Poll Results and New Poll Coming!




Just updated the WordPress header; what do you think? Anyone guess where I stole borrowed the image?


Nothing new to report.


I am back to being up late at night playing computer games. I have been taking liberal advantage of my freedom and enjoying using my body as my own personal amusement park. Arwyn is in need of some new socks as hers are starting to show signs of wear.;-)


Okay, so the Timelock project is not exactly attracting droves of interested participants. In fact, I have 3 key codes right now, and I’m guessing 2 of those are wearers! I’m going to thank you who have submitted encrypted lockwords.


Thank you.


Having an underwhelming number actually makes things a lot less complicated in some ways. I think we can go ahead and make a decision.


Stand by for a new poll: You can vote for the encryption of your choice!


#1 left a comment here


#2 Left this comment right below #1


#3 actually submitted his entry by email, so it wasn’t exactly anonymously


So you can vote who you think would make the best keyholder. If any of these 3 would care to reveal themselves or campaign for the position, comment moderation will be turned OFF! So it’s back to “normal” as far as the comment feature goes.


Let’s play this by the same rules as last time: comment votes are worth double, and everyone can vote in the poll! So theoretically, a body could have 3 votes! That’s Democracy blogger style!LOL!


Thanks to all who participated in the Masturbation Poll. I didn’t have anything substantial to contribute to the engaging and wonderful posts by Emily, FTN, and the real jack-off expert, Horny Old Guy! The latter has about 60 or so years of experience and is a hardcore aficionado of this hobby.


The results of the poll were a bit interesting. With a scant 20 people voting, 50% said they masturbated primarily because they had an unwilling partner. This might say more about my readership than about anything else, but I expected a big number here.


I never specified what was meant by “unavailable partner.” This garnered 15% of the vote. It could be because of distance, physical disability or simply because there was no partner available at the time which describes most of my masturbation before the age of 30. It basically covers all availability issues outside of willingness. Because it was vague, I thought it might score a bit higher than it did.


Boredom was a surprise winner of 2 votes. While this is a legitimate reason, I didn’t think it would be a primary one. Different strokes for different folks I suppose…


None of the above scored 2, but no one ever said what their primary reason would be. For instance, Horny Old Guy recently had a shot in masturbating in a film which I thought would be a cool reason that I didn’t have listed. Being coerced at gunpoint would also fit. I also didn’t include health reasons, for instance doctor’s advice or prescription. All sound reasons for jacking and jilling.


“I don’t Masturbate” had to be included because much discussion has been made around my small circle about the virtues of NOT masturbating. Any guys locked 24/7 longterm would automatically fall into this category as well as the nuns and priests who keep stumbling onto my blogs because of the “chastity” theme.


Relieving stress I thought was a good reason, because that’s what it does. One person said that was their primary reason. Perhaps the airlines would function better if they would give little masturbation breaks for their air controllers. Perhaps Howard Dean would be president now if he had jacked off before making that speech in Iowa. Perhaps Al Gore could have made another run in 04 if he stroked off a bit more. Certain televangelicals certainly could benefit from some self-loving before yelling and screaming at their congregants. And if Bill had just told the Kenneth Starr that he had jerked off in that little room and just wiped himself off on a certain blue dress, many would have been spared much humiliation and embarrassment.


No one said “to go to sleep” which is a bit of a surprise considering how often I’ve read about blogsters using this as their main method of nodding off. I think it is as legitimate as any other reason as it represents an all-natural method with few side effects.


Thanks to all who participated!




Blogger is being an unholy shit which is why you will almost always see an update on WordPress before you see it on Blogger.



3 Responses to Poll Results and New Poll Coming!

  1. CH says:

    It’s from one of my favorite movies. The Shawshank Redemption. So what did I win? 😀

    Maybe I should stop by this site more often if it updated more than the Blogger one. I agree that Blogger is being quite bitchy lately.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    Yes, CH, you got it! You actually won an all expense paid trip to California! That’s right! All expenses paid, all inclusive! Isn’t that fabulous?

    Um…that’s all expenses paid by YOU, of course. I’ll be happy to refund you your entry fee if you are at all dissatisfied. I’m nothing if not generous.

    The movie is definitely a favorite of mine and fits my theme quite well.

    The more blogger screws up, the more the othe site gets the short shrift. If I could run a poll here, I might be tempted to abandon that place altogether ather than for archive purposes.


  3. CH says:

    WOW! That’s what I’ve always wanted. Never have been to Cali before. Hear it’s a beautiful place this time of year. I might have to dabble around over here sometime as well.

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