Night #4

Last night I was up until about midnight blogging which is a no-no while locked up. Mainly because I get woken up more and more as the night progresses as I’m locked in longer. It’s the downside of being in the mental sweet spot.

Cagedone’s comment about things being fairly rough the first week matches my own experiences. The night time erections pull, pinch and strain against the cage fiercely. There are generally three ways to deal with these things. One is to go sit down for a pee. This relieves a lot of the pressure and is generally my method of choice because I seem to get back to sleep faster this way. Another way to relieve erectile pressure is to just walk around for a bit. This takes a bit longer than taking a piss but is generally a quieter less messy way of getting an erection settled down. Walking to the refrigerator to get ice or a cold wash clothe can speed things along.

However, I have found another way to deal with these things where I can stay in bed without just suffering through it. It involves sleeping with the Aneros inserted. A night time erection puts pressure everywhere (which is what makes it so uncomfortable) but with the Aneros inserted, the edge is taken off by my prostate getting some stimulation. I’m still getting awakened, but I can flex my PC muscles and actually leverage that erectile tension into something slightly more pleasurable. The erection does pass, but it’s not driving me out of bed in the meantime.

So now I’m in that stage where I can mentally hold on to a lot more arousal. I’ll probably wake up 4-5 times tonight, but I get more of a charge during the day, too. So I’m actually getting in to and adjusting to subspace. I start making breakfast in the morning and doing more chores around the house. If it were Arwyn holding the keys instead of Satan, the floors would be vacuumed, swept and mopped! As it is, she is still benefiting quite a lot.

However, Arwyn is NOT playing along. We haven’t talked about the cage since around last Christmas when the keys were given to her as part of her holiday scavenger hunt. And back then, she basically said she wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the cage. No key holding or anything. It was too much pressure and responsibility. I have honored her request that I carry on, if I must, without her. She knows about the Timelock and I set it up where she can check it anytime if she wants. She could even extend my time anytime she wants. She never has fooled with it at all as far as I know.

Does she know I’m locked up? She has to suspect. It’s the only time I wake up in the middle of the night several times. I’m up earlier. We’re using more toilet paper. I’m going to bed earlier. The other morning she did come in the bathroom while I was in the shower and might have checked me out. But she hasn’t said anything. I’m sure she’ll know at some point. But I don’t rely on her to react in any certain way.

I’ll write more about how it does help overcome certain obstacles and bridge certain gaps between us in the future. In the meantime, I am woefully behind in my reading!


2 Responses to Night #4

  1. Satan says:

    “If it were Arwyn holding the keys instead of Satan, the floors would be vacuumed, swept and mopped.”

    Please, consider yourself asked to vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.
    There is no need to be lazy just because I’m not there to literally oversee your chores. You know what Arwyn wants/needs done, so do it.

  2. diggerjones says:

    I wondered where that snarkishness of mine was going to get me.

    Serves me right for being such a knob!


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