Welcome Chastity Web People/Persons!

Sure, I’ll go ahead and throw a link your way, since you all are bringing my traffic up to an almost respectable level!  I noticed things got hot as soon as I got back into the cage.  What a bunch of pervs!LOL!  for those not in the know, look for me in the blog section and I’m known as “Celibate Husband!”


I mean that (pervs) in the nicest possible sense of the word.


This is a WordPress only post, btw.  I just like the community here better, with categories, stats and tracking categories automatically.  Oh, and while I’m thinking about WordPress categories…


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any novice nuns who stumbled in here inadvertently via the “chastity” category.  You are certainly welcome to stick around, but I absolve myself of any harm that may be done to your psyche or soul from my twisted ramblings.  I’m just sayin’.


This chastity cage thing is definitely a man’s kink.  However, nothing gets the blood flowing and puts some pressure against the cage like knowing there is a woman or two who is turned on by the whole thing.  I think it is partly because it validates the value us men put on our sexual energy.  A woman turned on by having a man build up and focus his energies via the cage is recognizing that enormous amount of power.  Most women treat a man’s sexuality as a primitive, irksome annoyance.  It gets treated with disdain and contempt. 


I suppose some guys get off on that sort of humiliation.  There are a good number of ponyboys and sissies who are into precisely that sort of thing.  I’m okay with sharing my kink with them.  But I am not one of them.


There’s a sizable block of guys like me who are in relationship where the sexual energy is less than it could be.  Okay, so she is not keen on having sex.  Could we be keen on NOT having sex?  Chastity play seems like a natural.  A woman who is too busy to have sex could lock her husband away until she has need of him.  She could periodically release him or tease him for her own amusement.


But the reality of it is that a woman who is not interested in sex probably won’t be into chastity, either.  But if a woman IS into sex, this could make things a lot hotter. 


BTW, Altairboy has updated with some new stories.  I might post a favorite or two from his website just to give y’all a taste as to what I’m into.  You might be surprised.


Again, my deepest apologies to the Holy Sisters of the Sacred Name.  But if any of you might possibly be interested in becoming keyholders, email me…

I’m just sayin’.





One Response to Welcome Chastity Web People/Persons!

  1. katrina says:

    Thank you for the back link! It was a really nice gesture “celibate husband!”

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