Real Blogger World: Behind the scenes


I wish I had better excuses for why I’m such a bad fiction writer.  I really do feel bad about it.


Anyone reading this will be familiar enough to know what I’m talking about, so I’m not going to link to it.  It is seriously my “jumping the shark” post.  My one consolation is that it isn’t on my own blog!  At the same time, you hate to be invited somewhere and mess up their place, right?


I had about 3 prior drafts of this thing pre-written.  I figured I needed to somehow work in a dungeon and originally everyone who took off their belts early was going to be punished.  Then, I sort of made a promise to DKOG for a sort-of birthday party.  At the same time, I really wanted to up the sexual heat while incorporating some mayhem and let various characters have their own story lines that would converge. 


The convergence was to be the cake going down the stairs starting a fire that would consume most of the house.  However, as soon as it happened I realized that everyone in the basement would be dead because there was no escape.  So that’s how the licking ending came about sans fire and firefighters.


One other major scene that was written out was one when Satan and I went to the store.  The scene basically involved her flashing some bikers and us being chased by them on their Harleys and me and Satan on the moped with us barely escaping with our lives while the moped meets its demise.


Desmond was relegated to chatting with Molly for a good deal of my story and I would have left him there except I needed to get some other things done while the other principles were being steamy.  As it turned out, this story could not have gotten along without his (and yes, Molly’s) help.  Not that it did that well anyway.  Desmond’s character ended up being one that helped deliver the goods as far as tying things together.


O272 never did get subjected to any of the dungeon’s tortures even though that was its sole purpose for existing.  She was the one that wrote the belts out from the ladies straight off, and I had always intended that she pay dearly for it.  But things didn’t work out that way, did they?  O ended up being cast in a much stronger role than she had even written for herself.  She ends up in the role of domme, and first trying to teach FTN and eventually getting frustrated enough that HE ends up on the rack.


ADKOG posed several problems for me, because I knew the least about her.  Her blog is relatively new and I richly enjoyed reading it.  But I ended up working her out of the mommy blogger-mode she often writes in, and cast her into a naughtier role that sort of stretched things out a bit.  Getting her in the chains first was a twist I threw in at the last minute to give the reader a bit of a surprise and partially fulfill the spanking promise.  I’m looking forward to her entry.


FTN has borne the brunt of assorted misadventures in all the stories so I did keep that theme going.  However I did edit his dungeon scene down significantly.  Trust me, there was a lot more pain in the earlier versions.   But his readership is not as familiar with the sort of games that might typically happen in such a place and would have difficulty handling anything to intense.  Plus, I don’t have any principles who are quite sadistic enough to pull off such a scene.  He’s still in his belt, thus leaving other possibilities for future authors. 


Emily was going to be a major character in anything I wrote, which should go without saying.  I wanted to give her seductive side room to grow and it did not disappoint. 


Dividing my cast and giving them separate plot lines helped give everyone else a chance in the spotlight.  And that was the biggest challenge in all of this; making sure there was balance amongst the cast.  With an ensemble cast, either a few folks get the spotlight or no one gets it and there’s just sort of a mishmash.  Or, in the case of Emily’s storytelling, everyone gets a turn at something equally but there’s not a real story.  And maybe I should have done something along those lines.


Satan was the character I had to try to keep from stealing every scene.  The wildest seductress in the house,  her restraint up to this point was getting a bit embarrassing.  She needed to be hunting, stalking and otherwise trying to express her sexual (and somewhat predatory) nature.  It will be interesting to see if things continue to progress now that the cat is out of the bag, as it were.


Writing myself was not an easy task.  In O’s story, you’ll notice she just wrote herself out by taking a nap.  There were times when I wondered whether I should be in 1st person or not.  The decision whether to stay in the belt or not was also a difficult one.  No else seemed to know what to do with the chastity belts (except escape from them) so I couldn’t think of a good reasion to stay in.  So my escape had to be rather spectacular.  Sorry about the hot tub, though.

 Maybe there will be something here to make that post more bearable.  Or maybe this is another of those experiences best put behind so we can move on.






5 Responses to Real Blogger World: Behind the scenes

  1. FTN says:

    Hey, I always like a good “behind the scenes” documentary! It’s like a DVD extra.

    Quit calling yourself a bad fiction writer. NONE of us actually know what we’re doing. It turned out great. Although, yes, a bit more blatantly sexual than anything leading up to it…

    It’s really funny that you mentioned jumping the shark, because that’s exactly what I was thinking about on my own blog. I was kind of wondering if this past week has been my own ‘jumping the shark’ moment.

    Thanks for not burning the house down with me shackled in the basement, by the way.

  2. denise says:

    Hey Digger –

    I quite liked your Real World post. I found doing my own entry one of the hardest things I’ve sat down to write, ever! I felt like I’d barely gotten my feet wet in the whole blog thing, had not even discovered any of you and then I’m living with you! Now that I “know” you after this social experiment, trust I’ll be popping in often.

    Oh, and thanks for breaking me out of the “mommy blog” thing in your writing! The efforts are on out in the world to have me do just that more often. Time will tell. Hope my own attempt at fiction followed yours up nicely!

  3. Digger Jones says:

    Okay, FTN, I’ll quit kicking myself. It’s just that you’ve done this more than once and made it look so easy everytime! All the same, it was sort of fun once I was in the middle of it.

    Denise! Well, that certainly beats the heck out of ADKOG any day! I think you did well considering you didn’t “know” any of us. You have a vivid quality to your writing.


  4. denise says:

    Ha! Yes…’Denise’ does tend to roll off the tongue a smidge better than ADKOG and the things I’ve been referred to elsewhere! Thank you for the nice words. Let’s just hope this attempt doesn’t go into syndication!

  5. Emily says:

    Well, I really enjoyed your Real Blogger World post, and now I’ve just discovered your behind the scenes post and enjoyed that, too.

    I have to say I really enjoyed being the seductress. Its a role I used to play more often and with more success. It was fun to dust it off again, even on a blog.

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