Day #5: Welcome AAG Fans!

February 28, 2007

Last night I was bad.  Not in a “being-free-of-the-cage” way so much as sort of acting like I was.  I stayed up until 1 a.m. goofing off online.  My thinking was that since I had an easy last few nights, this night/morning would be the same.  It wasn’t.


At 2 a.m. I was hard and the rascal was trying to escape the cage!  I had no choice, I HAD to get up out of bed.  I don’t think I woke Arwyn up, but I’m not sure.  I did get almost another 4 hours of sleep so it really wasn’t too bad.  But again, the 5:55 express woke me right up this morning.  I’m partially compensated for having less sleep by the increase in energy afforded by either the extra excitement of the cage or just by the whole chastity business in general.  Let’s just say that I am in the process of getting ramped up, horniness-wise. 


I added a few new blogs to my blogroll.  The cool thing about WordPress is that you can see who else is using certain tags, and the chastity tag is seeing some extra action as of late.  Check out Ms. Jannel, Ms. Alyson and Mr. Steelpants, who are all belted/caged.  It’s very refreshing to encounter some women who are belted in order to get a female perspective on chastity and orgasm denial.  I suspect that those who are less interested in hearing about my escapades would be more interested in theirs.  And then there are those like me who are totally equal opportunity and enjoy hearing all the different perspectives.


The ever-so-luscious Always Aroused Girl has not contented herself with merely holding the key.   Oh no, she has been tasking me and plying her influence over a mind that is increasingly open to suggestion.  She is trying out her control.  Heaven forbid she ever got herself a stable of men all under her control!


One Key to rule them all,

And in their chastity bind them!


 As the day wore on, I could feel myself getting more ramped up which is a good thing considering I was short on sleep.  However, the nights are going to be getting interrupted more and more, I have a feeling.  If things get too intense, the Aneros will be employed to sort of serve as an equalizer.  I’ll discuss that more later when the time comes.


I welcome all of AAG’s fans, readers and her considerable entourage which pretty much sent my stats into the stratosphere!   


I’ll also port this over to Blogger for the convenience of readers from that service, dubious as it is.  Did you know that WordPress has an “Import” feature to import your blog and comments from Blogger?  I’m just sayin’.



Another Day in the Cage

February 27, 2007

Last night, I vaguely remember waking but I didn’t have to get up. However at 5:30 there was no sleeping through that one. I was rock hard and had to get on my feet and make a bathroom run. Which is good, because I need to get to work extra early this week as I have some hard deadlines to deal with.

There are a couple of reasons for me to be engaging in some chastity play at this particular time. One is the more common reason which is converting involuntary celibacy which I have no control over, into voluntary enforced chastity. While I have limited control over the chastity bit by virtue of having a virtual keyholder I at least have the choice of getting in at will.

But the other reason is related to something I touched on earlier which is combating stress. With stressful work deadlines and projects coming up, I needed to do something about that tension. For some reason, there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that chastity play might be the route some guys use in order to fight stress. I suppose it is sort of like fighting fire with fire. By rechanneling into sexual tension it decreases a body’s capacity to carry other types of tension. I wonder if the AMA is doing any studies.

You are all probably wondering who this mysterious and luscious keyholder is. She said it’s okay to tell you, but I’m feeling like being a bit of a tease, myself. Many of you already read her. If you don’t, you should. She is listed in my blogroll by virtue of being a kindred spirit in many ways. But in so many ways she is exceptional beyond any capacity of mine. In the world of relationship and sex blogs, she is mistress of all she surveys.

It is an honor and privilege to have someone of her caliber as my keyholder. You have read her words. You have looked upon her and wanted to touch, grab and grope. You have imagined wrestling with her in chocolate pudding. You have languished with longing as you have wanted to slake her thirst and satisfy her desires. You have daydreamed of walking in her garden of flowers and partaking of her sumptuous fruits until her juices were running down your chin…


Where was I?

Oh yes…

This bloody cage is getting smaller!

It is with great pride that I present to you the holder of my keys…

The one and the ONLY!

If you are not red and purple with jealousy, you should be.


Hang on to your Butts

February 25, 2007

The second night was not a lot more involved than the first. Up to this point, lock-up has been a fairly routine deal except there was one incident that sort of drove the point home. I was reading some of the latest by some of my favorites when I was reading this post by Taja. Egad. They may have some dry spells, but when they are hot, they are hot, hott, HOTT! I distractedly was going to…erm…readjust when the cage became a much more real accessory. I actually had to take a break in my reading in order to get simmered down!

I was up once at around 4 a.m. and again 2 hours later. This isn’t bad, but things will get more intense, I’m sure. Having the keys totally available has kept things at a low level of arousal. That is just now changing.

