Cage Time


 No, no.  Just talking about it, not actually doing it.  But for those who know, talking about it and thinking about it are the initial stages of actually doing it.


And I feel like this part of my story line has languished long enough.  During the past year or two, cage time always gave a bit of a pick-me-up to an otherwise “blah” blog.  It was an adventurous diversion which allowed for some semblance of sexuality in an otherwise sexless landscape.  It’s actually the only thing that separates me from my other relationship/sex blogger brethren.  I am eternally thankful that Cagedone has faithfully kept his own storyline going so chastity fans are not totally left out in the dark, blogging-wise.


It’s been difficult getting myself into a subspace space.  While having a virtual keyholder was quite thrilling the last time around, the rebounding that took place right afterward was emotionally draining.  I fell from a higher place with no safe place to land.  I wanted and needed my wife to be my safe, soft place to fall.  And it didn’t happen at all.  The post-lock-up blues took me by surprise.  Maybe knowing ahead of time might help buffer me a bit from that extreme.  I’ll have to think about it.


And then there’s the matter of keyholding.  Satan was more than generous and did want another go of it.  I’m thinking about simply getting her a registration key and then she’ll have access to all of the goodies if she’s game. I get a down low tingle just thinking about that. 


So I have not forgotten about my kink nor have I completely abandoned it.  I just need to work it into my present headspace so it isn’t just the same old thing where I’m just locked up and there’s no thrill involved for anyone and it’s just a pain in the ass.



 BTW, you get a twofer Tuesday today as I blather on about the past year in a post below with resolution-like references.


One Response to Cage Time

  1. Satan says:

    I feel so greedy, like I should let someone else take a turn . . .

    Screw that! Gimme!

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