Okay, I’m not as overtly horny…I don’t think. But I do have a shorter fuse from rest to arousal and it takes a little longer to settle down. It’s as if it is just below the surface and once things get going, the squeeze of the cage begins its own feedback loop.

And if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Christian Husband is in league with Satan!LOL! I don’t know what it is, but the guy sure can write hot post if he puts his mind to it!

I’ve been breaking from blogging just because the fall weather has beckoned me outside and doing other RL activities. I’d much rather be fucking than any of these other activities, but Arwyn shows no inclination. However she does tolerate a bit more hugging and kissing than she has the past few months. But there is nothing particularly hot to report. I wish there was, but there isn’t. So I’ll just write all scatterbrained-like.

I’ve been locked up for about 10 days, now. I am really, really looking forward to getting out of this thing! It’s getting into the “This is kind of fun, but it’s also a pain in the ass” stage.

Satan revealed that being a keyholder actually intensified her need for attention, which I found really interesting. I would not have predicted that outcome, but this is new territory for me, as well. This was not at all true for Arwyn. In fact, the extra attention she got seemed to bother and annoy her more than anything. But this could be part of the HL/LL difference. Some have made a case that there are no real differences between the two, but this is fairly clear evidence that there is. Those of us on the HL side often get accused of wanting more the more we get. We are accused of being insatiable. To a LL person, the HL is insatiable, because they can not possibly muster enough energy and effort to reach HL levels of satiation.

Satan seems to be on the higher level of desire, so being a keyholder merely primes the pump as far as her need and desire for attention. And make no mistake about it, whether I mention it or not, my (blogger) eye is absolutely FIXED upon her, and everything she writes on her blog, every comment she writes on mine and whatever other comments of hers I happen to come across. Just thinking about thinking about her makes things feel a bit confining, if you get my meaning. But I expected that, and have actually worked on minimizing that somewhat. I mean I COULD maybe spend much, much more time writing about Satan, the blogger, and my growing fixation with her facilitated by the fact that she has the key to my cock in her mental pocket. I’m not sure how that would be greeted as I suddenly turn into some sort of stalker pervert. Do not mistake relative silence on the matter for lack of intensity. It’s there.

I’ll be posting a new poll as soon as blogpoll decides to behave. I mean I think I’ve done my time pretty decently, don’t you?


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