Moving on

Hmmm. That last poll was a bit lackluster in the response. However, the tribe has spoken! I can see which way the winds are blowing and it’s pretty convincing. Commenter #2, whoever he/she is, is the clear winner. Perhaps the lucky keyholder will be kind enough to step out from behind the curtain at some point. We will begin the festivities momentarily. I just have a few maintenance tasks to do on the cage before it gets slipped back on for quite a long time.


So it’s time for some sort of update on things in the Jones household. Which means that there isn’t much to offer at all. This morning, both boys were off to school and Arwin and I had about 20 minutes to ourselves. We talked for a bit and I laid on the bed beside her and tried to hold her hand while we talked and then even tried to kiss/make-out for a bit. The whole business was just awkward and I did not persist or linger. Something always Aroused Girl said sort of stuck with me: how do you envision a future with someone with whom it is so hard to be alone? Is it harder to be alone with her than without her? On some levels, yes. But at the same time there are a host of pragmatic, practical things to consider. We are still very dependent upon each other for better or worse. Our fortunes are bound together and I don’t see how it can be any other way. Tearing that away is akin to tearing off a piece of my own flesh. I can not do it. It would claw away at my own soul to be doing that to her. I do not see the sort of separation AAG contemplates as an answer for me. I’m not condemning her decision, but every case is different. There is no easy path.


So mine remains one of self improvement and if Arwyn chooses to join me, she may. If she doesn’t join me that’s okay too. But I’m going to move on as best as I can with or without her. What else can a body do?




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