Alive and OUT!




It’s time for an update, isn’t it?


I dropped off late Friday, and on Saturday morning, Satan made good on her keyholding by giving me the keyword.  (Happy anniversary, BTW, Satan! Boy oh boy, it felt good to get the cage OFF and be able to stretch OUT! 


17 days is a personal record, so those wondering about that, I did make it.  The first orgasm of the month was nothing terribly sensuous as I was just exceedingly anxious to make sure everything still worked!  So far so good.  Arwyn took the boys to visit Gina at her new place, so I had the afternoon and most of the evening to myself.  This time, I was able to spend a bit more time with myself and it was a very welcome relief.


From that point, I needed to take a bit of a blogging break as things had been pretty intense for awhile.  So basically this would be whatever rebound effect that takes place.  Being locked up can be an intense thing, for good or ill.  The rebound is a major letdown of all that build-up. 


Hopefully I’ll get back to my old, snarky, condescending prick self soon enough, and we can continue to have adventures together you and I.  In the meantime, I’ll see if I can discuss something a little different and more interesting.





7 Responses to Alive and OUT!

  1. cageone says:

    hmmm out u go….in I go…some day be good to have a chat.Arwin so much sounds like mine.

    Congrads on your new record….definite respect Digger. No one can comprehend unless they have been what you have gone through. It is such a sacrifice, like so many spouses do not appreciate.

  2. cah1470 says:

    Congrats on the record. BTW I find the cage topic very interesting.

  3. fadetonumb says:

    17 days. You are a jedi master.

    I still feel odd saying “congratulations” for something like this, though.

  4. Tom Allen says:

    Just 17 days?

    Feh. Beginners… 😉

    The Edge of Vanilla

  5. diggerjones says:

    Well, Cagedone, you have a shot at breaking my record. If your wife is anything like mine, it should be easy as cake.

    Thank you for stopping by, cah1470! Your blog has its own interesting bits.

    FTN, I might be ebtering Jedi territory, but hardly a master…as contradictory as that concept is!LOL!

    Yes, Tom, I am well aware that in order to reach your level, I need no less than a month and probably a PA piercing to boot! (run THAT image through a time or two, FTN!LOL!) But one must be careful about shifting from the clueless subbie to the snobbish sexpert extreme. We should be nothing, if not humble.

    For me, the time right after an extended lock up is just as interesting as my time in. The release, the rebound, the loss of desire for the cage and the return of the desire…all of these are interesting things to think about and consider. I reallly do think too much and that’s the way I like it. what can I say? If I weren’t prone to excess, of what use would chastity be?


  6. Tom Allen says:

    D, I hope you know that I was just pulling your leg.

    The entire chastity experience is both frustrating and liberating at the same time. More importantly, though, is that you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

    The Edge of Vanilla

  7. Satan says:

    Glad I could be part of setting a record. It was a good time. 😉

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