Just what the World Needs…

That’s it.  I’ve officially had it with blogger.  I’ll still use it when I get the urge, but really!  Is it too much to ask to just post a thing?  Apparently.


Blogger is perpetually down and there are perpetually engineers working on stuff.  Too bad I’m not an engineer, because Google needs to hire more of them. 


Next is this business with the beta version.  I can’t post without Blogger trying to get me to switch.  But once I switch, I can’t switch back.  I’ve been okay with the way the old version has worked up until this point, maybe I don’t want to switch.  And finally, apparently beta members can not leave comments on blogs that have not switched over unless anonymous comments are allowed.


Been to the anonymous side and had enough of that nonsense, even though I feel bad that WordPress bloggers can’t comment without a Blogger ID.  Which is why having a mirror site works and makes sense for me.  Plus it gives me extra space for when I have a lot to say, which happens sometimes.  I have, in the past, strung 3 different blogs together to tell one story. 


And there are times when 3 is barely enough.  So guess what?  I’ll give you two guesses as to what I’ve just rolled out.


Still thinking?


Yep.  Just what you and I need; another blog.  The thing is, I need a more reliable place for my Unsolicited Advice because Blogger insists on crapping out regularly.  And then there is that archiving thing, when one decides to go down. 


I know, I complain about Blogger an awful lot and it is free, after all.  But so far WordPress has been a better and more reliable partner.  Anyone who has ever put valuable time into a post to have it disappear at the whims of Blogger knows what I’m talking about.


So give a nice, warm welcome to Unsolicited Advice: The WordPress Version.

4 Responses to Just what the World Needs…

  1. Therese says:

    You just wanted to stop *someone* from emailing comments to you when they couldn’t be posted. 🙂
    Thanks for doing this.

  2. FTN says:

    I must not have as many problems with Blogger as everyone else. And I’ve had no desire to switch to the Beta version, either (how buggy is that?). I do see some times where I have trouble commenting, but posting is rarely a problem.

    But I do all my posts in Notepad, saved to a small USB flash drive. I just copy and paste them when they are ready to post. No worry about anything getting lost.

    Are you trying to completely take over the blogging world by having all the blogs to yourself?

  3. Digger Jones says:

    Actually, I quite liked the email attention, but feel others are a bit robbed of the discussion when they can’t read them. And once in a while the comments provoke more discussion than the post. Speaking of comment pimps…

    I have had blogger bugger up on me more than once while trying to publish and then a body has to wait minutes hours or the next day to post. Like you, FTN, I do most of my writing offline so that Word can help with the speling. However, I wait to do up all the links until after I’ve pasted into blogger. Believe it or not, I’m actually limited as far as actual online time so it is a real bother when blogger screws up. Oh, and I’m using dial-up. That might make a significant difference as far as our experiences.

    Ah, yes. One blog, one post at a time gradually colonizing new blogging territories.


  4. Tom Allen says:

    I had taken to writing the articles in Writely.com – yet another Google-y offering – and then pasting them into Blogger. But like you, I had some weirdness with BLogger Beta, so I opened The Edge of Vanilla in the non-Beta version. But then I discovered that BLogger is down a few times a week – or at least, whenever I feel like posting. I looked at a few others, but decided on WordPress partly because you liked it so much. And frankly, I’m thrilled.

    That said, I still composed in Writely, but have now switched to Zoho.com – one of those online “Office Suite” thingies. I was editing onto my SD card like FTN, but decided that I liked the convenience of using any ‘puter that happened to be nearby. BTW, both Writely and Zoho are much easier to use than the bare-bones editing in the blogging software. Hey WordPress – Yeah, I know how to do colors in HTML, but jeez, would a friggin’ color button be too much for ya?

    *ahem* Sorry. It’s free, and it’s got lots of other nice stuff. I’ve pretty much made WP my main blog now. Oh, and it emails the posts to me, so I can always store the actual version on a hard drive someplace.

    Tom Allen
    The Edge of Vanilla

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