I should have done this ages ago.

Actually, it *has* been ages, and that’s part of the problem. So far, so good. Really good. Being locked up seems to suit me. I have more energy, am more focused…well sort of more focused. I feel more productive and am not frittering away quite so much time on computer games or TV. That’s not to say there isn’t fritter time. I’m a bit more focused on certain things, namely chastity and everything about it.

I not too worried about an audience/readership at this point. Any guy who knows about this blog who is also locked up is going to be drawn to it like…umm…like the Nazgul to the One Ring. We can not help ourselves. Suddenly it is all about the lock and key. It was wild how my traffic suddenly spiked as soon as I locked up and started writing about it. These were not curious vanilla beans, these are real kinksters drawn into the seductive power of having a cock under lock. I’m sure more vanilla readers may tire of me going on and on about the cage. Not so, those who are locked. It’s like we are enthralled by it.

Not having a keyholder, much less a participate in tease and denial, makes getting into subspace a more challenging ordeal. But it still can happen, and for me just having Arwyn around helps move things along that road. Even though she is being cold, spiteful and aloof, I can still use my imagination and pretend that’s part of the game. And I can try to make small overtures and attempt to begin to bridge the huge gap between us. This may take some time.

And then there are the various stories posted on Altairboy’s site. One of them really had me going! And then there are other little things that causes the twitch. The occasional comment here, most certainly. Some of you have a natural knack for the tease. Tease and denial isn’t about being mean and cruel. It is about using and applying sensuous control. It is about enticement. Cruelty concealed by total sweetness and absolute eroticism is hardly cruel, but it is. Subspace is the battle between those opposing and contradictory sensations. Being sadistically sweet and cruelly seductive are the keys to successful domming, at least in my humble opinion.

In about a week or so, my readership will get a chance to ply their domme-craft. I look forward to seeing what happens. This little lock-up is merely a trial run, just to make sure everything fits right and is in good repair.

Stand by for rules for participation.


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