I had certain criteria for my ideal virtual keyholder:


-Someone Trustworthy

– Someone who I have a sort of hostory with at least blog-wise

-someone who has an appreciation for erotic play

– someone who might like whatever intensity comes along with this sort thing

– Someone who I wouldn’t mind being preoccupied with for large portions of the day. Or night.

Satan fit all those criteria and fit into her role fairly well. I think some of the intensity of it was unexpected for her, and #4 eventually got to her.

So the search for a new keyholder was underway. Mercifully, it was a quick process. I invited someone who fit the bill masterfully, although she was a bit reluctant at first. But she is perfect. Perfectly perfect. An awesomely ideal candidate for being a keyholder. For a person to really fit hand-in-glove (or key-in-lock) into this role, they really do have to be able to project a sufficient fantasy in order to make the whole teasing/denial scenario a very real one. And this person definitely does this with skill that is unmatched by anyone. She is one of the best of the best.

Hang on to your butts, because this will be a wild ride!


On Readers and Commentors

February 24, 2007


My first night of lock-up was not bad at all.  eCagedone often talks about the first night being the worst, but that isn’t my experience.  When I use my body as an amusement park in the morning, then lock up, I generally get an easy night.  I might have gotten up once during the night and even that early morning wood wasn’t so bad.  But as time goes on and I get hornier, things will get much more intense.  There is a definite break-in period.  The key is out there for the taking for now but I’m thinking I’ll need them secured soon else I’ll be reaching for them.


Which leads me to the topic of finding a suitable keyholder and you all, my intelligent, thoughtful and insightful readers.  There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve attempted to include you all in this process and the result has been somewhat tepid but life went on.  Satan turned out to be a swell keyholder and I don’t recall anyone giving her any grief about being a virtual keyholder.  But, dear readers, your presence looms very large.  It casts a shadow that darkens and blots out the light of any single blogger.  Even bloggers who have HUGE followings and are themselves semi-celebrities.  They adore you, respect you and even somewhat fear you. 


It’s true.  The first time I encountered this, I just thought the person conveying this anxiety was simply being over anxious and generally being a worry wart.  What would your readers think?


Eh?  My readers?  FUCK my readers, I want to play!!!


But pretty much every time I might want to have some virtual fun, you all are somehow brought into it.  Okay, I do invite you in and that’s all on me.  I could go off-blog, but then I lose part of the fun of both playing and having a blog.  So having a readership is the price I pay for having the sort of blog I do.  I am also paying a price for having readers who are overly intelligent and have a certain moral sense.  Or at least this is the case for most of you who comment.  Many of you come off as being judgmental prudes and you are scary!  Maybe you all are wearing Good Girl Dresses here!  Maybe I should be more scared than I am.


So I spent some time with my stats to get to know my readers better.  Who are you?  Where do you come from?  What do you like reading?


Let’s answer the last one first.  Guess what my #1 post of all time, is?  Take guess?  Which post brings in more traffic (twice as much) than any other single post I have ever posted?  No, not anything to do with Christianity or religion.  No, not even my post about oral sex.  You want to know the post that is second to none?  The one that gets fully one seventh of all my monthly traffic? The one single post that people are seeking out is this one.  Prior to this point, I haven’t drawn attention to it and neither has anyone else, as far as I know.  And yet it is a reader magnet.  People all over the world are dialing into the post about sticking something up my butt!


Now regular commentors are a different matter and you guys and gals are the ones who truly register.  You are the vocal minority because none of you commented on that post above.  No one did, even if it is the most read post in my archives.  But for some reason you all have the reputation of being some sort of sanctimonious mob that will burn any virtual key holder at the stake.  I think Satan was tolerated because…well because we sort of expect Satan to be an evil temptress. But somehow my invisible internet friends have acquired a very formidable status that is larger than life.  I might be larger than life, but I’m supposed to be because it’s my blog!   But somehow you all have grown bigger and out of control or something.


When did that happen?


Comments are the spurs that keep a blogger blogging.  Those of us that write know this.  Stats are nice, but the comments are what really get us up in the morning to check our email.  Good ones warm us and snarky ones amuse us and some simply provoke and anger us.  But we are always moved.  However, I’ve only just begun to appreciate how comments also influence other readers.  If I read a post that moves me, I’ll want to read comments to see if others were equally moved.  Most of the time I’m not especially moved to comment just because I’m doing my reading offline.  People who comment are often the most passionate and articulate people which might intimidate other readers from expressing a different opinion.  I’m not sure, because I simply don’t think that way.  I’ll say stuff completely contrary to everyone else because that’s the way I am.  Which has gotten me into hot water with my own readership in the past and pissed quite a few people off a number of times.  But it would be nice if we could all just get along.  And I have faith that we will.  I’m very flexible as long as you all are willing to bend my way!LOL!


