How Satan Became Satan

I suppose it is only fitting that Satan was the lucky winner of the chastity keyholder poll.  And let’s face it, would any of you want anyone else holding my keys?

I didn’t think so.

And it will sound extraordinarily strange hearing Mr. Evangelical saying this, but I couldn’t help but root for Satan, myself.  What very few of you know, is that Satan the blogger and I have a fairly long and substantial history.  In fact, I go further back with her than anyone else around blogland even before we had our respective blogs.  And we both had a large impact on each other’s blogging form and style.  So it really is only fitting.  And wierd.
Plus it really does ramp up the tension considerably.  You have no idea.

To understand our history, we should go back to the beginning.  No, not the garden of Eden.  iVillage, which I suppose could be close to it for some people.  But our small corner of iVillage was NOT even close to paradise.  In fact, it had to be one of the lowest rungs of hell as no one who was there was exactly happy.  Everyone was miserable.  If it wasn’t Hell, it was one of the most miserable places on earth.  The board was called “Clashing Libidos.”  Today, it is called “Mismatched Libidos” which I have no idea why it changed.  My stint there began around 1999, I think.  Ironically, I was introduced to iVillage by Arwyn who was a regular member of the parenting and mommy boards.  I was a big poster to various newsgroups but began gravitating towards that particular message board more and more.

iVillage is mostly a women’s place, but there were quite a number of guys there, too. However, unlike usenet where it was almost exclusively men talking about not getting laid, on iVillage it was dominated by women.

Heh!  “Dominated!”  hehehe

Where else could you find a place where there were a bunch of horny, frustrated women?  Like a lot of men, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around guys who did not seem to want to have sex with their very willing, ready and able young wives.

In the earliest days, there were actually quite a lot of women there who were on the other side: they did not like sex and were wondering how they could get their drives back.  I learned even more from the LL women than the HL women.  They were intelligent and courageous as they ran the risk of being blasted by the HL hoard of both men and women.

Anyway, Satan was definitely in the HL category, if you haven’t guessed already.  Back then, I was known as “Tomatoman” or just “T-man” for short.  And it was while I was there that I began exploring the whole idea of chastity and the cage.  Get it?  Tomatoman + cage = tomato cage?!LOL!

Satan was not satan there, either. I’ll let her reveal her other identity as she wills.  But my “Top Ten Signs of a LL Partner” debuted there several years before I had a blog, and it still occasionally draws a comment or two.  Mostly along the lines of “Shit!  I wish I had seen this BEFORE I got married!”

iVillage was cool, but there were some major drawbacks.  I could not say “shit” or “fuck” if I wanted.  I couldn’t even leave a link to altairboy’s site in some places without some over-zeadous community leader censoring me.  I occasionally chided someone for being a doofus and would get letters from ivillage notifying me that I was violating their TOS and that I was in danger of being TOSed.  The folks in Clashing Libidos were tolerant of my kinks but not many were really into it.  I tried posting on other boards like the supposedly kink-friendly “Taboos” board but all they wanted to talk about was anal sex.  The Cosmo board was overrun by 19 year-olds talking about exploring oral sex and various positions.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of these!  But I was feeling very stifled creatively.

It was the 2004 election, and Dan Rather was brought down by the effort of several astute bloggers and it made headlines.  This put bloggers and blogging on the map like nothing else.  I looked into it, and lo and behold, that was my answer.  I could have my own place where I could post what I wanted and I could control it as I saw fit.  And it was then that i started a little place known as Sensual Dementia.  I posted my URL a time or 2 on iVillage, while i gradually built content.  I think there might still be a few people around who wandered in from the iVillage Clashing Libidos board.

Satan was one of them.  But she wasn’t Satan…yet.  She started as Anonymous.   My content was not a lot different than it is now.  It was a mixture of daily drama and various thoughts about being in a relationship.  This snarky, anonymous commenter showed up and was pretty relentless in insisting that I should leave or cheat or find someone else to meet my needs.  The comments went on about how my wife didn’t love me, never would and that it was a hopeless situation.

Basically, I read these as the sort of comments one would make if they were trying to break up a family.  And since she remained anonymous over several rounds of comments, I nicknamed her Satan.  I even found a URL for the devil at the time.   She ended up embracing the nickname, so the rest is history.

There is one additional part to it.  She made some comment either in comments or in iVillage about me and my blog, and in it she said that while she liked my writing I could be a “condescending prick” at times.    Rather than get offended, I thought about it and embraced the whole concept, which is why you see it in the title of my blogger blog title to this day.  Thing is, at the time she made the comment, I didn’t know it was her that had made it.   So in a sense, we each ended up directing and defining the title of the other’s blog!

To summerize: Satan became Satan because of a condescending prick.  The condescending prick became what he is because of Satan.  And now, Satan owns the balls of said condescending prick.  There is some sort of weird symmetry here that I haven’t quite figured out.


3 Responses to How Satan Became Satan

  1. fadetonumb says:

    Now see, this is very interesting. That’s a lot of backstory I didn’t know about.

    And now I feel like a nOOb, having only been around for a year or so.

  2. Satan says:

    Geez, Digger, it’s almost like we used to date in high school or something.

    SugarDaddy always has a little chuckle when he looks over at my screen and sees me posting as “Satan”. He says it’s very appropriate. 😉

  3. diggerjones says:

    Don’t worry, FTN. You are well past nOOb status getting however many hundreds of comments and visits and hits! I don’t know if I could handle that much attention. The attention and admiration of the masses, as opposed to…

    Ah Satan! One thing that you may have to get used to (especially if you ever get Sugar Daddy locked up) is a much higher level of focused attention directed right. At. You. That’s something to consider and it’s good that you’re getting a taste. Arwyn could not handle that level of intensity. Being virtual and over the internet, you get a bit of shelter from what it looks like in RL.

    Of course, having someone even marginally interested is new to me, too!  And I’m quite liking it!LOL!

    If you’re keen to getting your Timelock registered, with access to all of the nefarious features, let me know.  I might be able to work something out with M.Gharlane.


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