The last of the cage updates?

Time for an update of the caged cock.  Will it be the last caged update?


Satan has dingle dangled her figurative key, all shiny and inviting before my figurative face.  Teasing me with the promising prospect of being let loose soon.  How soon?  Very soon.  As soon as her beloved Sugar Daddy can deliver her to the climactic throes of climax.  With the recent revelations of her devotedness and preoccupation surrounding her keyholding duties, my own predicament has taken on a wildly escalated quality.  I am truly in her virtual grip which is reinforced by carbonized acrylic imprisoning a pulsing member straining at the bars.


I’ve been up late at night, but only waking 2-3 times in the night.  I have been working my prostate of with the aneros, but I have not mastered the whole self-milking thing.  I can flex my PC muscles and feel the pressure and even grab it by the curly handle to try to get more leverage.  But my P-spot is a stubborn thing and is not yet willing to part with its secrets.


Arwyn suspects that I am locked up, but is solidly not interested in any sexual discourse, let alone intercourse.  In fact, she is moving off into the next step of increasing distance.


I’ve been turning in after 1:00 most nights, while she goes to bed at 9:30 or earlier.  Somewhere between the time I turn in and first time I wake up, she has moved to the couch in the living room.  Or, there have been times when I have gone to bed before her.  In those cases, she just sleeps on the couch.  


There are a couple of given reasons.  One is my snoring.  I do snore, this is true.  Arwyn snores, too.  Whereas I am somewhat reassured by her loudness, she is irritated and annoyed by mine.  The other reason is that my oldest likes to get up in the middle of the night and crawl in bed with us and I get the shit kicked out of me as he sleeps oriented towards her end of the bed.  So if she is in the living room, he goes there.  Plus my waking up at night tends to disturb  and perturb her.  Maybe we should just get bunk beds.


I do not mean this to sound depressing, though.  We are getting along as well as any co-parenting roommates.  I am still struggling to teach her about the principle of economic scarcity.  I am sending her to a Dave Ramsey seminar next month so that maybe we can at least get on the same page there.  He is a showman and a slickster, and I’m in need of a skilled charlatan to inspire and motivate her toward financial freedom.  Then perhaps, maybe, we can move towards some other goals like counseling.  Perhaps.






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