Unspeakable Places

I’m willing to put my tongue into unspeakable places on [him], no matter how sweaty or dirty he is. That’s how much I crave him.

As I read this I couldn’t help but think how cool it was that someone could be that into someone else. How it would be nice be craved just like that. But I can’t remember a time when that was true for me. I do know I’ve had instances where I’ve felt that way about someone else. I suppose I should be okay with that, since there are people that have never even been that far. To crave and be craved at the same time. How nice it would be to be the object of someone’s craven desires!

Actually the truth is, is that I want Arwyn to feel that way about me. To be willing to stick her toungue in unspeakable places on me no matter how dirty and sweaty I am. But I can’t even get a hug after mowing the lawn! And you can forget all about the tongue, because that pink fixture is never venturing beyond her teeth.



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