A Political Screed


Amazing how people around the world really get caught up in American politics.  Foreign countries everywhere are watching and wondering and hoping.


Who do you think Osama Bin Laden is rooting for from his cave?  You remember, the guy who orchestrated that little attack here a few years ago?  The one that had people throwing themselves off the top of a burning building?


Emily was wondering how anyone could vote Republican in this election.  Just for the record, I did not vote Republican. I didn’t vote Democrat, either.  I simply couldn’t hold my nose tight enough to vote for either party so I did other things instead, like getting food for my family and materials for work.  I’m not associated with any really close races, and after looking at the ballot concluded I didn’t have a horse in the race at all.  And when I think about it, I have not for a long time.


In my other blog, I’m documenting a spiritual journey that took me overseas in the early 1980’s.  I remember back then, Europeans thought Ronald Reagan was a madman who was going to blow up the planet with nuclear weapons.  He was provoking the Soviets at every turn, actually moving more Pershing II missiles into Germany while I was there, giving rise to the Green Party.


I saw the posters in East Germany, making Reagan and the U.S. out to be murderers and baby killers.  I actually did crash a little Communist convention and bought some anti-nuke pins for the heck of it.  But I also saw a people terribly oppressed and afraid who lived in darkness as opposed to the light and gaiety just on the other side of that wall.  Reagan’s resolve broke the Soviets as much as it drove them insane.


The party of Ronald Reagan exists no more than the party of Truman or John F. Kennedy.  I do feel betrayed by the Republican Party.  At the same time, the Democratic Party has declared war on Christianity and Christian culture.  They preach tolerance while being intolerant.  But if the party of John Kerry (you wanted THAT buffoon as president?) can give me a compelling enough argument, I’m listening.  But keep in mind, I was one of those morons he talked about who did join the military.  I should have studied harder.


In 1980, Reagan invited Democrats who felt disaffected by Jimmy Carter’s Democrats to join him.  He recalled the greatness of Franklin D. Roosevelt and how he, too, felt like the party had left him.  Today, I’m feeling like the GOP left me.  However, unlike the Ronald Reagan who found a home among Republicans, I don’t have a political home.  The modern Democrats have vacated the middle entirely.  They have no room for Christians who might hold the Bible and the teachings therein to be sacred.  Because I see Jesus as an important force in my life, I am seen as a religious nut.  I recognize the danger of an adversary who wants us all dead, and I’m seen as a war monger.


Joe Lieberman voted against G.W. on almost every issue except for one: Iraq.  The Democrats tried to run one of the few moderates left in their party off because of one single issue.


I don’t like the war either, and welcome a constructive change in strategy.  However, retreat would not be viewed as one of them.  We can not afford to vacate that region under any circumstances when there is that wacko right next door in Iran testing missiles and developing a nuclear bomb!  Can we afford to leave Iraq to it’s own ways when it is next door to the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world?


I do feel the war was mucked up from the outset.  That first year, instead of reconstruction there was a move to punish everybody who was in Saddam’s party which means everybody with the knowledge and ability to make the government work.  They disbanded the military, sending some 100,000 men home, with their weapons with nothing but time on their hands.  And then there was Abu Graib.  That evil place should have been razed to the ground.  Now we had armed people sitting around with all sorts of time on their hands who were pissed off. 


We can’t stay but we also can’t leave.  It’s an unholy mess, and it really is fine with me if people want to punish Republicans for it although it does rest more squarely on GW than congress.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the Democrats are going to rescue us from this war.  Osama went after the U.S. because he thought we were weak and this is going to reinforce his opinion.  You will see more fighting than ever before once Democrats gain a foothold.  Now, the terrorists will smell blood and will take pleasure in shedding more of it.  The more Democrats opine about how poorly the war is going, the more motivated the terrorists will be in finalizing their victory.  Those terrorists want the Democrats to win very, very badly.  This is why October was such a violent month in Iraq!  Just like the bombs in Spain produced a government of appeasement, so too the violence of last October will shift the U.S. government.  Now they can press their advantage.


Brace yourself for a serious bloodbath, as the terrorists try to make things so bad as to make people cry out for GW’s impeachment. 


I don’t blame people for voting for the Republicans.  While there are reservations about the war from the GOP, they are not talking about the timed or scheduled withdrawals.  They see the bigger picture a bit more realistically and it is a painful picture it would be easier to deny.  However, I also don’t blame people for NOT voting for the Republicans as their sins are many and they deserve punishment.  For those who sincerely believe in the cause of the modern Democratic Party and their socialist agenda, I don’t blame them for voting their conscience.  


I think we have an amazing system of government which is probably why the world is so fascinated with it.  We don’t have military coups, or have our ex-presidents shot and while there is considerable acrimony nowadays, there’s not going to be people chopping off other people’s heads because of one side drawing a cartoon about the other.  I’ve watched some proceedings of the British and Australian Parliaments on C-Span and wouldn’t trade our system for theirs for anything. 


Okay, that’s enough of my political screed for awhile.  No matter what party wins, I still have to get up in the morning and go to work and pay taxes. 




2 Responses to A Political Screed

  1. fadetonumb says:

    Well. I’m not sure I have anything to add to that, but I thought it was a very good, very well-written post. I sure don’t feel completely comfortable with current Republican ideology, but I feel even LESS comfortable with current Democratic ideology. What’s one to do?

    People are really demonizing Reagan these days, but I still think he was one of the great presidents.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    I suppose a Libertarian vote might send a message to the Republicans. But I truly think that our country does better when the government is not in total control of either party. It keeps everyone lean and hungry.

    People who are demonizing Ronald Reagan obviously are too young or too feeble minded to remember the nightmare that was Jimmy Carter. Remember double digit inflation, double digit unemployment and 22% interest rates? Our military was a joke and our foreign policy was a disaster. That’s what we got when the Democrats had control of the legislative and executive branches of government.


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