So I thank you all for reading AND commenting.  Even if you all have grown to bnig for your britches!  Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. But don’t go getting a big head about that either! :-p




BTW, I think we might have a winner afterall.  Stay tuned.



Just Doing It

February 23, 2007

Wow. I hit something with that last post I wasn’t quite expecting. If any of you do happen to sight the ever-elusive LL male blogger, let me know. He’ll be totally famous and his blog will go totally viral in less than a month. If I thought I had the least bit of LL-ness in me I’d write one myself just to obtain the glory that such fame would bring.

But that isn’t me. In the best of times (which is the worst of times) I might get down to “below normal” which would be only jacking me off a couple times a week. But even in those times, I still enjoy simply playing with my favorite toy. It really is a marvel of hydraulics that makes it swell up, become totally rigid and hard with a sort of electric blue sensitivity. I can totally understand why women envy the male penis. And any women that don’t envy it… well I simply don’t envy the impoverishment of your limited imaginations and lack of appreciation for the marvel that is the human body.

I often envy the female neural network that allows her to have multiple erogenous zones and multiple total body orgasms. But I also appreciate my own erogenous zone. In fact, I’ve been appreciating it a lot lately. After this morning’s appreciation, I decided that it was time to put my favorite toy away for awhile. As any parent knows, when you put up a bunch of toys, you can dig them out some time later and the kids have a whole new appreciation for them! And that is part of the strategy with the chastity. As any guy who has ever played with the cage knows, it does cultivate and foster a richer appreciation for the penis and the orgasm.

Cagedone had alluded to this more than once, but after some self-appreciation, it is often difficult to get into the headspace necessary to lock up. I knew that going into this morning’s festivities but steeled myself for simply just doing it. Don’t think about it too much, just slap the cage on and snap the lock shut.

The key is in the Shurlock (with another set strategically placed in the hood of Arwyn’s car) but I haven’t encrypted the combination yet. I guess I’ll set the Timelock for 5 days or so after I’ve had at least a 24 hour break-in.

Satan graciously declined overtures to hold my keys this time so I’m back at square one, there. I even have an extra registration to give to a would-be keyholder if there is someone who might wish to audition. That means access to all of Timelock’s goodies like setting the time, setting the display, setting penalties and updating . All done remotely via email. The only real catch is the high level of trust I’m going to have to have for any potential keyholders. So anyone who thinks they might have an interest can email me. I have a few people in my mind who might make good candidates, but let’s see if anyone out there is truly interested.

I started to write about all of the characteristics that I might look for in a keyholder and I found that I kept thinking of one certain person who kept fitting the bill. Satan certainly fit the bill, so anyone else would have to at least measure up to those lofty standards. And there are a couple of people who do fit that bill.

Of course there might be others who I haven’t thought of who also fit, which is why I even mention it. But past audience participation in my various polls and chastity activities hasn’t been overwhelming so I’m not holding my breath. Being interested is one thing, but participating is something else entirely.

Stay tuned.


Man Hunt

February 22, 2007

I was going to post this on the Blogger site, but A Problem Occured.  I’ve been assured that an engineer has been notified and is working on it.


In my blog reading, I come across all sorts of different and interesting stories. It’s no secret that I seem to be attracted to stories of those who struggle with their relationships/marriages in some way. I also don’t hide that my bias is actually more toward male bloggers in whatever version of dysfunction or train wreckage they find themselves.

But when it comes to relationship blogs, women are superior in quantity and quality. My blogroll covers a vast constellation of writers from various perspectives. And I’m always reading new ones, especially now that I’m shifting my bias towards writers using WordPress. Blogger is bigger and has a more developed pool of writing talent but I’m enjoying the discovery of new and fresh reading.

I’m getting to a point, stay with me.

Within the train wreck relationships theme, there are a few trends and genres that emerge. First, the guys are fairly predictable. Almost all of them are not getting the sort of sex they would like from their wives. This can manifest itself through frequency, style, lack of intimacy or lack of enthusiasm. Any way you put it, the guy has problems with sex. Some guys endure or try to work it out. Others leave. And still others have affairs.

The women have more complex situations. There are those that are analogous to the men who are not getting intimacy/sex from their husbands and partners so they go out and find someone new, try to fix the old relationship or endure. And then a couple outliers like those who have too much sex and complain or the prostitute servicing the guys above who choose that route.

There’s one genre that I’ve run across more than once that does grab me and gets my blood up, and not in the good way.

