Something For You

I was wondering how to make the chastity thing more engaging and exciting…I think I might have something.

Something for you.

If you’ll recall, when last I locked up, I ran a poll which basically determined whether or not I could get out. This was quite fun and entertaining and I’ve been trying to think of a way to top it. To make it a bit more secure. The whole entirety of the enforced chastity experience eventually comes down to some degree of honor and trust. There are very few escape-proof options for chastity, and it has been somewhat like the seearch for the holy grail to develop something that balances security, economy and comfort. The CB3000 balances 2 of the 3, with relative comfort and relative economy but security isn’t at the top level. The real deal, the steel belts such as Neosteel are much more secure, sacrifice a bit of comfort, but cost over $1000 and still could be defeated with the proper tools.

So at some point the keyholder and locked person have to come to some understanding that the locking mechanism is more of a deterrent and reminder than an actual escape-proof cock prison (or pussy prison if the person locked up happens to be female).

The other balance in chastity is between the attention and effort required by the locked and the benefit to the keyholder. One mistake many subs make is to become attention black-holes, constantly needing more and more maintenance from the keyholder and become pests about it. We might try to become escape artists, or want more teasing or want less denial. At the same time, a totally ignored sub is going to be less than happy. It requires a sort of balance between making it enjoyable for both while not being too much of a bother for either. Yeah, yeah, I know, the sub shouldn’t demand anything but the reality is he or she really does need some attention. It’s just part of being a keyholder that entails some responsibility and part of a loving relationship where there is some mutual caring. Each partner just happens to manifest it differently.

Okay, back to you guys. The reader/participants. Timelock is running and the reason Timelock is running is to enable sufficient time for me to have forgotten whatever combination code I used to lock up the keys. I don’t need the keys to lock up, but I do need them to unlock! Anyway, version 5.04 of Timelock has a feature that allows unregistered users to generate a lockword. What is a lockword?

The lockword is like a safeword, that can instantly override all Timelock settings and cause it to stop and decrypt the combination file. The writer/inventor/owner of Timelock, Master Gharlane, has a many ingenious features related to this, including a delay (of up to several hours) between entering the lockward and actual release. But the holder of the lockword has some significant power. Not quite the power you would have if you were a registered user and were the keyholder. But still, the person with this lockword has the power of release or not.

When you generate a lockword, you basically pick a word and type it in. Then you retype it to make sure you have it right. Then, it generates this string of characters which is just an encryption of the original lockword. It is a code. Copying this code and sending it to me via email, and I have no idea what the lockword is. When I activate the Timelock, it asks for a lockword. I can enter my own word, or I can enter the encrypted code. I enter the encrypted code and activate. Now, the Timelock runs according to the settings I give it. BUT, only the person with the lockword can terminate early.

This is turning into some sort of dissertation! I’ve noticed a lot of guys in the chastity scene tend to be a bit on the geeky side. IOW, they come up with more and more elaborate and sophisticated ways to be locked up and either simulate a keyholder experience or developing more novel ways for a keyholder to be a keyholder. Some of you may see this as topping from the bottom, and it is in a way. Topping from the bottom isn’t the sacred cow for me that it is to a lot of other D/s folks. “Consensual” IS the the most sacred of sacred cows, IMHO. So it’s just a matter of coming up with terms both sides can agree to.

Okay, here’s my idea making this more sophisticated and complicated than it needs to be. But maybe more fun.

Timelock can be downloaded for free. You don’t need to register or anything to get it. It is around 650 kb … no you read that right. 650 KB, small enough to fit on a floppy disk (remember those?) so even folks like me using dial-up can get it. It could actually be installed on a jumpdrive and run from there, since it doesn’t install much of anything anywhere else. (I need to try that) and it also runs perfectly in Linux using WINE. Yeah…I’m an Ubergeek!

So once installed, you can look around at all the goodies. Nonregistered users can only run it for 24 hours. Registered users can set it up to a year! It is basically an encryption/decryption program with assorted goodies attached that you have to see to believe.

So that everyone can participate, I’ll set up a poll like I did before. Click and vote; no muss no fuss. Comments count double the votes. But I’m adding a new feature that will allow one lucky person to function as the final judge. They could listen to the audience OR not. Anyone game for a real (virtual) KH experience?

Anyone who wants can download the Timelock program. Anyone who wants can generate a lockword. Once it generates the encryption, leave a comment anonymously (I’ll enable anonymous comments for that particular post – In WordPress you can post sort of anonymously by creating a name and email) containing the encrypted lockword code. If there’s more than one, I’ll just pick one.

It’s important that you remember the actual word you type in. Then we vote. If you agree with the group, you reveal the lockword either in comments or via email. The interesting thing is, is that you may not know if yours is the one I used. Neither will I, until I try it! So if 4 people posted the encrypted code and I chose one, there’s a 25% chance that posting your lockword would result in a release! Of course, you might decide to NOT post it at all and let the full time run out no matter what the vote is. You could reveal who you are or remain anonymous. It’s all about fun and games, here.

I’ll post all of the particular instructions again in 10 days or so. That is how much time is left on the Timelock. Once it runs out, I’ll set it again for a much longer time, just to make it interesting. I’ll try for 3 weeks, which would be a personal record for me. So I might need to buckle in just to start breaking in!

I think it might be kind of fun, especially since I have a number of readers from the chastity community lurking around who were not present for the first voting/release exercise. It certainly beats the other depressing stuff I’ve been posting lately!

It gives me a bit to look forward to, which is a good thing. Hopefully some of you can look forward to it, too!


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