I’m Working on it

Now I know why I do not write fiction.

I’m working on my post for FTN’s Real Blogger World and I keep running into trouble.   I’ve got to keep the sexual heat high while keeping some semblence of modesty or else totally cut loose and make everyone sex crazy.  This is not so easily done.

I’m trying to work in a cake, a spanking, a house fire and a chastity miracle.  Do you have any idea how hard that is to do while keeping people somewhat in character?  Plus I have to figure out a way to keep the sex-starved women from running off with the fire fighters!  AARRRRGGHGHH!

I hate fiction. I actually like it when someone else is doing the writing…someone with actual TALENT!  I’m glad I live in a world where fact is stranger than fiction much of the time, although you wouldn’t know it by my boring posts and the wacked up story some folks are about to be subjected to.

But this is going to take longer than expected.

Be patient.


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