What’s Happening in my little Bloggiverse

When a body has so many blogs, sometimes it’s hard to keep track.  And sometimes I’m sure people wonder why I have so many blogs!  Thing is, each one does something just slightly different.  For instance, I’m in the midst of switching to WordPress but realize that change is difficult for some people, especially me!  And Blogger still does a thing or two that I like although that excuse is quickly fading.

Below this post, is a list of my favorite blogging tools.  Major geek thing going on there.  Enjoy at your own peril.

On Unsolicited Advice: WordPress, I have a series running where I’m going over my Top 10 Ways to Identify a LL Person.  There’s more than one commenter who likes to point out how they are the exception thus mucking up my theories!

And finally, on Unsolicited Advice: Blogger, I have a list of questions for FTN’s Wife, Autumn.  There are links there from last year’s questions and a couple of rounds of follow-ups.  She really handled things well last year, so I went just a bit harder this year.  Will she still be able to maintain her poise?  Or will she crack under the strain of the boiler plate?   You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!


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