O Brother Where Art Thou? and

A Beautiful Mind


These are two movies I checked out of my local library. Last week I had checked out a couple of other well-known videos. With the popularity of DVDs, many good videos have been donated to the library and I am checking them out.

No, I have not seen either of these movies, both nominated for Academy Awards. Do you know why? Perhaps you can guess.

It’s not because I don’t enjoy movies. In fact, I do enjoy movies tremendously. No, it’s because Arwyn doesn’t enjoy movies. She simply does not think they are worth the money or the time. We went to maybe 2 movies when we were dating. The rest of our dates consisted of eating out, doing activities with our church group and/or having sex. I would gladly choose sex over movies any day. But once married, movies became a thing of the past. I might occasionally catch some on TV and have rented a few. But the library has become a good (and free!) source for me. So now after Arwyn goes to bed at 8:30, I can put on the headphones and watch a movie that I would have otherwise seen years ago. In a sense, doing something just for me, engaging in the ultimate avoidance and escape.

One other update deals with the previously published update on the War on Debt. Last night I had a dream about Arwyn charging her credit card up, maxing it out and plunging us back where we were over a year ago. So I woke up with a start, and as soon as I could I asked her what her balance was. “Too much.” she said. I started getting irritated and she got really defensive as I tried to find out what it was. She never came out and said, as she said she would know when she got the bill. But she went on and on about the health problems of the boys and tried to change the subject. And I stated simply that we should not be going further into debt. And I kept saying it. And I am going to keep saying it. We can sit down and try to figure things out together, but going further into debt is unacceptable. Even if she’s not going to work for our marriage, working for the credit card company is unacceptable. I’m sure she often feels this about me, but it’s like having another child! Learn to handle your money, people! Get a grip! Why squander it all away so casually when you work so hard for it? Get a library card and get some free entertainment.

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