Pinched Nerve

Some how, some way I feel like I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and have had it for a few days.  Sitting for too long gets uncomfortable, so thank goodness for my PDA where I can read and write while reclining.  Unfortunately that means I rarely get to comment as much as I want, not that I was ever too good about that.


But having a pinched nerve perfectly illustrates the difference between those with low libidos vs. those with high libido.  To a LL person, sex with such a condition would be absolutely out of the question.  It would only make the pain and the condition worse and probably result in a permanent disability.  They would surely invoke the “sickness” clause of the marriage vow as in “in sickness and in health.” 


However, as a relative HL, my view is much different.  While an orgasm isn’t exactly a cure, it is certainly a source of short term relief from many, many ailments and back pain is a major one.  Seriously, I’ve felt my vertebrae pop back into place during some particularly good orgasms.  Stress and fatigue will bring the pain back eventually, but the relaxation brought on by some good sex can treat a host of ills.  It is pleasant, invigorating and relaxing.


So if you are trying to see whether a perspective partner is HL or LL, see how they are when they are sick or in pain.  There are many instances when a body really is too sick for sex. Certain pains and aches will dampen enthusiasm.  But a willingness to explore sex as a treatment option might be viewed as a positive HL indicator.


Just a thought.



 Oh, and  Happy New Year, btw!


7 Responses to Pinched Nerve

  1. therese says:

    You may not comment much, but your last comments to me and RS sure made me laugh! I appreciate your suggestion!

    I have to agree with you. Sex can cure a host of ills.

    Happy New Year to you too, Digger.

  2. Hazel says:

    Sex when I’m ill? Forget it! Aching, headachy and feeling totally sick….I reach for the paracetemols and bed! Plenty of rest/sleep if possible, all which of course is just about unreachable to me considering I have three kids to look after :S. So I guess we always want most that which we can’t have/wont’ get?

  3. Trueself says:

    If I have a fever, sex is not on my mind. If I’m in any other way infirm, I’m thinking that an orgasm would certainly be a good diversion if not an outright cure.

    Guess that makes me HL, but then I don’t think anyone’s surprised by that.

    Happy New Year, Digger!

  4. Cat says:

    I have to agree with trueself there are a few rare cases when an orgasm won’t help, but they are rare 🙂

    Happy New Year…

  5. So Gone says:

    See, I consider myself to have a high libido, but I’m not feelin the idea of sex when I’m sick. Sometimes yeah, but typically not. And that’s a cause for argument between me and My Man… because, he’ll have sex whenever. LOL.

  6. Desmond Jones says:

    Digger, I’m a huge believer in the therapeutic powers of sex! Molly and I are almost never sick at the same time, but there was one time, a few years ago. . .

    And I can easily imagine myself, if I ever do become significantly disabled, or whatever, investing major mental and physical energy in just figuring out how to keep sex happening. . .

  7. Mike says:

    As a man I should emphatically say “Sex cures all” but alas when pain is involved and certain positions are not possible I have to agree with your statements. However if both partners are willing, what’s a little pain, right?

    Take care and Happy New Year!

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