9-9 4:22 a.m.

Last night, I stayed up blogging later than I intended. In fact, I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I usually try to get to bed around 10 when locked up, just because I know I’m going to be awakened at several points. However, last night I got carried away and before I knew it, it was midnight! Just before shutting down, I checked the Timelock.

The title of this post is the day and time I should be eligible to get out. I could have gotten out 7.5 hours earlier, but that was the penalty for looking at the clock! So, I end up doing an extra night in the cage. Actually, I’ve looked 2 other times, so I probably accumulated almost an entire extra day! I think I should be able to finish my time now, without incurring more time.

However, going to bed late had to be dealt with first. So what do you all do for good night’s sleep after being up to long? How do you deal with the inevitable squeeze and pull of early morning wood? There’s only one way; stick something up your butt and sleep with it. So I got the Aneros and every time I got hard, my prostate got a bit more of a massage. It helped balance out the pain with a bit of pleasure. And so it was that I managed to actually get a fairly decent nights sleep.

In the coming weeks I have a feeling that the Aneros will be playing a larger role.

One Response to 9-9 4:22 a.m.

  1. Satan says:

    Date and time marked on calendar. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your Aneros.

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