Day 3 and Counting

For the first time, my WordPress site surpassed my blogger one in page views. Again, I don’t get stats like returning visitors but there it was.

Night #3 (Nice of you to ask, Satan!) was a bit more rambunctious than the first two. I can feel the tension starting to ramp up. Going 3 days without getting off is nothing for me, anymore. Maybe 4-5 days is a more common interval for me nowadays. However, the cage brings that tension on a bit quicker by exacting a price for each and every erection. Normally a guy sleeps through those night time festivities until he has that massive woodie in the morning that he wakes up with. In my case, I was awakened several times in the night until the 5 a.m. express that keeps me awake longer. I’m getting better at getting back to sleep and things will settle down after a week or so. But in the tension department, I’m definitely in that sweet spot where desperation and frustration begins to increase my sensitivities to the sensual and erotic.

Having Satan holding my key ramps things up a bit more. And she occasionally posts about these hot hot hott encounters she has with her husband! Of course there’s only so much she can do with just the lockword. She does have the power to release me or not, which is pretty significant. But there are many, many more features to this Timelock program which allows more complete control. Things like changing my display, hiding it, shortening my time or extending it. All of these can be done via encryption over the internet. All she needs to do is get registered.

Moving on, I’m thinking I might make WordPress the home of most of the chastity cage oriented material while keeping things toned down a bit for the Blogspot audience. I’m just looking at who feeds into each, and the WordPress readership is a faster growing and kinkier audience but not very chatty. Blogspot harbors a more talkative group that isn’t into the kink as much.

I don’t expect everyone to be into this. This is out there, on the fringe. It is a smallish subgroup even within the D/s crowd. Even though half a million devices are sold annually, many are bought by the same people who try out new things and are upgrading. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a Jones or Neosteel myself someday!

And yes, these are made for women, too. Oh yes! Even guys not into male chastity can appreciate the look of a woman wearing shiny steel underwear! Many women wear these as anti-rape devices as well as for kinky games. I would richly enjoy having a woman locked up! Arwyn would definitely not go for it! She might consider the anti-rape angle if she felt threatened enough, I suppose.

But that might give you an inkling of where my fantasies lie, for those that were wondering. I think it would be kind of hot if we were both locked up and perhaps let loose at different times and let out at the same time sometimes.


3 Responses to Day 3 and Counting

  1. Cat says:

    I guess I fall into the kinkier sort with less to say because I have been checking out your blog for awhile now. But it is easier to be chatty on subjects you feel you know something about…

  2. Tom Allen says:

    I don’t expect everyone to be into this. This is out there, on the fringe. It is a smallish subgroup even within the D/s crowd. Even though half a million devices are sold annually, many are bought by the same people who try out new things and are upgrading.

    Hi D – just wanted to comment for those interested.

    The Millers (makers of the CBx000 models) are now the largest volume producers. They will not release sales figures, although last year Frank Miller was quoted in an interview in a Canadian alternative paper, saying (IIRC) the sales have been int he tens of thousands, and increasing each year. Yes, some are returning purchasers doing an upgrade, and others are looking at alternative manufacturers. The “half million” figure, I’m afraid, is an exaggeration.

    While it’s a small subgroup, chastity devices are a bit of a “cross-over” kink. A bit more extreme than, say, a spanking or foot fetish, chastity ties in with orgasm denial, which is pretty vanila considering the range of possible kinks already out there. While the idea of a device can be weird for some people, it doesn’t involve dressing up in leather and boots, weilding a crop and manacles.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that… 😉

    BTW, thanks for the link on your blogroll. And I think that you’re probably wise to split up your less vanilla interests. I find that I use LiveJournal for regular stuff and save the more intense posts for my The Edge of Vanilla site. No particular reason, but it just feels better to me.

    The Edge of Vanilla

  3. Digger Jones says:

    Thanks for commenting, Cat! I know I read far, far more than I comment and the ratio is about 100:1 or so readers to commenters. I’m really okay with that as my ego needs are modest;-)

    Ah, Tom! I am getting to know you a bit better by virtue of your blog and see there are a few commonalities here. As far as the sales figures by the Millers, I got that somewhere off of Altarboy’s site, but don’t ask me where. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were half a million devices out and around but cumulative over the past 6-7 years or so.

    For the time being, I think I can successfully integrate both parts (vanilla and kink) into a package that offers something for everyone. But if things get too wild, I’m glad to have the option. Redundancy has served me well just because I’m considering whether or not to make a complete transition.


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