makes it swell up, become totally rigid and hard with a sort of electric blue sensitivity. I can totally understand why women envy the male penis. And any women that don’t envy it… well I simply don’t envy the impoverishment of your limited imaginations and lack of appreciation for the marvel that is the human body.

I often envy the female neural network that allows her to have multiple erogenous zones and multiple total body orgasms. But I also appreciate my own erogenous zone. In fact, I’ve been appreciating it a lot lately. After this morning’s appreciation, I decided that it was time to put my favorite toy away for awhile. As any parent knows, when you put up a bunch of toys, you can dig them out some time later and the kids have a whole new appreciation for them! And that is part of the strategy with the chastity. As any guy who has ever played with the cage knows, it does cultivate and foster a richer appreciation for the penis and the orgasm.

Cagedone had alluded to this more than once, but after some self-appreciation, it is often difficult to get into the headspace necessary to lock up. I knew that going into this morning’s festivities but steeled myself for simply just doing it. Don’t think about it too much, just slap the cage on and snap the lock shut.

The key is in the Shurlock (with another set strategically placed in the hood of Arwyn’s car) but I haven’t encrypted the combination yet. I guess I’ll set the Timelock for 5 days or so after I’ve had at least a 24 hour break-in.

Satan graciously declined overtures to hold my keys this time so I’m back at square one, there. I even have an extra registration to give to a would-be keyholder if there is someone who might wish to audition. That means access to all of Timelock’s goodies like setting the time, setting the display, setting penalties and updating . All done remotely via email. The only real catch is the high level of trust I’m going to have to have for any potential keyholders. So anyone who thinks they might have an interest can email me. I have a few people in my mind who might make good candidates, but let’s see if anyone out there is truly interested.

I started to write about all of the characteristics that I might look for in a keyholder and I found that I kept thinking of one certain person who kept fitting the bill. Satan certainly fit the bill, so anyone else would have to at least measure up to those lofty standards. And there are a couple of people who do fit that bill.

Of course there might be others who I haven’t thought of who also fit, which is why I even mention it. But past audience participation in my various polls and chastity activities hasn’t been overwhelming so I’m not holding my breath. Being interested is one thing, but participating is something else entirely.

Stay tuned.


One Response to Just Doing It

  1. Hazel says:

    ….’multiple total body orgasms’….HAHAHAHAH. God, that’s so funny. Now, back in the Real World….

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