Alternative Ways of Dealing With Stress

I’ve dropped a hint or two that I’m gearing up to put a rather sudden change in my storyline; a kink if you will.

I have a few issues and deadlines going on in the next couple of weeks as well as the past couple that basically add up to stress.

Now there are many ways to deal with stress, some of them better than others. Smoking used to be a big part of my stress coping world despite whatever other harmful issues associated with it. I don’t expect nonsmokers to understand or get it because frankly some of you are simply self-righteous control freaks. Trying to make laws in California where a person can’t even smoke in their own car? What a bunch of Nazi fruit cakes!

Anyway, speaking of cakes, food is another way to deal with stress. It’s not uncommon for smokers to gain significant amounts of weight after they quit. Now the pleasure police want to go after big macs. It’s no secret that nothing lends comfort like greasy food. Especially the fries. And so it is that I’ve gained a little weight over the holidays. I think it’s something like 20 pounds which might seem a bit excessive for Groundhog Day. But BBQ road kill is a Georgia specialty and it’s too hard to resist!

Of course if I had to choose a method of stress reduction, sex would definitely be on the list. In fact it would be at the top of any list of treatments for any ills I might have. I can not think of any better treatment for hypertension than the rubbing of two nekkid bodies against each other. But this option has not been available to me in a very, very long time. Which is a factor in causing a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Drinking is another method of relaxation and I have used that one a time or two. After a couple of drinks (it doesn’t take much anymore) I can feel the tension melting away. But at work it is illegal and impractical to engage this particular strategy

It was while reading an article on one of my favorite subjects where some treatment was devoted to stress associated with a lot of responsibility. Basically guys who are in charge of others and have many other people and situations that they have to control often blow off steam by taking the opposite role at home. Thus we see the executive coming home to a dominant wife who makes him clean the house in heels and a short skirt.

Chastity is in fact a sort of way to re-channel stressful energy. I haven’t seen any studies, but it seems to be a growing movement for older guys. The makers and sellers of chastity devices don’t release exact sales figures but they are supposedly doing a brisk business. There are many reasons for this, but one I’d venture to guess is a reaction to modern day stress.

Any way, I feel myself moving in that direction and the stress reduction theory is one reason. This morning, Arwyn and the boys left for church and I started getting ready for mine. She left without even giving me a goodbye kiss which is just something that bugs me in a way, still. Oh well.

So, I got a new razor and proceeded to do some extra shaving. It’s been several months since I’ve been hair-free down there so this will be a bit of a change. The last two times, Arwyn either didn’t notice or didn’t care. It’s sort of like Oblivion’s tattoo, where a normal spouse having normal relations would notice such a change with their partner. Not that Arwyn would give me a chance to notice if she had shaved down there. Maybe I should get a Prince Albert and see how long it would take before she notices. It would certainly enhance the kink factor.

Locking up is just a matter of when, which will be soon. Being locked up almost totally eliminates the whole chafing/itching thing that goes along with shaved hair growing back. Too bad Satan is going on hiatus; she could have held the keys again. Oh well.


9 Responses to Alternative Ways of Dealing With Stress

  1. Tom Allen says:

    The Millers – the company that invented the CB2000, Curve, and 3000 – have said in interviews that they have sold “tens of thousands” of units. I have no idea if this means twenty thousand or ninety thousand. This article from a couple of years ago doesn’t give any more info, unfortunately.

    Taoist and Tantric yogas stress the virtue of withholding, or “orgasmic continence” as a way to build your personal energy. I’ve found myself feeling more energized by having a quickie in the morning and not being allowed to release.

    Go ahead and get a piercing. From what you describe, the several months that it takes to heal won’t make much of a difference to her.

  2. Oblivion says:

    So if you get a Prince Albert would be in a upcoming HNT picture?

    Just curious 🙂


  3. Digger Jones says:

    I have no idea why the PA bug has hit me lately. I think it might be similar to the tatoo thing as a sort of act of rebellion or something. Another midlife crisis event. Hopefully this will pass.

    But of course, Oblivion! I do actually have an HNT post in blogger somewhere with the cage, I think. But the response wasn’t anything compared to the sort you get. Let’s be honest; no one wants to see a guy’s unit with or without various cages and piercings. But that wouldn’t stop me from polluting the net with yet another picture for purely educational purposes.


  4. Tom Allen says:

    no one wants to see a guy’s unit with or without various cages and piercings.

    Umm… speak for yourself, Digger. Pics of my piercings had some pretty good numbers a while back 😉

    Of course, I’m sure it’s because people wanted to see the healing process, and not for any prurient reasons. Especially ‘cos women would never, ever look at such things.

  5. So Gone says:

    Hey, I have 2 genital piercings, not to mention both nipples, and the genital piercings were the 2 piercings that healed the fastest and best.

  6. diggerjones says:

    Tom, I agree that there is a sort of curiosity factor. But maybe to put it another way: I wouldn’t be too offended if So Gone emailed me pictures of her piercings but the reverse wouldn’t necessarily be true.

    But maybe I need to post a cage pic on WordPress so I can track the activity a little better just to test the theory, so to speak.


  7. Tom Allen says:

    SG – I’m tempted to get nipple piercings, but there’s no way until I lose another 20 lbs. Don’t ask what my gut has to do with my nipples – I’d just feel more comfortable. Little barbells, I think would be cool.

    Digger – I understand your point, and to a large extent I agree with it. I do believe that posting a pic of your equipment in a cage might get some hits out of curiosity, and then that will be the end of it. But I also admit that I’m reacting out of my own biases. While I do not object to looking at nude men, it does nothing for me, so I assume that nobody would want to look at my naked pics.

    I don’t know if you’ve explored the various chastity web groups, but I’ve noticed that a large number of the regulars seem to post an almost infinite number of pics of themselves. I have no idea whey, since – IMO – pretty much all cocks look alike inside a chastity device. I’ve declined to post any of myself, although I might be tempted to do so on my blog at some point. Maybe.

  8. diggerjones says:

    Well, speaking just for myself, I’ll look at a guy’s pic just out of curiosity. but no, it’s not going to end up being on my wall paper or anything like that! But I wouldn’t mind seeing different models of Lori Tubes, for instance, fitted properly from different perspectives. You’re right, the CBX000’s all look pretty much alike. Sometimes it’s interesting to see different modifications and how piercings are integrated with those cages.

    I’m just your basic voyeur, and am just as interested in, say, the construction of ones garden shed as I am in their piercing.

    Ditto on the weight thing for me, too. I really need to work on the flab.


  9. So Gone says:

    I say, if you want your nipples done, do it! They are my favorite piercing next to the vertical hood. My nipples were sensitive prior to the piercing, but wow… it’s amazing. Plus, it just looks great… maybe I can try to get My Man to take a pic for an HTN day. lol

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