Following up on the faithfulness issue


Expanding on the cheating theme a bit, there was something I wanted to say but just couldn’t get my hand round.  Someone did sort of say this in comments, though.  Basically once an affair gets out of the bag, it makes working things out much more difficult.  It can add a vindictive edge to any future negotiations and interactions whether the couple stays together or not.


More to the point, is letting someone else be my keyholder cheating?  “Cheating” I see as giving a person unfair advantage, which locking my cock up plainly does not.  Secondly I have offered the key to Arwyn many times.  She has rejected that many times.  I’m not going to rub her nose it it, though, which is why I’m not bothering her with it.


But what about my keyholder?  Satan has what I see as a much better relationship with Sugar Daddy.  Is she cheating on him by holding my key?  Well, now, that is something to think about.  The way I see it, while there is an intimate aspect to it, what is the basis of intimacy?  Is holding my key the same as, say, wearing my class ring?  I don’t think of it quite that way.  We’re basically having some fun mostly at my expense.  She was selected by the folks who voted for her!  It’s more like a slave auction ala Ground Hog Day. 


But there is a way to make this a less murky issue.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner, but then again I was not thinking of Satan specifically at the outset.  And it does play into a sort of fantasy I read about once.


I once read of an older guy who was locked into his cage and his keyholder was a girl who was in college.  Basically he was only let out after she and her boyfriend had sex or had sex so many times.  It was a long distance thing, and she was physically sending the keys through the mail.  I thought that was kind of a cool way to arrange things and put the keyholding in perspective.  She got the power but he also had an interest in her maintaining  and keeping a good relationship with her boyfriend.  He also had a lot more empathy during certain times of the month.


Satan’s situation lends itself especially well to this, since her blog is all about keeping score, anyway.  Of course since they are having sex on a fairly regular basis, there might have to be a 3 or 4 sexual episode handicap applied or something.  Someone like Emily, OTOH, would be a bit more of a challenge because she does tend to go longer periods without anything.  In any case, it does set up a bigger degree of randomness to the release plus links it directly to the keyholder’s satisfaction which is sort of the idea.  Perhaps every HL woman in a mismatched situation should have a guy she keeps locked up somewhere, just so she knows there is someone else out there not getting any when she’s not!LOL!  At least the frustration becomes more of a communal, shared experience.


Could this be used hy a HL woman as extra leverage?  “Hey buddy, you’d better put out pretty soon!  If I don’t get any, there’s another guy out there who will suffer even more!  At least I can masturbate!  If I don’t any, neither does he!”


I could produce a short video ala Sally Struthers:


“Please, only you can help.  See this poor guy who has been locked up since the last time you had sex?  You can help him just by acting right now.  Give your wife an orgasm…please?  If not for her, than how about for the poor schmuck in the chastity cage?”




One Response to Following up on the faithfulness issue

  1. Satan says:

    Whatever it was that I was expecting out of this experience, I never thought I’d have to worry about you occupying so much space inside my head.
    That is the only way I could consider it cheating – it’s more like an emotional affair than anything. But, as we all know, emotional affairs can be devestating to a relationship.

    I would have to heartily recommend holding the key to any HL woman. It’s such a rush.

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