Man Hunt

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In my blog reading, I come across all sorts of different and interesting stories. It’s no secret that I seem to be attracted to stories of those who struggle with their relationships/marriages in some way. I also don’t hide that my bias is actually more toward male bloggers in whatever version of dysfunction or train wreckage they find themselves.

But when it comes to relationship blogs, women are superior in quantity and quality. My blogroll covers a vast constellation of writers from various perspectives. And I’m always reading new ones, especially now that I’m shifting my bias towards writers using WordPress. Blogger is bigger and has a more developed pool of writing talent but I’m enjoying the discovery of new and fresh reading.

I’m getting to a point, stay with me.

Within the train wreck relationships theme, there are a few trends and genres that emerge. First, the guys are fairly predictable. Almost all of them are not getting the sort of sex they would like from their wives. This can manifest itself through frequency, style, lack of intimacy or lack of enthusiasm. Any way you put it, the guy has problems with sex. Some guys endure or try to work it out. Others leave. And still others have affairs.

The women have more complex situations. There are those that are analogous to the men who are not getting intimacy/sex from their husbands and partners so they go out and find someone new, try to fix the old relationship or endure. And then a couple outliers like those who have too much sex and complain or the prostitute servicing the guys above who choose that route.

There’s one genre that I’ve run across more than once that does grab me and gets my blood up, and not in the good way.

Basically it is the woman who is married to a guy who seems to desire her physically but she despises him for whatever reason and goes out and finds someone else. I’m having trouble with that scenario. I have yet to read of a guy who is behaving that way. IOW, he has a wife who wants to have sex with him, but he either refuses her or acts like a pig so she won’t pester him for it, meanwhile he finds someone else to fuck. I haven’t seen that from the men.

This may be a function of women requiring that deeper emotional connection. If they don’t get it, sex will be lousy. Okay, I can get that. But I don’t get them not working at it, instead opting to go somewhere else on the side. I think that particular scenario gets me angrier than any other. If you’re not getting it at home, I totally understand going elsewhere. But if you can get it at home, even if it’s not very good it can be improved, right?

Generally, if a guy’s wife is willing to have sex at least once in awhile, he seems to be willing to work at it, if that his chief complaint. Or at least that’s what I’m reading.

Of course I have yet to run into a blog by a guy like C-Marie’s or Oblivion’s or Always Aroused Girl’s who just simply don’t seem to like sex anymore. The guy who doesn’t want sex with his wife is the most elusive of all writers. I really need to do more searching and see if I can bag one of these for my blogroll. I want the guy who thinks his wife is a nympho and he’s sick and tired of it. I want the blog of a guy whose wife wakes him at 5 a.m. for sex and he just wants to catch some more Z’s. I want the guy who would rather jerk off in the shower or on the can to a porn mag than fuck his wife who is lying naked on the bed in the next room, just waiting to put her ankles behind his ears.

My blogroll will never be complete without these guys represented. We need to get one, put on the radio transmitter tag and study him.

I wonder: is there a relationship between libido and writing? Are those with higher libidos just more inclined to write while LL folks are less willing and able to articulate?


3 Responses to Man Hunt

  1. Mu Ling says:

    Great post.

    I would love it if my husband blogged. He’s one of these elusive, “No sex please” guys, and I find him lovable yet baffling. He has no physiological issues, no history of childhood sexual trauma, no religious inhibitions. He simply doesn’t care for sex that much.

    He also doesn’t care for self-disclosure. Talking about himself and having sex both seem to fall under the same “this makes me nervous and I’d rather not do it” rubric.

  2. 2amsomewhere says:

    Digger writes:

    I want the guy who would rather jerk off in the shower or on the can to a porn mag than fuck his wife who is lying naked on the bed in the next room, just waiting to put her ankles behind his ears.

    (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

    I suspect that the reason you don’t see blogs from these types is that when they’re in front of a computer, they’re too busy surfing TGP[1] sites for free pictures and video clips.


    [1] TGP — Thumbnail Gallery Post, a website which provides hyperlinks to webpages that have free sample porn media. The pages are created by pay sites to promote their materials.

  3. Tom Allen says:

    Good observation, 2am.

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