Basically it is the woman who is married to a guy who seems to desire her physically but she despises him for whatever reason and goes out and finds someone else. I’m having trouble with that scenario. I have yet to read of a guy who is behaving that way. IOW, he has a wife who wants to have sex with him, but he either refuses her or acts like a pig so she won’t pester him for it, meanwhile he finds someone else to fuck. I haven’t seen that from the men.

This may be a function of women requiring that deeper emotional connection. If they don’t get it, sex will be lousy. Okay, I can get that. But I don’t get them not working at it, instead opting to go somewhere else on the side. I think that particular scenario gets me angrier than any other. If you’re not getting it at home, I totally understand going elsewhere. But if you can get it at home, even if it’s not very good it can be improved, right?

Generally, if a guy’s wife is willing to have sex at least once in awhile, he seems to be willing to work at it, if that his chief complaint. Or at least that’s what I’m reading.

Of course I have yet to run into a blog by a guy like C-Marie’s or Oblivion’s or Always Aroused Girl’s who just simply don’t seem to like sex anymore. The guy who doesn’t want sex with his wife is the most elusive of all writers. I really need to do more searching and see if I can bag one of these for my blogroll. I want the guy who thinks his wife is a nympho and he’s sick and tired of it. I want the blog of a guy whose wife wakes him at 5 a.m. for sex and he just wants to catch some more Z’s. I want the guy who would rather jerk off in the shower or on the can to a porn mag than fuck his wife who is lying naked on the bed in the next room, just waiting to put her ankles behind his ears.

My blogroll will never be complete without these guys represented. We need to get one, put on the radio transmitter tag and study him.

I wonder: is there a relationship between libido and writing? Are those with higher libidos just more inclined to write while LL folks are less willing and able to articulate?


Alternative Ways of Dealing With Stress

February 20, 2007

I’ve dropped a hint or two that I’m gearing up to put a rather sudden change in my storyline; a kink if you will.

I have a few issues and deadlines going on in the next couple of weeks as well as the past couple that basically add up to stress.

Now there are many ways to deal with stress, some of them better than others. Smoking used to be a big part of my stress coping world despite whatever other harmful issues associated with it. I don’t expect nonsmokers to understand or get it because frankly some of you are simply self-righteous control freaks. Trying to make laws in California where a person can’t even smoke in their own car? What a bunch of Nazi fruit cakes!

Anyway, speaking of cakes, food is another way to deal with stress. It’s not uncommon for smokers to gain significant amounts of weight after they quit. Now the pleasure police want to go after big macs. It’s no secret that nothing lends comfort like greasy food. Especially the fries. And so it is that I’ve gained a little weight over the holidays. I think it’s something like 20 pounds which might seem a bit excessive for Groundhog Day. But BBQ road kill is a Georgia specialty and it’s too hard to resist!

Of course if I had to choose a method of stress reduction, sex would definitely be on the list. In fact it would be at the top of any list of treatments for any ills I might have. I can not think of any better treatment for hypertension than the rubbing of two nekkid bodies against each other. But this option has not been available to me in a very, very long time. Which is a factor in causing a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Drinking is another method of relaxation and I have used that one a time or two. After a couple of drinks (it doesn’t take much anymore) I can feel the tension melting away. But at work it is illegal and impractical to engage this particular strategy

It was while reading an article on one of my favorite subjects where some treatment was devoted to stress associated with a lot of responsibility. Basically guys who are in charge of others and have many other people and situations that they have to control often blow off steam by taking the opposite role at home. Thus we see the executive coming home to a dominant wife who makes him clean the house in heels and a short skirt.

Chastity is in fact a sort of way to re-channel stressful energy. I haven’t seen any studies, but it seems to be a growing movement for older guys. The makers and sellers of chastity devices don’t release exact sales figures but they are supposedly doing a brisk business. There are many reasons for this, but one I’d venture to guess is a reaction to modern day stress.

Any way, I feel myself moving in that direction and the stress reduction theory is one reason. This morning, Arwyn and the boys left for church and I started getting ready for mine. She left without even giving me a goodbye kiss which is just something that bugs me in a way, still. Oh well.

So, I got a new razor and proceeded to do some extra shaving. It’s been several months since I’ve been hair-free down there so this will be a bit of a change. The last two times, Arwyn either didn’t notice or didn’t care. It’s sort of like Oblivion’s tattoo, where a normal spouse having normal relations would notice such a change with their partner. Not that Arwyn would give me a chance to notice if she had shaved down there. Maybe I should get a Prince Albert and see how long it would take before she notices. It would certainly enhance the kink factor.

Locking up is just a matter of when, which will be soon. Being locked up almost totally eliminates the whole chafing/itching thing that goes along with shaved hair growing back. Too bad Satan is going on hiatus; she could have held the keys again. Oh well.